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Creator's Child Co-founder, Celia Cherian's Spiritual Journey in this life was kick-started by an encounter with a dramatic past life experience where she has been tortured by the inquisition. This experience opened her up to the inner world. There she discovered Joy.

The Embracing Light Vision burst upon her in the mid 1990's. In this she was blessed by a Vision of a blazing light of extraordinary intensity.

This light that shines out from the heart of the universe shone individually upon me. The Embracing Light revealed that it knew every fibre of my being, knew every action, hidden or stated, past or future. It revealed that it sees the entirety of each of us. And sees that it is good. And yet this Eye of Light on us is not just a human eye however wise. It is like thousand suns pouring deep within.

The Embracing Light Vision of Celia Cherian completes the Creator's Child approach. For Tarun's Cosmic Core Revelation may leave us with the belief that God is some mechanical Cosmic Principle. The Embracing Light Vision reminds that while God may be abstract, depicted here as light, there as point, by another as space… God is deeply personal, utterly caring, supremely concerned, intimately interested in our lives.

God is deeply personal, utterly caring, supremely concerned, intimately interested in our lives.

This extraordinary light guides Creator's Child. It says God Knows Us, do I know that? Do I turn like sunflower to the sun? God Uses Us, so are we shit for manure or seed for life? God Shines in us, do I block it with hate, or magnify it with love?

Each of us is Good. The Totality of our Life in God's Eyes is Good.

And so in Devadhara Healing, we do not mechanically chant mantras, we realise The Embracing Light wishes us well. In Creator's Child Depth Aura Sensing we see the tangledness of life not just as problems needing to be cut but as solutions coiled in buds. In the Creator's Child spiritual pathway, meditation is not the core, but inspired living is.


Creator's Child: Living with a God Who Cares.



The Certainty God Cares: Behind everything Creator's Child touches is the certainty that The Divine, sees the fullness of each of us. the joy and ugliness. And seeks to put us on the most blessed path. Now many spiritual paths that sense the cosmic oneness, sense the principles behind existence are sometimes mechanistic, dominated by ideas like cosmic justice. A dark past life casts an infinite shadow in their eyes. But here we see the Divine is not a time-blinded being. Since it sees the future, the past, the entire thicket of life, it is not bound by cosmic credit-debit ideas.

Because you have drunk stupidly for ten years means that your liver can be damaged. But when you realise that you can by clinging to faith reverse it, if the universe senses your future is dedicated to another truth.

Because you have like Angulimaal killed hundreds, because like Milarepa you took horrific revenge on family enemies does not condemn you to lifetimes of pain, if you are willing to shift the quality of your life.

If we falter and fall, as we have and will, we will be given second chances.

Instead of being punished Angulimaal was enlightened by Buddha. the repenatant murderer was saved by Jesus.

The Personal God: Many spiritualists snigger at The Personal God as idiocy for fool children. And yes missionaries who charge in and ask us to take XYZ as our personal saviours are laughable, misguided. But know this while the divine ultimately derives from a unity, a oneness, it by converse implies, each living being, ant or human, is a unique expression of the cosmic. and so The Cosmic in Butterfly seeing God as breeze is not less than a human with his Transcendent God.

The divine beings who come to help on earth are like Professors or Generals called to a KG class. If they show anything but a trifling of their wisdom and power they will annihilate the class. Literally. When gifted Lord Shiva's darshan Tarun was shown how just a shift in his power he could rip this entire universe apart.

The Divine shows different faces to cockroach and human. Different facets to Rebel, Orthodox, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist. Recently we had a number of Seekers. The form God took for each was different. For one it was Lord Krishna. For another it was Mother Mary. For another it was ArchAngel Michael.

The Divine looks at our brains and chooses its form... Now fearsome, now loving, now cold, now calming...

Today, three and a half decades after their visions began, years packed with thousands of healings, spiritual seekers, and guiding the lost through aura scans, The Founders of Creator's Child, assert “This is Certain, if we Connect to The Divine, align ourselves the The Cosmic, Miracles Do Happen, Life Does Shine, New Worlds Open”.

Creator's Child,
is the invitation to 'Know God, Use God, Be God'.

As we connect to the moreness of our existence we move from seeking miracles to being Miracle workers. from creatures struggling beneath death's jackboots we become life's helpers.

The darker our world,
the brighter needs to be our life.