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Miracles of Aura Seeing.


"Before I do anything significant, Eye surgery or a Major Shift, I first check with Celia... Her advice is both inspired and common sensical" - Deepa



Auras Forewarn.


Forewarned: Stroke warning: In one case, a high flying executive about to go on an international business trip asked us for a long-distance aura scan. It revealed darkness in the brain area indicative of a stroke. Her symptoms, innocent though they seemed, reflecting just overwork, indicated the same.We directed her to the hospital, urging her to cancel the trip, saving her life.

Forewarned: Parkinson's warning: In a patient's case, Celia had dropped in to someone's home when she spotted an impending illness, she warned the person that a serious illness, Parkinsons was in the offing.

Life-Saving Forewarning: Kidney degeneration. Rekha* called us and asked us to do a general check, as she has a BP problem. Our check showed her kidneys in disastrous state. We told her to rush to an allopath. It was stage 2 Kidney degeneration. The forewarning was useful, perhaps life-saving.

Uterine Cancer Forewarning: Uterine Cancer. Sunera* came to us for an aura scan, this revealed dark clouds in the womb area. It could be cancerous we warned. She didn't check. A year later it manifested. It may seem that our warning had gone in vain. But what the warning did was that it reminded Sunera* that she had greater resources, that the world is a mysterious place... a reminder that gave her real hope in the intensely traumatic years that followed.



Auras & Deeper Diagnosis.


Blocked bowels or gall bladder? Anita* had persistent discomfort in the stomach area. We pointed out it seemed to be a tube blocked in the liver area. Investigations revealed a blocked gall bladder tube.

The Asthma That Was Not: Shazia* had difficulty breathing, wheezing, all seemed to point towards asthma. Our aura scan revealed that the problem emerged from the root chakra. Which indicated a muscular issue. As we probed we realised that a difficult boss was causing her muscles to freeze up. The Devadhara Healing solution emerged from this insight and involved protection, changing her job - thereby managing stress .....

Stammering & unusual throat nadis: A patient has speech problems, we examine the throat. There appears to be unusual energy fibres which lead away from the throat. Shifting these become the focus of our healing.

The Poisoning Warning: Our aura scan for Romesh* revealed something terrible -- he was being poisoned. A white powder. And it was possibly inadvertent, mixed with the chapatti dough.


Auras uncover the hidden.
@Work & Life.



Work Obstacles Revealed: Rohit* wanted to know why his business was encountering a rough patch. The Devadhara Aura Scan unveiled 2 issues. One a key employee was disgruntled and needed to be pacified. Also competition had risen and the business had to become proactive.

Don't hire a Murderer: The vetting of a candidate for a security guard was referred to us, Aura Master Celia took one look at a prime candidate and exclaimed but he is a murederer. Later investigation revealed Celia's intuition was spot on, He had been chargesheeted in a murder trial..



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Auras guiding Decisions


Timing of Launch: Venkat* wanted to know the right time to start a new business. The time we pinpointed was ahead of his schedule but unseasonal deals proved moving up the schedule to be right.

Shift Cities: Kartik* wanted to know if a shift of cities would help. While career wise it would be great, since we saw the personal cost would be high, he reexamined the issue.

Risky Deal: Shefali was wondering whether to buy a new home. We saw it was fine except the deal process itself would be tricky. Precisely what happened.

Risky Deal: Vinita* asked if she should jump to a job with higher position. We saw that after 2 years there would be a shift. That there would be a deep drop in work satisfaction.


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Auras identify strengths


Reminding a Corporate Leader of his Real Strength: The client's solar plexus is potent, we remind him that his strength lies in being able to structure and reorganise things, this helps him decide on a job offer.

Focus: A many talented person comes to us, but she was scattering her force not achieving much. We tell her to focus on her creativity, and keep business skills aside, it makes a world of a difference."

Caring for a special Child: As we were caring for a special child, we were attempting to explain that he had two precious abilities that more than compensated for a humbler IQ. He put it in his own words as.... "Since things are more difficult for me, I can do difficult things easier than others."



Auras enrich Relationships



Cherish the Relationship. A relationship scan of two hi-flying executives showed basically a very good equation but unnecessary family influence. And runaway ambitions. Value it we tell him and her. Now they have two happy children. .

