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Must Watch! Homage To The MahaBindu

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Cosmic Ripple

Soul-Deep AuraMaster Scans
Body, Mind & Spirit Revealed. And Tomorrow Glimpsed.



Animal Conversation Understand your Pet. Talk to It.

Depth Dream Interpretation

Animal conversation
Devadhara inspires a Healing Revolution

Devadhara Healing The Ray of Hope for Sufferers with Incurable Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Conditions

Learn Devadhara Healing Be a Ray of Hope

New Aura Energy Essence Creation Workshop

Past Life Regression Healing & Death Escort, Contact with The Departed.

Griha Santosham Energy Blessing to enrich Real Estate, Land, Home-Family Interactions.

Healing Relationships.

Free with a past life regression session The Chronicle of Death & Rebirth Book
The Joy of Meditation The Cosmic Heart Spiritual Awakening Pathway If God is your Goal.


One to One Awakenings. Soul/ Kundalini Awakenings Offered to the few.

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Shine with Confidence Workshop:

Discover your Purpose Workshop:

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Buffys Doggy Revelations

Spiritual Books

* Buffy's Doggy Revelations, * The Chronicle of Death & Rebirth, * The Rose Pyramid Relationship Tuner * The Rose Pyramid Relationship Tuner * The Butterfly Pearl* Bubbles of Joy*

Free Web Book of Heart Warming Poetry.


Articles & Videos illuminate the inner universe.

Tickle newsletter has explored the farscapes of the spiritual for over a decade.

Send A Smile Inspiring Thoughts

Free Library of Wisdom


Gift Yantras that Heal and Art that Blesses!

Mother and Cosmic Child Celebrate with Lord Ganesha
Mother Mary
Celebrate with Lord Ganesha
celia healing

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