Devadhara Healing: The Ray of Hope...

The God-deep Spiritual Aura Healing System: Powered by Cosmic Core Energies.

Even the most dreaded illness can vanish. That's a fact.

A crab whose claw is cut can regrow it. Nature builds in health in every cell. That's a fact.

Patients who believe in themselves have a better chance of recovery and survival.That's a fact.

People who are prayed over recover faster. Even when sent healing long distance. That's a fact.

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Fighting Incurable Illness. For The Last 25 Years!
When Pramod came to us, in 2002, he was given 3 years to live. After an intensive 6 months of healing the neuro-muscular degeneration was halted. In 2012, Pramod celebrated his 50th birthday. He leads an extremely active life, albeit with severe bouts of pain. But he is alive and kicking hard. Is it because of Devadhara Healing? He certainly believes it was crucial in his recovey.

When Rekha* came to us, she was diagnosed as mildly schizophrenic. 6 months of intense healing later, she has got a job, her mental composure, and a deep resilience. This was 12 years ago, a recent encounter, revealed she was moving to USA. Is she completely well? All we can say with certainty is she has kept a job, brought up a child and has convinced US authorities that she is a worthy citizen. "I have been fortunate to be associated with Tarun & Celia Cherian... they extracted me from a quagmire..." {Do note: Rekha was also under allopathic treatment during this period and after.}

When Reema* came to us with abdominal pain, we discovered the problem lay in a past life trauma. A gut churning event where she was disembowelled while still alive. This undrerstanding was the key to a healing that greatly improved her digestion.

In the last 25 years, Devadhara Healing has helped innumerable patients triumph over Illness, in some cases even Incurable Illness. How do we do this? Using God-deep healing to penetrate the darkest corners of the aura, backed by mind-strengthening, accompanied by behavioural shifts, herbal pointers... But, you may not be too familiar with what spiritual healing, let alone depth spiritual healing is. So let us explain:

Devadhara Healing Pillar # 1. The World and Your Body is a Dance of Energy.

The truth is the whole universe and your body is a dance of 'energy'. To the eyes of a Devadhara Healing Master, you are a 40 foot giant with 11 Superbodies of energy and light, linked to vaster webs. The bodies close to our body are more familiar linked with vitality, impulses and thoughts. The areas further off hold great potential, but are ruled by considerations that go beyond this life, and this world. And so if we remember we are 'Cosmic in Physical Form', if we shift the inner patterns of energy then body, mind, behaviour, world and life begins to change.

Cases, Testimonials:

Aura Scans

Dream Reading.

Home & Property Scans & Healing.

Devadhara Healing Pillar # 2. Serious illness is Rooted Deep. And so demands deep solutions.

It is one thing to know serious illness can be reversed, and another to actually attempt to shift it. While many illnesses can reverse themselves with mininimal intervention, some are intractable. As the founders wrestled with serious illness they invariably discovered deep ugliness. Reincarnational hurt. Terrible Ancestral conflicts. Focussed Malice, Psychic Threat. Haunted Minds. Child Abuse. Many of these are rooted in aura levels that call for deep healing forces; soul, level, shakti, elemental, high causal, shadow... And so while standard aura healing is content at using ki-based physical level healing energy... Devadhara is Depth. Deeper in its diagnosis. God Deep in in Healing. Fuller in its Healing Spectrum. Empowering in its action.



Devadhara Healing Pillar # 3. Deeper Diagnosis with The Superbody Aura Healing Paradigm. When it comes to mapping the aura, and spotting illness Devadhara Healing has an unfair advantage. After years of intense search, Devadhara Healing Founder Celia, received from her Spirit Guide, Lord Zol, The Soul Core & Aura Superbody Healing Paradigm. A remarkable overview of the human aura and Soul & Shakti dimensions.

Consider this example, in a patient with a persistent shoulder pain from childhood, we saw with aura eyes a strange arrowhead shape in a deeper aura body. It was a carryover from another life. We psychically removed the arrowhead resulting in instantaneous relief. If however, we hadn't looked deep enough, healing would have given patient relief but no solution. {Note: Aura Sensing is not a replacement for Medico-Scans, or doctor-examination but a part of the greater spectrum.}

The Cosmic Core Revelation

Devadhara Healing Pillar # 4. Cosmic Core Vibrations -- Unleash The Power of God.

