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25 years of Depth Aura Sensing, and thousands of Aura Scans... packs your Aura Scan with invaluable insight.

In the last 2 and a half decades, Aura Masters Tarun & Celia Cherian have conducted some 50,000 aura scans, for patients & seekers giving them deeper insights into health, relationship, success, past life and spiritual issues. In fact, our scans are used by modern medi-care practitioners and alternative therapists. But perhaps its greatest 'use' is the reminder of the magic that lies within each of us.

"Er... is it too late to ask but What are auras?" You interrupt. We are Giants, '30-100 feet energy' beings. Divine sparks wrapped in 11 Energy Superbodies, one of which is the physical. And beyond these are greater dimensions, connections to the universe, tendrils that link us to psychic presences of impossible power and subtlety. These Energy Superbodies are both 'created by greater dimensions {like the soul} and modified by us. Within these Energy Bodies are 'Hearts & Lungs' that we call Chakras 'Arteries' we call Nadis. Now, every breath we take, every thought we have reshapes the multi-layered force that is us. And this reshapes the entire matrix of what we attract and repel, the trajectory we are on. So by looking at this greater existence we get greater understanding of what makes us who we are, where we are going...

Your AuraMaster Scan can be done Long-Distance!

A doctor in America was amazed when we spotted her stomach trouble and migraine long distance. An entrepreneur in Mumbai, was surprised when we spotted her sciatica, from Bangalore. A professional meditation teacher consulted us on how to move forward from Mumbai, the accuracy was compelling. However, remember that a one-2-one scan is more accurate when heavier energies and spiritual issues are involved. To get your long distance aura scan done, all we need is a recent photograph of you.


How The Creator's Child Aura Master Scans Have Enriched the Lives of So Many!



1. Health: X-raying Pain. Boosting Wellness. Saving Lives.

Saving Lives. Spotting The Stroke. Long-distance! A manager asked us to do an aura scan before she left for a trip. Cancel it and go to the hospital we recommended! Darkness in the head revealed some danger, possibly a stroke. In the hospital the sacan revealed that indeed she was having a stroke. If the manager had gone on the trip with all the stress, paralysis or death was likely!

Truer diagnosis. Gall bladder tube issues spotted Long Distance: In one case, while the medicare team held that only the intestines were affected, we insisted that a problem had something to do with the liver too. And involved some kind of tube. Months later, it was realized that a tube leading from the liver was blocked.

Uncovering buried issues. An aura scan of a lady facing a behavioural crisis, revealed sexual abuse, the memory of which she had completely suppressed.


2. Chakras. Understanding of how our body, mind & spirit harmonise.

Creator's Child Aura Masters see chakras moving in realtime. They see the actual shape, form, functioning of chakras. This information is translated into numerous benefits. Most significantly apart from health benefits, it gives insights into how we deal with life, where we are claiming success and what our stumbling blocks are.



3. Relationship Aura Insight:

Creator's Child Relationship Aura Scans look at the numerous cords that lie between partners and can help point out the real strengths and faults in relationships, they can reveal patterns from beyond this life, influences of others like parents, or children...

Uncovering Past Life Connections: A couple seeking to get married came to us, , they had been in a relationship for 10 years. An aura scan revealed that they had an extremely challenging set of past lives, where each had killed and humiliated the other. What made it worse, was their immediate families too had been part of the Past Life battles. The marriage would be difficult but rewarding. They were advised to go ahead only if they could claim deep inner strength and surety. They got engaged, but the weight of differences became too heavy and they parted before marriage.

Falling in Love: A woman was in a relationship with someone she had an extremely strong past-life connection with. It will not work out we told her, you will meet someone 6 months later, we offered some pointers. Which came startlingly true. The woman met a wonderful spouse. Note however, only in rare cases are events so pre-decided that their likelihood is almost inevitable.

Uncovering Black Magic: A couple had split apart, the cause was a deep antagonism from one set of parents, who had gone to the extent of hiring a tantric to break up the marriage. We revealed the marriage could not be saved. It was annulled.

