Painting as Meditation.
Renowned Artist CF John Speaks


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Still. Silent

For me, stillness and silence are the most dynamic points. Every movement comes from stillness and returns to it. So is also with sound that emerges from silence.

Eliminate to reach the basics has been the interest to me in the work process. I have tried to eliminate emotions, desires, expressions and such. I choose rather soft, subdued and neutral colors to add to the dream like interiorization of the subject matter. The colors are brushed into the surface erasing any kind of articulation. Even for the images I attempts to arrive to the basics to blend to the calm of the background. It is to arrive at a balance of planes, of geometrical lines and shapes, as well as of the rational and emotional in human existence. Here, the emotions that are dynamic also meet with its stillness / silence.

The space in the painting is divided using lines either horizontal or curved. The figure brings about an interaction between these spaces. It reflects negotiation and balancing as a metaphor for human relations. Yet the art is more about my own joy.

In a state of connectedness and affectation with the world i define myself. A sort of readiness for dissolution of the self to a realm of timelessness is what I seek.

Doing paintings is meditation and a prayer for me.