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The 11 Proclamations : 11 principles that are the core of the Creator's Child approach





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1. I Am The Child of The Creator!

And because I remember that... I stand taller.

And because I remember that... I see deeper.

And because I remember that... I reach for higher stars.

And because I remember that...
I create my luck, script my life, recolour my world.

And because I remember that...
I am generous, caring, considerate, loving.

And because I remember that...
I know I am loved, protected, guided.

And because I remember that...
I know I am going to grow up from Child to...

"Live your life with as much life as you can pack. Spread as much joy as you can. Value yourself and the precious moments here." -- God: The Love that binds the world.








2. My God is The Amazing God!

My God is The Amazing God. He is different from The Punishing God.

My God is Surprising... is Life: When I am ALIVE, when I say "YESSS to Life", I am Close to God.

My God is Joy: When I am joyous, creative, loving, open, in a state of wonder, then I say Yes to God. When I rejoice in myself. When my arms embrace the World. When great horizons fill my eyes. And One-pointedness my mind... then I celebrate God.

One way God explores his limitlessness is by creating limits. By creating U & I. I am one of God's possibilities that God is amazed by! Yes, You & I are amazing. We are unlimited. Each of us is unlimitedness thinking we are unlimited.

The Amazing God is all things & yes also me: The Amazing God Cares for Me! I am one of the infinite possibilities that God explores.

With the Amazing God Anything's Possible... If you & I Claim it.

Some call you God, I call you friend. Some call you God, others The Source of Life, The All, The Ultimate Self, The Oneness, The Mystery, The Cosmic Principle. Whatever the label... you are what I truly am... you are my source, the ground I walk on and my destination. You are my reality. One day I will not just say these words, one day my bones will say these words.

Who is God? Let God reply: "I am pure possibility astounded by my possibilities."

"I am Surprise. I Am Life. I am Laughter. I am Joy, Love. Ecstasy, Untrammeled Creativity. I am Goodness. {If only you existed would you wallow in badness?} I Love me. I am Blessed by Me."



3. I extend God!
I have Chosen to Come Here...

Why was I created? Amazed by himself, The Amazing God seeks to discover himself... through me. Remember... one way God explores his limitlessness is by creating limits. By creating U & I.

Who Am I? I am a Thought of God. I am The Creator creating a set of forgettings so he can have the pleasure of exploring the greatness of his being. I Am a Thought of The Thought of The Thought of The Creator in this thought I call a Universe.

Why did God send me here? Because I walk on Earth, God can Walk on Earth. Because I taste the apple, God savours the full flavour of his creation. Because Creation has savour God creates. Yes, I extend God.

Why did I come here? What I can do on Earth I cannot do in Heaven. The earth challenges me in ways that heaven cannot. The earth helps me grow in ways that heaven can't.

Who shaped my Life? Life is a Challenge, I set for myself. I have helped choose where I will be born, who I will be born as, my soul has even chalked out plans for my life. I remember I can change them...

Does my Life have purpose? My soul has a plan, my many lives have a pattern, but here I can choose my star...

Do I have a helpline? Great Forces stand behind my excursion to earth. They watch, sustain and protect me.


"I send you far, to the extremities of me. I send you seemingly alone. But you are never alone. Every step you take is on me, is in me, is with me by your side." -- The Light


"When you are more, I am more. Add to the joy and you add to me." -- The 6th ray of The One Sun


"I shape you and the long centuries that shape you. Inside each atom and above it." -- The Allness.

"Any who ask you to belittle yourself are liars. I need you to stand tall. I need you to shine bright. " -- The Love that binds the world.

4. My Youniqueness is God Given.

Some say the body is a grave... but... I know 'My Body is a Miracle', I treat it well.

Some say deny desires, but... I know 'My Desires are Blessed', I trust them. If I suppress my desires they will attack me. If I crush them then I am crushed. If I trust my desires they will flourish.

To some detachment is truth, but... Passion is my Power. Joy is my Being. Freedom my Essence.

Some think fear is the key, but I know... 'It's Good to Be Good'. I am authentic. I am loving.

Some say distrust yourself for we are damned, but... I Trust Myself. I Follow My Heart. I Make My Own Mistakes. I Rejoice in My Existence.

Some say we can make no difference, that there is no use, but I... I Touch The Stars. When I reach for the highest star, the greatest truth, I reach for God. More importantly... God reaches out to me. I seek the star of brilliance. Not the fear hidden in perfection.

Some say kill the ego, but I know... I Am Precious. The Kaliedoscope that is me shows God things he can see nowhere else. Yes I grow, from child to man, from man to light. Killing the child doesn't produce the man. Killing the man doesn't bring the light.



"Passion is a good word. I am passionate. Everything around you, including you comes from my passion, my imagination." -- The Joyous God.


"It surprises us, how left to yourselves, between a big car and true happiness, many choose a big car." -- Lord S, Celia's Spirit Guide.

5. Many Bodies of Light do I have, Many Hands of Force.

To participate in this game as human I wear 11 Bodies of Light. The physical is one body of light that I see as opaque. There are 10 more like this. Each Superbody of Light has escalating freedoms. But they will give me my freedoms only if I respect them and use them.

I can put on Bodies and walk here. I can take them off and soar free.

I can use my 22 hands & shake the world. But I must get to know their true power... I must see the reach of my thoughts, the force of my faith.