Now, being able to see that an ugly ancestral force, or vampirish thought is behind disease is extremely useful. But vision must have power to back it. For the heavy forces of deep illness are extreme and simply laugh at ki energy or physicalised prana. Past life tangles, ancestral uglinesss developed over centuries, tantric malice, or ghostly mental attachment demand elemental healing force, or an angelic being's inspired subtlety.

Devadhara goes one step higher than angels. Devadhara goes to the Heart of Creation. In the late 1980's, Founder Tarun Cherian encountered the Source Point of Creation -- .The Cosmic Core. It is a point of extraordinary power, creativity and joy from which all creation is projected out. Tap into the Cosmic Core and deep power is ours. But how link up with the ultimate? After years of search , Cosmic Guide Lord Zol, revealed to Devadhara Founder Celia an electrifying but beautifully simple cosmic healing sound. The Cosmic Core Vibration. As they used it the Founders realised they had hit the jackpot. Chanting the Cosmic Core Vibrations attracts blazing streams of healing energy from all corners of the universe.

Looked at through aura eyes a Devadhara Healer in full flow is an amazing sight.


Demanding Miracles: A beautifully explanatory article published in Life Positive, on the intricacies of healing

Devadhara Healing Pillar # 5. Get The Full Healing Army!
One of the most difficult things about Incurable Illness is that it is often complex. Beneath an infection may be hormonal issues, beneath hormonal issues may lie emotional stress, beneath stress may lie childhood trauma, beneath trauma may lie family habits... Devadhara Healing tackles illness at multiple levels, unleashing The Full Spectrum of Healing Force. In addition to high Atmic force, we use meditations and mental framework techniques, breath and life-pattern shifts, herbal pointers and environmental suggestions.

Spearheading Devadhara Healing's fight against the incurable, are the signature Cosmic Core Healing Sounds, comprising 15 core healing sounds, and hosts of specialised sounds. But that is the tip of the iceberg. To give you an idea of how full the Devadhara arsenal is, consider this; a traditional Reiki master is given 6 power symbols. A Devadhara Healing Master has a vast library of healing sounds, healing symbols, mind-shifting yantras, visualisation techniques, besides being armed with herbal pointers.

Devadhara Healing Pillar # 6. You!
Devadhara Healing has yet another secret weapon in its arsenal. You! Unlike healing approaches that see the patient as a victim, Devadhara Healing sees each patient as a soul on earth, someone who has consciously or unconsciously, in this life or that called in the illness into their lives. If you have called it in, then should you not be at the forefront of driving it out? A key aspect of Devadhara healing is empowering you with meditations, psychic techniques. You are not a passive spectator. One on whom miracles are performed. With Devadhara you are the Hero.

Science & Spirituality & Devadhara Healing: A must-read, mind-opening article.

Devadhara Healing Secret # 7. Ask and You shall Receive!
In the mid 90's, the founders of Devadhara Healing, Tarun & Celia Cherian, were in a very similar place to where you are today. "We were told that the solution was endless surgery and a lifelong regime of harsh drugs… Our surety as healers lies in the fact that we have been able to reverse conditions whch couldn't be cured using aura energy healing. We've beaten it, and God Willing, so can you." – Celia Cherian, Co-Founder, Devadhara Healing. This conviction, that the Incurable can be fought & sometimes conquered, is the foundation stone of Devadhara Healing. i

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Interested? I need Devadhara Healing. What are the steps in it?
Step 1 The first step in a Devadhara healing involves an aura scan to understand the problem in depth, in this we use advanced aura scans, past life maps, and soul level energy sensings. In addition to your sharing your insights and other medical information. The cost of this scan is Rs 3,500/-.

Those interested in Devadhara Healing from another town are requested to first send a recent full length photograph of themselves, by email. They are also requested not to tell us the problem they face. To list that separately as an attachment. If we believe that we can make a difference we inform you. You transfer the aura scan costs by internet transfer or cheque. We now proceed with a depth aura scan.

Step 2. We now roughly plan out the broad approach.

Step 3. We begin the healing process with a deep healing session. It addresses past life issues, soul level blocks and attacks the most pressing energy tears or aura blocks. In addition to this we give a healing support plan a total package that includes, meditations, spiritual exercises and soul remedies.

Step 4. Healing is usually divided into periods of intense healing sessions, followed by periods that help assimilate the gains.