4. Work & Business Aura Insight:

Creator's Child Aura Scans & Relationship aura scans can make a profound difference at your workplace too.

Uncovering Incompetence: A manager came to us, she had grave difficulties at work. The aura scan however revealed that the negativity the manager was experiencing had nothing to do with personal antagonism. It revealed that the Manager had been thrust into a role he had no competency in. And was trying to hide that. Our recommendation: Do not hide the inadequacy, share it with the team, go into double-drive to make himself competent. Assert authority.

A Fallen Star Recovers Grace: A manager within an organisation faced a major internal revolt. A detailed aura scan revealed that the manager's brilliance had unsettled the boss. Plus his expectations were extremely high. The solution was a muti-level one. Reach directly to the CEO through a number of intiatives. Wait till the time was right to remove a disgruntled employee who was back-biting. Make a personal equation with the boss.

Dynamics of a Matrixed Organisations: A manager within an organisation faced a major internal revolt. A detailed aura scan revealed that the manager's brilliance had unsettled the boss. Plus his expectations were extremely high. The solution was a muti-level one. Reach directly to the CEO through a number of intiatives. Wait till the time was right to remove a disgruntled employee who was back-biting. Make a personal equation with the boss.

5. Timeline Scans, Invaluable in Decision-making:

One of the most amazing advanced aura scans that Creator's Child offers is the timeline scan. And that is to look behind and see the ups and downs of life. And to look ahead and see the probable ups and downs of life. The choices, the roads that branch ahead of us. The ability to glimpse beyond today, can obviously prove amazingly useful, insightful... Should I invest now or later? Is a career as an engineer or consultant more rewarding? Will there be problems in a deal? Will the marriage be smmoth? Are some of the many questions people have come to us with.

For amazing cases read above or go to: Case Studies: Aura & Intuitive Scans. But before you ask us to see ahead, it's important for you to understand what time is really like. We are not like a garden variety astrologer who sees time as a clock whose march cannot be shifted.

"Time is like a river, ahead of us are bends, challenging rapids, hidden rocks, even harbours planted by our soul. But like a river the course can shift. We are meant to shift it's course. So a look ahead, a prediction be it by a Creator's Child Master or tantric sitting in a forest is not an inevitability, but information, a psychic trend, a probability that we can change, transform and triumph over. Everything ahead of us or behind us is written in energy, in wishes, hopes, imaginations, psychic realities that we can change... with spiritualised breath, with renewed passion, with clarified action, with focussed thought, with soul clarity... " Ask for a Timeline scan only if you understand The Future is in our Hands & Hearts...


Energy spirals seen in a client's garden.

6. Home, Office & Property Aura Insight

The world is alive say Gaia theorists, ancient Indian mystics and Creator's Child Masters. Beneath the land, homes, offices is energy that affects us, our happiness, productivity and health. The Creator's Child Property Aura Scan takes an extremely detailed look at property covering the energy of the land, energy presences, the motives of people buying or selling, 'good times' to buy or sell, can prove extremely useful to the home owner, corporation, and realtor...

For amazing cases go to: The Griha Santosham section.


7. Past Life Aura Scans

In this advanced aura scan, Creator's Child Masters look behind you and see the faces of who you have been, and relate it to you. King or warrior, healer or scholar... The knowledge is deeply enriching. It's also useful for seekers who like greater insight but do not want to undergo the risks of past life regression. Past Life Influence Case Study. In one patient's case, a past life personality was so greedy it was feeding energy from the current personality.

Now essentially the knowledge of the dynamics of a past life is vital, and we offer Past Life Aura Scans that reveal these and their influence.{Case Studies on Intuitive Scans that uncover Past Life influence.} Alternately we may wish to intervene by either regressing there or modifying the energy from a past life. { Past Life Regression & Healing .}



8. Spiritual Aura Insight: Discover Spiritual Gifts. Ancient Gurus. Spot Black Magic. Ghosts. Ancestral Compulsion. Kundalini Stirrings.

