The Two Principal Revelations of Creator's Child




The Cosmic Heart Revelation


The Embracing Light Revelation

The Heart of Creation Revelation, was gifted to Tarun Cherian, in the late 1980's, after a series of escalating visions beginning in the mid 1970's.

Independently, then in the 1990's, Celia had her own direct encounter with the infinite, The Embracing Light Revelation. As the amazing world-shaking possibilities began to sink in, Tarun & Celia began to prove it, understand it…

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The Cosmic Heart Revelation

Go deep enough and you will come to The Heart of Creation. A point where time collapses, space gives up and matter surrenders. A point superlatively alive, ecstatically knowing, impossibly joyous. Here where all exists in molten fury, here where all is conceived, here at the source point of creation… is you & I.

The simple truth is that each of us has access to unlimited freedom, power and joy. As we connect to The Cosmic Heart - extraordinary wisdom, power and transformation can be unleashed… That is if we understand what it means to be Citizens of The Heart of Creation… Here very briefly we outline the implications, and proclaim The Cosmic Heart Doctrine…


You have just been gifted The Keys to All Creation. Do you realise that?


The Cosmic Heart Doctrine…

1. The Great Heritage. We are not damned. We are not destined for the dust heap. We are not cogs trapped in an endless wheel of time. We are Glorious Beings. Citizens of The Heart of Creation. Sparks of the first flame.

2. The Great Choice. We come from beyond time. Correction, we choose to come here from beyond time. Why?

3. The Great Lessons. We have have chosen to believe we are in time. Because there are lessons, precious lessons only gravity and time can teach.

4. The Great Test of Life Force Us to Grasp Our Great Powers. We are wrapped in cosmic logic & virtual bodies, these convince us that we are flesh and bone, that there is a world around…these for our own good, hide the real truth – forcing us to earn it. We think we are flesh and blood, but we are truly luminosities. But we are truly light only when we test that knowing – only when we know with a child's innocence, or with bone certainty.

5. The First of Three Great Gifts: The Power To See with Divine Eyes. We can live with one eye open. The one that sees the bus charging towards us. Or we can use both our eyes. And see the world is thought that listens to our thoughts.

6. The Second of Three Great Gifts: The Power of God's Hands. We can use one set of hands. These precious ones of flesh & blood. Or we can also lift the ancient hands of focus, certainty, passion, creativity, faith, love, goodness…

7. The Third of Three Great Gifts: The Power of A Large Heart. Our heart can beat for us alone, or it can include lovers, family, and friends. Our family can stop with me, or embrace all – stone, river, weed, ant, shark, tiger, eagle and man.


W e are citizens of light on deputation here.
Beings of great light that have chosen to come here.




W e face impossible challenges in life so we can test our cosmic muscles.




8. Reaching for Higher Stars. As Children of Time, we can judge ourselves by what we do here. As Children of The Cosmic Heart, we need to set our sights higher. For we have come here to test our light, to glow brighter… And so the darker our world, the brighter our life…

And yet if our truths are bright. The tests of life that we call to us are cruel and harsh. And so if we stumble and fall. Are trapped like rats in the maze, in illness, in hate, in madness, in slavery, terror, rage, bloodshed, or arrogance, we shall reach for grace. And grace shall find us.

We live in an Infinite Now that embraces our now. And so, if we ask, truly ask, wisdom, power and joy shall send their messengers. Sometimes as friend, sometimes as lightning strike.

9. The Great Promise. We are Lights that descended from The Light. We are Sparks that connect to The Core. We are Children returning home from Gravity's School.

It is said when even one jiva burns with light, either pursued by despair or driven by light… Heaven Reaches Down. It is said when one ascending spark of light reaches the hem of the creator… Heaven Rejoices.

It is said when one ascending spark of light reaches the hem of the creator… Heaven Rejoices.









God is deeply personal, utterly caring, supremely concerned, intimately interested in our lives.





Each of us is Good.
The Totality of our Life in God's Eyes is Good.





If we falter and fall, as we have and will, we will be given second chances.



The darker our world,
the brighter needs to be our life.




The Embracing Light Revelation


Creator's Child Co-founder, Celia Cherian's Spiritual Journey in this life was kick-started by an encounter with a dramatic past life experience where she has been tortured by the inquisition. This experience opened her up to the inner world. There she discovered Joy.

The Embracing Light Vision burst upon her in the mid 1990's. In this she was blessed by a Vision of a blazing light of extraordinary intensity.

This light that shines out from the heart of the universe shone individually upon her. The Embracing Light revealed that it knew every fibre of her being, knew every action, hidden or stated, past or future. It revealed that it sees the entirety of each of us. And sees that it is good. And yet this Eye of Light on us is not just a human eye however wise. It is like thousand suns pouring deep within.

The Embracing Light Vision of Celia Cherian completes the Creator's Child approach. For The Cosmic Core Vision may leave us with the belief that God is some mechanical Cosmic Principle.

The Embracing Light Vision reminds that while God may be abstract, depicted here as light, there as point, by another as space…

God is deeply personal, utterly caring, supremely concerned, intimately interested in our lives.

This extraordinary light guides Creator's Child. It says God Knows Us, do I know that? Do I turn like sunflower to the sun? God Uses Us, so are we shit for manure or seed for life? God Shines in us, do I block it with hate, or magnify it with love?

And so in Devadhara Healing, we do not mechanically chant mantras, we realise The Embracing Light wishes us well. In Creator's Child Depth Aura Sensing we see the tangledness of life not just as problems needing to be cut but as solutions coiled in buds. In the Creator's Child spiritual pathway, meditation is not the core, but inspired living is.

  Creator's Child: Enlightened Living.  


Today, three and a half decades after their visions began, years packed with thousands of healings, spiritual seekers, and guiding the lost through aura scans, The Founders of Creator's Child, assert “This is Certain, if we Connect to The Core, Miracles Do Happen, Life Does Shine”. This extraordinary truth, this promise inspires Creator's Child.

Behind everything Creator's Child touches is the power of The Cosmic Heart. Behind Devadhara Healing, the depth aura healing system that helps fight the incurable are Cosmic Core mantras. The Cosmic Core perspective is at the very core of the Creator's Child Depth Aura Sensing that illuminates the joys inherent in any problem. The Cosmic Core is the foundation stone of the Creator's Child spiritual pathway that helps seekers Awaken the God Within.

Creator's Child is an open invitation to Connect to The Core, to literally – Know God. Use God. Be God. It is spread by The Creator's Child family. But this family is not limited to those who have come to Tarun & Celia, or any of our students.

For any who remember they are light…
For any who smile when times are difficult…
For any whose Energy, Passion, Creativity, Focus, Courage, Faith, Love & Goodness is like a candle…
For any who live with Joy… and spread the joy…
For any who cup an ant, feed a dog, stand up for a tree, protect a hill…
For any who love deeply and truly…
For any who seek higher stars…
For any who soar above gravity's reach, beyond death's grasp…
For any who welcome God…
They are Children of The Creator…
They are Citizens of The First Light…

Creator's Child is an open invitation to –

Know God. Use God. Be God.