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Tarun Cherian: Hit by The Cosmic Ripple.

Beginning in the mid 70's Roughly 40 years ago, Tarun had a range of intense spiritual revelations that booted the one time atheist and absurdist into a world of mystery and meaning. His first Spiritual Experience was one where he merged with a cyclone. Others followed in the early 80's, in St Stephen's he had an experience when walking to a cobblers, the entire world exploding with light. Experience after experience followed... Then in the late 1980's Tarun was hit by The Sledgehammer of God.

"The Cosmic Core, Infinite Now Revelation" is the equivalent of a Psychic Nuclear Explosion. He was confronted by rubble, and flaming new horizons. For the very nature of reality had been replaced by another possibility. Dull matter was revealed as freewheeling creativity in disguise. Time by lava. Death as a mere border checkpost. Life as an unlimited bursting out. Existence by joy.

His life immediately after the event was marked by agonising search. After intense search, where he saw other reincarnations, went out of body, merged with plants, talked to animals, met spirit guides... He realised that... it was true. It is all a gigantic cosmic ripple. We are infinite beings in light we think is flesh and bone. The world is alive.


Celia Saldanha Cherian: Lit by the Embracing Light.

Known for the wild exuberant joy as she dances through life, Celia, brings the same joy, irreverence as she dances on the sacred tables of the cosmic.

Celia's spiritual growth was triggered in explosive fashion. A startling past life experience opened her to the greater realms of her being. This was deepened as she became a healing master, prompted by a supposedly incurable disease that she checked and reversed. As she conquered the incurable, with Tarun she began looking for deeper ways to tackle the Incurable. After 10 years of intense search, since the mid 90's, Devadhara Healing was born.

Celia's epiphany however, are what we call the Embracing Light Visions in the late 90's. Her deep extraordinary encounter with a light, brighter than the sun, gentler than a breeze, was intensely transformatory.

But perhaps it is The Chameleon God Visions that are the most truly startling. For a month in the early 2000's everyday God revealed a different face, to her one day as blazing sun, then as donkey, then dog, another day as king, then as a strange statuesque figure....


Your most unusual Teacher: Buffy Cherian: Psychic & Astral Traveller Extraordinaire.

The most remarkable of The Creator's Child earthly founders is not human. Buffy, Doggy daughter, astral traveller extraordinaire, psychic communicator, is a remarkable spiritual presence.

For she is both very dog, and impossibly able to traverse the inner universe. She is willing to get into the worst dog fight, and yet can go places no human 'master' can go. Her intelligence is humbler than ours. But her spiritual scent is superior to ours.

A book with her thoughts, and doings is on the bookshelves shortly.


The Joy, The Cosmic Laugh, The Infinite Surprise, The Light, The One, The Ultimate Self or God, call you what we will, you are the true founder of Creator's Child. Great Gods, Archangels, Guides who shape universes and stand behind it all, you have bent low and filled our ears and skies with stars.

Lord Zol, Lord Shiva, Lord Ehn, Lord Izh, Lady Ven, Goddess Inune, Lord Jesus, Lord Michael, Lord Raphael, you are the real shapers of Creator's Child. You have helped us in healings, brought wayward students from dark places, and shown us the intricate shape of chakras.

You have also sometimes advised us on how to bake a cake, which stock to pick. We formally thank you.

"We are all the infinite in this form or that. Man, Animal, Tree, Hill... Ghost... Angel"

- Tarun & Celia Cherian

  Thank You: We thank Amma & Appi for their unstinting support. Remarkable especially since, you have not always agreed with our take on God. Our versions of the Creator. - Tarun & Celia Cherian

Welcome to another world...

Other universes. Cosmic revelations. Secrets of time and space. Encounters with God. Kundalini awakenings. Angelic meetings. Spirit Guides. Ghosts. Animal conversations. Auras. Past and other lives…Tarun & Celia, are adventurers, who have gone to the very deeps of the universe and offer insights and adventures that will change your world.

The God, the universe they have experienced is utterly free, fiercely joyous, deeply creative, startlingly alive, magnificently ecstatic…easily accessible, incredibly challenging. “Unlimit yourself. Discover that you create your own reality” is their refrain.

What makes their visions so refreshing is that they are a-traditional. Beginning with the core premise: “Don't take it on faith. See it for yourself.” With them you don't get rehashes of scriptures passed off as spiritual truth.


Multi-talented Spiritually.

Cosmic Visionaries, Explorers of other worlds. Creators of Healing Systems & Tools. Spiritual Catalysts. Kundalini Awakeners. Past Life Masters, Time Readers, Aura Masters, Fortune Consultants, Astral Travellers. Animal Communicators. Black Magic Protectors, Spirit Guide Channels. Ghost Whisperers.

Their lesser psychic talents include creating yantras, designing tarot, hand reading, spiritual art, cooking ...


Corporate Achievers.Who've triumphed in the competitive world.

What makes the founders relevant for our times is that they both have spent years at the very top in advertising. They know what it is like to live in a dog-eat-dog world.

Tarun's 18 year much-awarded advertising creative career spanned agency groups like O&M, Saatchis, Bozell and Scion Advertising. Some his lines have created ad history, Burn your Briefs introduced Jockey to India. 'A lot can happen over coffee' energised Cafe Coffee Day.

6 intense years in films for agency groups like Lintas, O&M, McCann, Saatchis, marked Celia's advertising career. Where she worked with the finest film directors of India. The fact is they have both lived in intensely competitive, fiercely pressured environments and marked up some commanding achievements.


Lovers of Life: You would perhaps be justified in thinking that Tarun & Celia are intense, solemn. Some have been terrified to meet them. Milin a student took 3 months before he gathered the courage to meet them. And indeed they are intense, and at times solemn, and at times scary, {for they do kick ghosts' butts, and teach black magicians their place, they have zero patience with those who carry messages of communal hate, hurt animals, or cut trees}, but usually they are simply themselves, quirky, creative, electric, alive. They are strictly anti the toe-touchy brigade. And have little patience with gurus with long strings of names, hi-faluting titles. Bow down before no man. Each of us is the infinite in human form, they proclaim.

Award-winning Poet, Author, Creative Director, Artist... Experimental Cook. Mad man on the dance floor... are some of Tarun's many gifts.

Celia is apart from being the lead founder of Creator's Child, a writer, artist, web designer. She is also a Quirky & Inspired Cook. Neighbourhood activist, Animal lover and Protector...

They live in Bangalore, India.

“Don't take it on faith.

See it for yourself.”

- Tarun & Celia Cherian

"How Can you love The Creator And Hate The Creation?"

- Tarun & Celia Cherian


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