Spotting psychic ugliness Long Distance. A wedding in Delhi, deteriorated into a time of crippling illness for a student, it made no sense till we discovered the true cause – psychic ugliness.

Creator's Child Aura Scans give you a better understanding of your spiritual dimensions. Are there postive influences? Or negative presences? Are you tangled in past life turmoil? Or caught up with powerful ancestral energies?

For amazing cases go to: Case Studies : Aura or Intuitive Scans. Or Dream Reading


9. Guidance from Cosmic Guides & Angels: Creator's Child Founders have been guided by deep spiritual presences, entities who have inspired the visions, vistas and perspectives of Creator's Child. Their guidance deepens the Creator's Child Aura Scan giving it empyrean insight.

For: Past Life Exploration & Healing For amazing real cases : Miracles in Spiritual Healing .



Comprehensive Range of Depth Aura & Energy Scans.


1. The Creator's Child Total Multi-Body Aura Scan: Vital in ‘incurable' cases. Useful in emotional insight. Invaluable in guiding spiritual growth.

  • Covers 11 Energy Superbodies: classic 7 yogic energy bodies, plus 4 deeper aura energy bodies.
  • Covers Key chakras.
  • Covers insights into chakra influence on the Physical Body Systems.
  • Gives Timeline Insights.
  • Offers Soul level insights.
  • Gives insight into heavy issues like Ancestral baggage.
  • Rs 3,500 - Rs 7,000 for a verbal report. The cost varies as per time and intensity of the session.

2. Relationship Scan: Gives a multi-level understanding from the physical, right upto the spiritual: Permission of both people is necessary. Rs 3,500 - Rs 7000 for a verbal report. The cost varies as per time and intensity of the session.

3. Past Life Scans – This Past Life Intuitive Scan performed for you by The Masters, offers deep insight, describing key lives, overall life patterns, and memory triggers.Rs 3,500 - Rs 7000 for a verbal report. The cost varies as per time and intensity of the session.

4. Past Life Regression Past Life Regression & Healing .

5. Dream Reading Rs 3,500 - Rs 7,000 for a verbal report. The cost varies as per time and intensity of the session. Dream Reading .

6. Magical Aura Portrait: In addition to a full report, you receive a 12”X 8” matt or glossy photograph, transformed to mirror your aura. The cost: Rs 12,000.

7. Devadhara Connecting with The Departed – This sessions help connect the breaved with the departed. It is offered only to the serious. Only to those with a real need to communicate. And only if it is safe for the departed and the bereaved.The cost: Rs 8,000 - Rs 18,000 for a verbal report. The cost varies as per time and intensity of the session.

8. Home/ Office Aura Scan: The cost: Rs 8,000 - Rs 18,000 (cab fares not included) for the scan of a 3 bedroom home in Bangalore. Out of station scans in person attract stay and travel costs. Long-distance aura scans from detailed photographs are possible.


Yes, I am interested in a Creator's child AuraMaster Scan, How do I go about it?


Take an appointment: Aura scans can be conducted close up or long distance. When done in-person, you'd need to take an appointment. Contact us on +919880541264.

How is The Creator's Child Soul-Deep Aura Scan conducted? Either one or both Aura Masters, will scan your aura based on proprietary techniques developed over decades of deep seeking. This gives a deeper look into the multidimensional-level aura, getting glimpses into the very soul-levels.

How long does it take? The basic energy capture of the varied aspects of the aura, by The Aura Masters and delivery of the verbal report takes roughly one to one and a half hours.

For long-distance aura scans, analysis takes longer. Typically it takes 1-2 weeks, for you to receive your detailed telephonic report.

What do I need to do to receive a long-distance Aura Scan? If done long distance you'd need to contact us, and make the full payment in advance, either through cheque or net banking transfer. You then need to send a recent photograph of the person. Preferably alone and full length. You can send it to us, either by email or by snail mail.

