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The Prophecy

of The Cleansing Fire

As received by Cosmic Visionary Tarun Cherian

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There's usually one Protector for the Earth.
A great storm-like being that cleanses the sludge of despair and hate.
There are now Three.

When the number reaches Four
then should we tremble.

First came The Bull, Then The Crab, A few decades ago, The Eagle…
If needed shall The Dragon arrive
in 2 decades or 2 centuries.

Many will think of them as the Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse.
But they are not dread creatures
though their arrival should fill us with dread.
They are beings sent on a mission of terrifying love.
And cleansing.

The Protectors arrive from primal dimensions so fierce
To them the death of a galaxy is as significant as the death of a bug to us.
Often there's just one assigned to a universe or two.

The Protectors are sent to heal Earth's despair.
Or lance the wound.



When Four ring the world
To the naked eye they shall appear.
Not wholly seen.
{Even their great intelligences have never their full bulk.}
They will be glimpsed like dark mountain through mist.

Some will see more.
Most will go stark, raving mad.
A few will go silent. Filled with The Power of Mystery.

The Protectors' mighty presence will a trembling send,
a deep gigantic vibration, a roar.
All will hear this, consciously or unconsciously.
Be it Man or mountain, each will react.
For some the roar will inspire great force, for some great tumult.

The Four will show a new path,
The path will not necessarily be fire-ringed or in flame-framed.



But if the fifth should come,
the first was bull,
then the crab,
then the eagle,
then the dragon may appear,
and if a later the fifth the burning eye should come,
it will be taken to another level.

This will come to pass.
Their step will be heard.
Oceans shall boil.
Seas shall rise and tear at land.
Continents shred or split like ships their spine broken.

Great despair and sharp points of light shall be seen.
Using this as thread, despair and faith,
on the loom a new weaving shall be done.

But none of this may come to be.
For the three are here and they are a great power.
Some will link with them.
Some will rise with them.
Some will scurry beneath their feet.

So how then do we avert the fire? And embrace the light?

Find the life of your life. The rage of your living. The storm of your love.

Find the linking of hands. The path, the place, the heart where man & beast & tree & river & mountain hold hands.

Find your immortal light -- you who die. The undying of your dying.

If we do so. One at a time, or many.

Then the fourth will fall asleep.
The third depart.
The second tarry then leave.
But the one will stay,
his loving eye will keep the prophecy burning,
till the dying of the day of light.