Toxic Relationship. Flee! We do a relationship for a couple living in. The relationship is ugly. Flee we tell her. The livein was increasingly, suffocatingly paranoid.

No he won't leave you! We do a relationship scan. It's obvious the man is having multiple affairs, but deeply loves the wife. "I can't be bothered about his infidelities, I am only bothered about the strength of our relationship" she says.

Recovering from a Violent Marriage: An aura scan revealed a violent marriage would get worse. A detailed timeline scan that is unerringly accurate gives the divorced wife comfort, for it shows her life being reborn in just years!

Yes, it's Love. A couple visits us. The lady, our student wishes to know if the man reciprocates. "His heart's glowing. He's in loooooove. we tell her.


Auras uncovers Pain & Abuse


Sexual Abuse, seen in childhood: As we look at a client's aura we see a terrible darkness in the abdomen. In the timeline scan we see an age of 4 as being ugly. Memories return of terrible sexual abuse.This was hidden from the patient. By uncovering it, her true healing process began.

Abandonment, seen in childhood: At the age of 6-12 we see a very grey phase in the timeline of a person. We get a lot of sadness. This, abandonment as a child is at the heart of the patient's issues. Understanding that converts to an effective healing program.

Conversations in the womb: At the age of 6 months in the womb we see alot of grey around the child. When we probed we discovered the child was registering arguements at home. An insight that encouraged critical family changes.



Uncovering Past Life, Ancestral, Ghosts & Black Magic Issues.

Note: 17 Nov 201: In its wisdom, the Karnataka Legislative Assembly has banned exorcism & black magic and so those in Karnataka may not approach us for removing ghosts or clearing black magic. But this ban does not really apply to Devadhara Healing or Creator's Child.

Our primary approach has been to focus on strengthening the psyche, to connect souls with their divinity. We strengthen the auras & chakras: the minds, spirits, bodies of people who feel vulnerable faced with life's ugliness and uncertainty.

Since our inception we have never at any human's behest sought to harm a human with our spiritual gifts, or used our extraordinary powers, to terrorise or take away any soul's informed choices. We believe that the underlying foundations of the universe is divine oneness. And so love, caring, must be implicit in our actions.


Abuse in another life: In a patient's case, we see darkness at the womb that indicates sexual abuse, but as we trace it back we see it is from another life!

Ghosts: In a patient's case, we see a ghostly figure that's attached to the navel chakra! We realise the ghost is feeding off the patient's worries. The answer was not ghost removal but his just worrying less and the ghost would eventually vacate.

Sexual Uncertainty & Past Life Massacre: In a patient's case, the aura & intuition scan, and past life regression reveals that the patient was trapped in a train during partition, raped stabbed and left for dead, this carryover affected her in this life. Vital information used to guide her healing.

Mother of Fiance's Ghost: In a patient's case, we see a ghostly figure behind. It is the dead mother of the fiance that wants to see the marriage happen. The ghost actually worked till all opposition was dissolved.

Black Magic: We have uncovered hundreds of cases of black magic. One of the greatest gifts we give patients is to be able to uncover it. Then blocking it and healing it become the next steps.

One of the strangest was referred to us by a student. As we looked deeper we realised that the client was actually the one who first performed black magic on the other thus provoking a retaliation. We refused to take on the case unless the person first performed sizeable psychic and physical reparation.

Ancestral Curse: We spotted innumerable cases of ancestral conflict and pain. One of the most interesting we relate below.

Deep below the patient is a heavy beast. On closer inspection it is an ancestral curse. So what was the curse about?The patient's grandfather in a fit of jealousy had chopped off his paramour's head and paraded the head across the town. This insight proved critical in the healing.



Intuition: locating lost objects & People


Locating a gold chain. A client had lost a gold chain. It wasn't lost just misplaced we tell the person. We give clues like the colour of the saree it is next to. An hour later the client calls ecstatic.

Finding a passport across countries. A client calls in a panic, her passport is lost, can we help. An intuitive scan reveals that it has fallen next to a blue suitcase with a denim finish.