"See how vast you are. Use the infinite strength in the place you find yourself. And you will be surprising." -- Lady S, The Wisdom Keeper


"I offer you myself. My freedoms are your freedoms. My joys are your joys My boundlessness... your boundlessness..." -- The first one


"If you lift your hand in gratitude. If you lift your heart with joy. If you raise your eyes in hope. And your mind to peace. I listen. How could I not?" -- The All

6. I Create My Own Reality.

"I am Soul towering above the World. I am Universe focussed in this form. I am God dreaming he were man."

To My Soul, Time, Space & Matter are Plasticine.

My Thoughts can touch, my feelings can move worlds, my awareness can clear blocks, my energy charge people, my perceptions strengthen life. I get to know them. I use them well.

Everything I encounter... I have asked for it.

The World Listens To Me. The World Reflects Me. If I encounter Hate it is because I called it there. If I encounter Love it is because I called it there.

"Whenever u r God -- God must listen. Whenever love, one-pointedness, passion, trust, certitude, fulness fills you -- u r closer to your true essence." -- The Light.


7. Now is the Key.

Here on earth I can only act in the Now. Whether to lift a pen, change a future or shift a yesterday.

In a single moment, the world can change.

At the heart of creation, where I truly live there is only NOW! In that NOW is all yesterdays, todays, tomorrows. If my Now is really wow then the universe opens her secrets, heaven shows its joys. The Now places God behind me!

If I think in Time, I will live in Time. If I think now, I live in The NOW!

NOW is the command centre of the universe!

"When I created time, I did not realise how it would befuddle. And so it is a magnificent place to practise certainty. Where I live, are no wristwatches. I live outside time, I live all times, all lives. I live with the memory of time." -- The Ultimate Speaks.


8. Love is my truth.

Love forms me.

I Plant Love, I Attract Love. If I Love my body I will be healthy. If I Love myself I won't fight with myself. If I Love my work it'll go better. If I smile more, others will smile back. If I Love my world, it'll brighten.

If I Hate, Hate Surrounds me. If I Love, Love Surrounds Me.

I Love what I Do. I Do what I Love.

I turn Hate into Love. I look within me. And where I find hate & hurt I plant love. I look around me. And where I find hate & hurt I plant love.

I treat all as Children of the Creator. Black or White. Straight or Homosexual. But equally I demand they treat me as the Child of The Creator.

"Gather your hates, becalm them. Turn them around. Teach them laughter. Show them where the barbed wire of your thought hurt their paws, let their wolf strength be filled with love." -- The Love that binds the world.



9. My World is Alive!

Human & Ant, Stone & Tree, River & Planet. All are Alive. All like me are children of the creator.

Man, Horse, Bedbug. I have lived in many forms. And so I treat all as I would like to be treated. With love, with respect.

Trees gift me with Oxygen. Clouds with Rain. Earth with Strength. I am Grateful.

Even the Stones sparkle with Life.

My World is Alive, it listens, it speaks. Whether I know it or no, it listens to the voice of my heart and my aura's light. I now learn to speak to tree, stone & animal. And more importantly I learn to listen.

All The World's My Cathedral. The Ground I Walk On is God. God is everywhere, in everything , in every place. I Walk on God, in God, with God, through God.

The Universe is My KG Class. Matter teaches me what matters. Space teaches me my vastness. Time teaches me timelessness.

I Am The Universe. Remember... "I am Soul towering above the World. I am Universe focussed in this form. I am God dreaming he were man." Remember... I am a thought of God..

"Care for the ant and butterfly, the tree, river & mountain. talk to the earth & the star.

"Each on earth, stone & man, tree, animal or wind, exists in me, through me, is an extension of me. Disrespect an ant and you disrespect me.

"Respect the world, it is alive. it is your greater body... your larger self. You are a cell of the world. " -- The Life of Life

10. From Puppet to Creator's Child… That's the Journey I Am On.

Death is not The End. Birth is not my Beginning.

Death is not my enemy. And Life is my friend.

The Purpose of Life is not to escape this. But embrace this. Grow from this. I return to God bearing this precious gift: The joys of a child, splashing in the muddy puddles of earth! The yearnings of an adult. The wonderings of age. The rings of wisdom accumulated life after life. I grow. And as I grow God grows. I one day leave earth behind not like a prisoner escaping, but a child leaving school. Richer, stronger, tested, deeper.

From Fear to Strength. From Hate to Love. From Man to God.

Great beings who shape the universe will guide me... but I must ask.

I reach for you Dear God, with every breath, every step, every word, every thought.

From one Life to another I go. But to my Soul it is a merry-go-round.

You & I are already there. Already in the heart of God. The only difference; at the end of the journey, u & I will know it.

"Learn joy. Let it penetrate into your bones, and that which forms your bones, and you can leave this place behind. for if joy is everywhere, then u r in God. U r in me." -- The Wonder that forms All Life




"Use your death as an examiner. ask yourself what flavour your life will have at its end. If you are not ripe, you will not be picked.." -- The One


11. Know God. Use God. Be God.
This is my way. The engine of my growth.

The more I know. The taller I get.
The taller I get, the greater my reach.
The greater my reach, the more I grow...
The more I grow, the more I see!
This is the spiral through which I climb towards God.
And God leaps to GOD!

-- The Cosmic through Tarun & Celia Cherian

"I am grateful to you. And others like you. For reminding the world {The diaspora: The many lost.} that each of you comes from an extraordinary place.." -- The Vastness