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Who will tell Lord Jesus he can only appear to a Christian?
Who will tell Lord Shiva he cannot appear to a Muslim?
Who will tell Lord Gabriel he must stick to the Middle East?
Who will tell the Ultimate it can only reveal itself to a Buddhist?

I have witnessed the blazing brilliance of Lord Jesus,
but I am not a Christian.

I have been graced with Lord Shiva's darshan,
but I am not a Hindu.

I have been enveloped by Archangels,
but I am not a Muslim or a Jew.

I see the divine in every ant,
but I am not a Jain.

I have been brushed by the ultimate,
but I am not a Buddhist.

I may not be God's greatest witness. Or his tallest prophet.
I have not, as yet, marshalled the inner flame's highest centigrade to maximal love.
But I have been touched by the light.
And I have held that light and seen undreamt parts of the cosmos for 40 years.

I did not reach God through this religion or that.
And so the truth is we do not need religion, or gurus to meet God.
But many have met the divine through religion. And that is good…

We may use this religion, or that,
this meditation or that experiment, to remind ourselves
that we are more… But that is just the ladder. Not the summit.

A few years ago, we took our most gifted mystics and psychics to a deep encounter with the ultimate.
Each saw it differently. Some as great sky. Some as flame. Some as blazing light. Some as vortex.

Another time we took a group to meet a spiritual presence that guides humans.
We saw it as a blazing figure.
The Christians saw it as Jesus, Mother Mary.
The Hindus saw it as Sai Baba, and The White Lord Shiva.
The Muslims saw it as a Sufi saint or Angel.
We clothe God with our minds, of our culture, our time, our flesh's dictates...

The God who touches me and lifts you up has no religion,
She/he/ that/ births all religions as ways to lead us to the impossible fact.
We are the infinite, here in human form, there in animal fur,
Here dressed in stone, there in angelic raiment arrayed.

And yes, there is so much in all, I have marvelled at the Shiva Sutras, gloried in Old Testament Fury, wept with the Gospels, been touched by Sufi thought, marvelled at Tibetan scripture, wondered at Buddhist calm, revelled in Tao serenity, been fascinated by chaos theory and quantum possibilities. I have been been lifted up by truths from the Andes, surprised by shaman teaching from the Americas, Russian Steppes, Aboriginal caves, Hawaiian beaches... I have trembled at truths from ancient African temple, arcane Egyptian secret, the rites of Astarte, ageless Indian Knowledge... I have stood in awe at reliquaries from man's first beginnings seen primal symbol a million years and more... Yes, in each is an ocean, and together, the wisdom of a thousand continents... and yet all ... all the wisdom of man is but nothing...

The religions of man, however splendorous, are but KG class scrawls
for KG class children.

And that is all we are – babes.
Growing to realise we are more.
We are Children of The One, extending the One.
We are flames of the One Flame.

We can build walls, saying this country is for Muslims, that for Hindus, this is Christian.
Or we can say this Earth is God's.
But it is easy to say it with words.
We must say it with our actions, feelings, life,
We must say it, so every one man, woman, child, black-white, yellow, brown, knows it.
We must say it, so the least among us is cared for.
We must say it, so the highest among us can touch sky, for all of us.
We must say it in such a way that at the time of accounting, sparrow will say we cared.
What will worm sayof us? What witness will dolphin give?
What shall forest say of us? When hill writes our epitaph what will it be?

A Christian nation is one that loves. And that means loving all, the rag-head, and dot-head.
A Hindu nation is one that sees the atmav in all, Muslim, Christian, Brahmin or Harijan, and also Crow, and Tiger.
A Muslim country is one where your neighbour is fed, respected. It does not say what the neighbour's name is.

We are accountable. To the Cosmic.
Whether we call that principle, Karma, Carbon Footprint, or Allah's Accounting,
Yahweh's weighing or Manitou's seeing...

The candles we carry to illuminate God,
can be used to illuminate our way or burn the earth.
The choice is ours.

– Tarun Cherian, Witness to The Light, Soul Catalyst.





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