Some Conditions: 1} The aura scan must be ordered with the person's consent. If the person is in a coma, or a child, or an animal, we will seek their inner permission. 2}You will not tell us anything more about yourself, or the patient in that email, except name and year of birth. If you wish to share critical medical or life issues, mail that in a separate mail. 3}Some Limitations: Long Distance Scans are less effective than close up scans when it comes to seeing ugly spiritual aspects, like sensing psychic attack. So long-distance aura scans are not offered to those residing in Bangalore, except if the scan is for a patient who is immobile.

Once we complete the long-distance aura scan, we will set up a telephonic appointment where we will convey our findings.

Payment: For Aura Scans full payment is made in advance, at the time of ordering it.

Interested? Make an appointment:

Do contact us at or text or call +919880541264 (Bangalore, India)





How is The Creator's Child Aura Master Scan superior to an Aura Machine Scan?

Creator's Child Aura Scans are Aura Master scans. It is conducted by Aura Masters Tarun Cherian or Celia Cherian. They are far deeper and more insightful, and are possibly the world's most deep life insight tools.

So how do they compare against machine scans? Let's understand the difference. The great thing about physical, machine aura scans is that they reveal to the modern mind the undeniable existence of the aura. however, they read just the energies around 5 fingers of a hand, {and in some cases gaseous emissions} which are reinterpreted and then extrapolated, by mechanistic algorithms. The machine also can only receive info on the lowest level of the aura, that is like looking at only the basement of a multi-storey building.

The Creator's Child Aura Master Scan is a real-time look into the incredible complexity of the human aura, revealing not just chakra data, or the state of one aura body, but a look at 7 + esoteric energy bodies, links to the cosmic, the soul connect, the shakti's charge. Comparing a machine scan with a Creator's Child Aura Scan, is like comparing a cycle rickshaw with a Merc. Creator's Child Aura Scans look Deeper!

Moral Directives.

The information received is kept confidential.

All aura scans will be done with the person's consent. Barring individuals in coma or minors.

Children below 16 are requested to get parental or permission of guardians. They should preferably be accompanied by a parent/ guardian.

Relationship scans can be done with one party's consent, perceptions will be received about the relationship. We will not do an aura scan of the other person in the relationship, but of the relationship itself.


Issues: What are the peculiarities & limitations of Aura Scans?

The Cloud over the City Issue: Auras are 'Energies', the seen dimension of thought, the cloud of passion, the visceral touch of the spirit. Because we see a cloud over a city does not mean it will rain, has rained, or is raining. Similarly the presence of a darkness in an area of an aura merely suggests a weakness...

The Interpretation Issue: When we see your aura, we may see something like a dark patch in a pearly cloud, these need to be interpreted: the dark cloud can be sadness, but equally it can be supressed rage.

Changeable Energy Issue: Energy Auras are 'Energies'. These are dynamic, not static. What we see at a given moment can change. While we use our decades of experience to sense the more permanent trends, energy by its nature is changeable.

Not a Replacement of Medical Scans: Auras are not meant to supplant medical scans, or investigations, but add to it. We see darknesses and lights, aura colours, the state of energy bodies, of chakras, we also glimpse microscopic energy details, but these are x-rays of underlying psychic realities... That being said, a majority of the twenty best US hospitals offer alternative therapy of some sort.

The Info Flood Issue. Auras are multi-layered energies, part of an infinte spectrum that encompasses not just one life, but past lives, ancestral lives, the influence of many in life... Every act of perception selects from this incredible ocean of data.

The Strange Realities Issue. Auras open us to other possibilities, of ghostly existences without bodies, of the influence of the mass on the individual, of ancestral inheritance carried in genes and beyond, of the possibility of influence without obvious physical means.

Energies are Reality: To us Creator's Child Aura Masters 'Energies are Reality', the physical its shadow. To us Creator's Child Aura Masters, the state of your soul, the imperatives you carry into other lives are of greater importance, we focus on that.



The many decades of Creator's Child Aura Masters original research & clinical experience has coalesced into a unique body of knowledge, called The Superbody Healing Paradigm. This offers the most definitive portrait of The Aura. Where others often rehash ancient texts, the Creator's Child Version is modern, sophisticated, very real, pragmatic and utterly liberating.

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