The Creator's Child Dances with the Power of the Universe with Joy

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"20 years ago, I was on a stormy beach, thunder roaring, when lightning struck and a row of beach shacks caught fire... then the skies fell... It began to pour down with terrifying intensity... Something within me tore free... I began to dance... Half blood thirsty karate kata, half lightning in human form... there between fire and lightning... man and ocean... I danced... I was Dance... I was destruction... I was Healing... " -- Nishi

The greatest dances that we all attempt to follow is surely, that of nature. Here we celebrate the incomparable dance of the monsoon. Her thunderous payals, her pounding beat, her lyrical moves, her life renewing steps...

Now listen to Nachon Pyaare


The Dragon in the picture above is Bobby Mathew, Fire Dancer, Kalari Adept, the performance Agnipravesham invites us into the fierce, fluid, and ecstatic elemental world of fire.


The Dance of Light

On her arrangetram, as Bilva danced, something wondrous happened… the audience disappeared and she found herself in a stage of great emptiness. Shefound herself dissolving, evaporating… her body became translucent like a crystal bowl, and through it a strange beam of light began to shine, filling her, nudging her… What is the body? Who moves my hands when I raise my hands? Who fills the body? Whose light shines so I may know? Luminous questions… Luminously answered.

Like many who have had mystic experiences she has hoarded it, rarely talked it over even to the people she loves the most. In fact, this is the first time she shares it with anyone. And often mystics keep the incredible to themselves. For fear it will be laughed at, belittled, and so the greatest truths lie buried as the more usual takes centrestage. And this is the challenge and opportunity for each of us to take the most spectacular experiences and set them as stars. And so I ... plead, most of you who read this have experienced some incredible experience, some observation that opens a chink of light. Shove your foot into this chink, use yourself as a crowbar to break open the prison doors, there is another world beyond it.

Quoted from Tickle 27


What is the universe but a dance? Why then do our feet plod so slow? Why is our worship so solemn? -- Tarun Cherian






"Dec 2013, the Goa Carnival is being celebrated. A Rene, who is 80, takes to the dance floor. She dances non-stop for 2 hours. 2 months before this, she'd had hip surgery! We are sure, God reserved at least one of her dances!"





"In a deep session, after one of Chitra's pilgrimages, she returned saying, I am hearing voices, sounds, castanets... What was it? As we probed we discovered it was the consciousness of a dance culture, at least 12 centuries ago that had disappeared... the mass consciousness was whispering it to Chitra... a blessing... a timeless gift..."

"Here friend is space... For you.. Your moves... Your Joy... Your wonder... Your Dance of Your Life... Share videos, photographs, incidents, events... of any genre..."