Case Studies: Healing Emotive Pain & Mental Illness.
Devadhara Healing. For Miracles in Real Life:

Emotional & Mental Illnesses


"A deep healing session to get rid of hurt that was pent up years ago...and a release that changed the feel of everything....thanks tarun and celia for connecting me to this world of magic" Savitha B


Mild Anxieties


Exam fear: Rohit came to us a nervous wreck, an abusive parent, plus years of failure had made him feel unworthy. His marks were disastrous. as low as 2 on 100. Two months of healing and intense support from a parent had positive results. He hit 70% in the boards, 7 months later.

Stammering: Madan came to us with a case of severe stammering and poor confidence with the opposite sex. Our aura and emotive scans revealed that he had been terrified of his father. Methods to energise the navel chakra assisted careful restructuring of an exotic throat chakra identified by Creator's Child seers. Within 3 months colleagues had noticed. In 6 months his stammering has become virtually invisible.


Anger Management


Cool That Temper: When Anand* came to us he had a terrible temper. Cellphones, flower pots, dinner plates, and of course employees lived in dread of him. Deep childhood hurt was identified as the key issue. 2 months later, his friends noticed a difference. 2 years later he has kept his cool even during severe financial and emotional stress.


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Suicidal Child: "I call Celia whenever i have a problem, there was a time when my daughter was suicidal. In a week, she got remarkably well." -- Somya*

Suicide Averted. Father's Ghost removed. – When Kumari* first came to us, her aura was terrible, blackness coiled around the head and waist. Fragments of ghosts emerged from behind her. As we probed we discovered she was suicidal, mourning her father's death and deeply in debt. Devadhara Healing and friend's support groups completely transformed the situation, all suicide attempts stopped, the patient resumed her PHd and went in for a stable relationship.




Alcoholism -- A patient was alcoholic. The aura scan revealed darkness at the liver, an addictive pattern and slight depressive tendencies. Devadhara Healing was accompanied by herbal cleansing, a patient empowerment program that got him a true set of friends. The result marked decline in the alcoholic pattern.

Deaddiction, Sexual Abuse: Amrita* when she came to us, was suicidal, on every conceivable drug,and had lost her job. Our aura scan revealed, that sexual predators as a child had reduced her inner esteem to tatters. Deep healing, years of restoring her trust in herself and she has gone completely off drugs, changed profession and became a fitness instructor and has held a job for 6 months.

{Note: We do not have a Deaddiction centre and so recommend people get off the drug at a centre. Then come to us. Deaddictive healing takes years of bitter struuggle}



Obssessive Compulsive Disorder


Obsessive Compulsive DisorderArvind*, a marketing manager came to us with severe OCD. Aura scans revealed a cascading set of causes. Outwardly, Arvind felt incapable at work. At a deeper level, he felt guilty as he was implicated in the murder of his uncle. at a still deeper level, he felt dirtied by a relationship with his aunt that was incestuous. At a still deeper level, there were ancestral problems, and past life complications. the devadhara Healing approach systematically went level by level recreating Arvind's psychic framework. In 6 months remarkable improvements are most visible at work.

Work place problems


Convince dad: Soman* was being pressurised by his father to enter the family business. After a session, he found the courage to have a man to man chat. His father agreed to start a new business dirction that gave him greater freedom.

Toxic Colleagues: Shona* faced toxic colleagues at work. An aura analysis of the relationship revealed that Shona resented being in her job and was short-changing it, thereby inviting mistakes, playing politics. Devadhara Healing prescribed robust psychic protections, accompanied by a revamp of her working style.



Relationship issues


Relationship issues: When Suhashini* came to us, she was in a deep depression coping with a failed marriage, a nowhere job, and bringing up a child on her own. 3 months after, her whole attitude is different, she has regained confidence, has a renewed interest in life and is markedly less stressed.

Murderous Spouse: While repeated aura scans revealed the marriage had ended, Sulekha only gave up on the marriage after the husband attempted to murder her and her daughter. Devadhara Healing sent to both the couple has cooled down the violence. They still hate each other but are no longer physically violent.