Devadhara Healing Master Celia Cherian

Cost Structure:

Initial Consultancy: Rs 3,500/- for a detailed, depth aura scan. The aura scan is the only way to start a Devadhara healing

Deep Healing Session: Rs 3,500/- to 5,000. Including support meditation package. {Past Life Healing Session, Psychic Attack Healing Sessions, Deep Emotional Healing Sessions are treated as Deep Healing Sessions}

Standard Healing Sessions: Rs 3,500/-. The cost varies according to the intensity and frequency.

We offer flexible payment modes. On request we offer a pay when you can basis. Or marked reductions. For people earning in foreign currency, there is a separate rate card, which will be provided on request.


Learn Devadhara Healing:

For those with the need for multiple healings, or with a calling to heal we suggest you learn Devadhara Healing.

Do contact us at or call us at Bangalore, India on 91-9880541264. But before you do so please read the Be Informed Section below only then give us a call.

We only take on patients we are reasonably sure that we can help.


Be Informed, Scientific Objections To Aura Healing:

The Scientific Community has polarised views over Spiritual Energy and Aura Seeing. Virtually all scientists agree that we are like icebergs of which the physical is the tip. The existence of a cloud of pheremones, the bodiy's electro-magnetic field extending significantly as far as 10-15 or even 40-50 feet, or quantum interconnectedness is no longer questioned. Post Kirilian photography, the majority of scientists from the 1930's onward acknowledge that some field extends a few inches is around the body. Is it electro-magnetic or more? More recently, with advanced photography from Japan, a greater portion of the aura has been photographed. Virtually no scientist questions the fact that we are dances or gestalts of energy. Some scientists however argue that spiritualists cannot possibly sense these subtler energies. While over the last 25 years we have seen what we possibly cannot know, some would argue that we are picking sublimnal cues from people we meet. Either way we believe that our insights help people find their way.

The Scientific Community has polarised views over Spiritual Energy Healing. While there is no doubt that the mind can influence the body and its surroundings, while there is a considerable body of research that meditations like like visualisation, mantra, prayer, can influence brain-waves and the behaviour of sufferers, a significant number of scientists would argue that the effectiveness of Spiritual Healing is debatable... However extensive eperimentation covering hundreds of studies establish that the mind can affect mind, body and objects long-distance... See Distant Healing Intention Therapies: published in Global Advances in Health and Medicine. { }.

The Scientific Community has polarised views over the existence of Past Lives, the existence of the soul. While there is a considerable body of research that reveals the reality of reincarnational existence, be informed that a number of Western Scientists dismiss this. Some argue that we die when we die, that there is no soul. We would however like to remind you that the scientific community has no credible theory for the most central fact of human existence, the human mind... While some would look at the self as a brain-pattern, the fact that those who are clinically dead report memories and perceptions is proof that we are independent of the brain and its functioning... Many scientists today are leaning towards the argument that the self or mind is a quantum field... And this is partly non-localised... We do believe you are an immortal being {affirmed by accounts of Near Death Returnees}, who has lives many lives {Reincarnational Research}, whose prime existence is at other planes, many scientists believe we are mortal beings, there is no such thing as past lives... So you be informed, do your research, make up your mind...

The Scientific Community has polarised views over the existence of Shaktis and the Existence of God. While process scientists have shown that the earth behaves like a living entity so affirming what Ancient Indian Sages have proclaimed about Shaktis, some scientists disagree and see the earth as a dead entity... We believe that deep forces and patterns of existence underlie our existence... these we believe are what the ancients called Shaktis...

Know this a significant number of scientists believe that an underlying consciousness, pattern or logic exists beneath this and other universes, this has been termed pan-psychism... However a significant number of scientists believe that this is not true. There is No-God. But virtually all scientists believe there is a unifying logic or equation that describes existence... This is in consonance with what ancient Vedic spiritualists revealed... This parallels the idea of God called Logos by middle eastern thinkers like those in the Judaic/Christian?Islamic tradition, What Taoists call Tao.

To us Beyond All Universes And Underlying It, Sustaining It, Fulfilling it is a Vast Oneness.... that some call God, Some Call The Ultimate Reality... In Every Healing we connect to this. Some scientists would argue that you cannot connect to cosmic armed with nothing but body and mind. You read the arguments... You decide...