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Because where we live shapes our joy and prosperity.

The colours, the building shape, the force of the neighbourhood, the power of the elements, the influence of the past & future, the energy of the land all impact us, our productivity, state of mind and our fortunes...

This idea has been enshrined in mystic systems like Feng shui, Vaastu, and informs architecture across the world. Psychologists enlighten us that the form of the building shapes even the way we perceive the world. Culturists reveal that interior styles frame our actions.

The Creator's Child Griha Santosham Discipline looks at the energy and dynamics of buildings and property to generate new insight and potent but simple action.

The Griha Santosham Aura & Energy Scan.

The Creator's Child Griha Santosham Discipline begins with a energetic look at property as it is. It takes a detailed 360 degree look at energy flows as they are, based on current reality. {Not as they should be, dictated by a hoary text.}. This is based on earth energy principles studied by Creator's Child over decades, colour therapeutic dynamics and decades of emo energy insights.

Advice: postpone development: A client came to us with a piece of property which he wished to develop, a beautiful property, the aura scan revealed that the energy was trending upwards and so would peak 3 years from now, the state of the neighbour hood too revealed a similar trend.

Advice: add green: A client came to us asking us to scan her home, it revealed the basic insight that the home was good on ambition but hard on peace of mind, our advice was to introduce cooler colours. Intense noise pollution was countered by an array of plants.

Advice: change the direction of The Pooja Room: A client came to us asking us to scan his home. It had highly unsteady energy, and extreme spiritual impulses, we were then informed that this business family was increasingly neglecting its business interests. the answer was simply to shift the place the family deity was kept, there was an immediate shift in atmosphere.

Synergise name and land promise:A client came to us asking us to scan his property, it revealed that the property had a cooling calming feel, but the name did not use that giving an upwardly mobile feel. we advised an name change and shiftt in marketing emphasis.

Spotting Ancestral Forces: A client came to us asking us to scan his property, it revealed that the property had extreme ancestral influences. This called for depth healing, also relationship remanagement with influential temples in the neighbourhood.

Clearing Land Spirits, Making a Real Estate Killing: A client came to us being offered land 4 times less than the market rate.The scan revealed that there was indeed terrible land energy issues. But we could block this off for a period of 3 years, post which they would have to sell. The clients bought the land, but decided to stay for 5 years, mid way through the third year their dog was brutally killed and assaults were made by land grabbers. They sold out, getting a 500% profit.



Griha Santosham & Property Energy Work

There are 3 costs for clients using The Griha Santosham discipline:

Aura Scan Costs: For a 3 bedroom property the aura scan cost is Rs 7,000/- . However this a rough estimate for if the energy issue is not linked with property we would need to look at the sellers, buyers, partners, etc., We naturally suggest energy remedies. Some remedies may attract extra costs.

Energy Healing Costs: Will be communicated only post the Griha Santosham Aura Scan.

Time & Travel Costs: While no extra costs are charged for a visit in Bangalore, costs are impsosed for out-of-town travel.

  For Appointments: Call +919880541264 Bangalore, India. Or email