Locating a Lost Cat. A client calls from another city, and sends us a message of a missing cat. We tell her where the cat is hanging out giving details of portions of her neighbourhood even she did not know existed like a fish stall near a railway station!

Locating a Runaway Boy. Parents of a teenager call desperately from another town, can we help locate the child? we see him on a green bench, surrounded by greenery. They find him in a nearby park.

Note: when locating lost things we get only fragments of information, the corner of a street, a portion of a signboard... clues. We do not undertake finding a thief as it would be unethical to use aura sight to pin the blame on someone. For an aura scan may show someone is looking guilty, but that guilt may be connected to something else and innocuous.


Home & Property Aura Scan


The Alignment of a Prayer Room. A business family discovered that they were becoming increasingly disinterested in life. An aura scan revealed that the alignment of the prayer room made people renounce the world. Simply shifting the main altar improved the balance between life & God.

Discovering a Home is Ambitious. An aura scan of a home identified the fact that this home enhanced ambition, but worked against wisdom. The solution, the family formally made a point to visit their spiritual teacher twice a month, balancing out the family's ambition with spiritual depth.

Finding Fungus beneath a Roof: Why were people falling ill? The aura scan revealed a darkness in the roof area, closer investigation revealed fungus...

Strong energy points. An aura scan of a home identified the fact that this home enhanced ambition, but worked against wisdom. The solution, the family formally made a point to visit their spiritual teacher twice a month, balancing out the family's ambition with spiritual depth.

Discovering Vicious Ghosts. A client calls up from a home he had just rented that was giving him a feeling of breathlessness and dread. An aura scan revealed vicious ghosts. Leave we advised him.

Discovering Helpful Presences. A client calls up from Europe, he was sensing strange energies in his home. We discovered that ancient healing shamans had once lived on his property and were trying to pass on the knowledge to him. We ensured that the teaching ghosts were kept out of the home, but he received their knowledge in a shrine that was built a 100 feet away from his home.

Discovering Ancient Temple Energies. A home radiated a deep hypnotic presence. People in it would go into deep trances. An aura scan revealed that the home was built over an ancient shrine. The building had vanished, but the power remained. This knowledge was channelled into a healing solution. A pool of water was errected to absorb the force and a meditation place created around this. This done the energy of the rest of the home became normal.



Guiding Spirits,
Kundalini issues


The Overbearing Tarot Reader: A client comes for an aura scan. As we do it, in the sector dealing with key influential people we find a figure who seems to be too insistent. A tarot reader is demanding too much of the client. Insight that is used to shift the dynamics of the relationship.

Guru, lover, caring operson: A client comes for an aura scan. We see the presence of a strong guru. The client had an affair with the Guru that has ended, the client is now going through a difficult phase. Is the Guru seeking to harm her? No, he cares. A Tantric he lives by a deeper but very strict morality!

The Guru guiding from beyond Death: A client comes for an aura scan. As we do it, in the sector dealing with key influential people we find a guru, but he is not any longer manifest on earth. He is amazingly sending her power in advance from a past life!

Kundalini Awakening: "I've got chills", a client calls, "what's wrong?" 'Nothing' we assure her. You should celebrate, distribute sweets instead! We see light blazing up her spine, her kundalini is rising!

Angelic Presence: A client calls saying she is seeing dizzying lights around the head. "You are being blessed by angels" we tell her. "Give thanks."






Claiming The Glorious Life.


Beyond Wellness is Miraculousness. Devadhara Healing starts with the central fact that we are souls on earth. And so healing to us is not returning people to a normalcy. But, the energy of healing gives a glimpse of how miraculous we truly are. And some in healing have floated free out of body. Others have been blessed by light. Still others have become one with the universe. Others have been brushed by God.

The Promise of Liberation: A client comes for an aura scan, as we do it, we realise that the most significant thing there is a deep grace radiating from her, she has completed her circle of reincarnation. This is her last life on earth! Marvellous news we are so joyously happy to communicate!

The Guru guiding from beyond Death: A client comes for an aura scan. As we do it, in the sector dealing with key influential people we find a guru, but he is not any longer manifest on earth. He is amazingly sending her power in advance from a past life!






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