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The Rainbow. A heart-warming little masterpiece by Tia Monteiro. It's amazing, for its both the door to a cathedral, a bridge, and a prayer rising up to the heavens and descending.


I Am The Fire. By Tarun Cherian, private collection of R Saldanha


The Blue Dance of Silence. A tribute to The Kundalini., private collection of Jan Wouters..

Grounded bull, Soaring Soul.




  The Elephant. This thought-proking conceptual piece takes off on the fable The Elephant of Hindoostan. Where all see a fragment of the whole.  

Exploding Man from The Inner Flame Gallery.



The Cosmos by Divya nee Subbanna

The Kiss, ink on paper. private collection of Shweta




  Sometimes it takes a child to open our skies.   The Lovers: Oil on Canvas.  
A starkly profound piece, forces us to consider the interconnectedness of life.
The Monastery. private collection of Marjorie Vaz.

This Colourful Pot is both childlike and a wonderful healing step.



  The Auto, very human digital piece            




The Ladder to God. A humorous work. from A Piece of Heaven Exhibition.

Creator's Child Family, your original work from any genre, is welcome here.
The Moment of Creation.

An iconic piece that takes the viewer to the heart of life. By Tarun Cherian.

Allow this piece to work on your consciousness... and the un+limits of your mind will reveal themselves to you...