Frigidity & Vaginissmus. “I was silently suffering from the effects of childhood abuse. Because of sexual abuse I had a condition called Vaginusmus… I was constantly on the look out for treatment but for years nothing clicked. In a way, when a major transit comes in our life we tend to sense it. I gradually started meeting the right kind of people. Met a doctor who assured me that I would be normal after a surgery. I went for it but the lack of courage in me was still pulling me back. I still couldn't believe that I can be healed and move on in life. My husband suggested I meet Celia and Tarun. What a memorable day that was! Thanks to Devadhara, I got reconnected to my inner strength and started believing in myself. I still have a long way to go but the gradual progress has begun.Tarun and Celia, Thank you for the time, patience, love, support, knowledge and guidance you give me.”

Also look below at the case in recovering from child abuse.

Rape, Agony to living with Joy: A patient's aura scan revealed a terrible red and black at the womb area. We see a scar event happening two years before. The patient reveals a terrible soul destroying rape that has left agonising illness and emotional pain. Devadhara Depth Healing provided the spearhead, this was followed by sessions that reawakened the patient's great capabilities. This was then followed by a realignment of the patient's goals. The result is an extraordinary change. a flowering of gifts physical, financial and spiritual.

Sexual Denial. Religeous Strictures. Read more below in sick society.


Recovering from Child Abuse


Sexual Abuse: Can leave terrible scars in a person, resulting in severe mental problems, or a range of physical illnesses. The worst thing it does however is more than this, it steals a person's basic trust in themselves.

In a patient's case beneath the person's lack of trust was a history of sexual abuse. This we spotted by looking at the person's aura, and pinpointing the specific years of the abuse. Deep Devadhara Healing sessions, and a whole meditative package encouraged the patient to move into a close relationship. They are deliriously happy...

Also look at the case listed above.

We have in our work dealt with numerous Child Abuse cases. While each one hits us in the stomach, the joy when we turn it around is incredible.


Personality Disorders.


Vicious: Lekha* came to us because she felt she was being vicious with colleagues. Everything came to a head when a colleague attempted suicide. Using a proprietary mode to break the cycle of pain, Devadhara Healing was able to inspire a completely new style of life and working style.

Timid: The aura scan of Madhuri revealed an extremely toxic relationship a few years ago. In response, Madhuri went into a shell, cutting herself away from life. The Devadhara Healing solution includes, drastic lifestyle chages, and psychic devices like energised stones. The feedback from family, an immediate and visible difference!




Stop the depression before its serious ...: Mrs Vasudev* was devastated when her husband died at a moderately young age. She was threatening to slip into a deep depression. A few Devadhara Healing sessions later and she began to tend the roses in her garden again.

Depression, Personal Tragedy, Alien Possession: Can a depression that lasted 15 years, impervious to any medication vanish in months? Our aura scan revealed deep darkness around a patient's head, stomach, also our intuition there was great personal tragedy in his teens... but was it just choked grief or was there something more? Our aura sight revealed a terrible presence peering out of his being.

Schizophrenia: From a psychiatric viewpoint Suhani* suffers from mild schizophrenia. A stressful marriage, divorce, a special child. Compunded by visiting a host of strange meditative centres with odd sexual solutions. Leading to psychiatric breakdowns. And that would be right. From a spiritual perspective, one could add that all this stress triggered a kundalini awakening phenomenon leading her to hear voices. While the standard psychiatric perspective would argue that the voices are hallucinations, Devadhara argues that 40% of the voices are from a tormented psyche, but of the rest 10% are voices of a true spiritual grace, 50% of strange creatures. In Suhani*s case, Devadhara Healing began with a series of deep healings, and a program that integrated her back into mainstream life, also she was given the stricture no odd meditative programs for 2 years. The foundation of her psyche has been greatly strengthened. She has held a job for two years successfully, has been promoted, is a wonderful single mother, her daughter won an art contest revealing how minimally the divorce has affected her.

{Note: We are not a psychiatric centre and do not have physical or medicative ways to restrain patients. We work in tandem with the medical profession.}



Sick Families, Society...



Sexual Denial. Religeous Strictures. A newly married couple approached us with a problem, the head of a spouse's spiritual tradition disapproved of sexuality, limiting it to one encounter every 3 months. Devadhara Healing allowed the energy to flow through them, unlocking their core joys. We pointed out a range of spiritual authorities with more supportive views within their own tradition and requested them to set up a joint family council meet. The marriage-threatening situation was successfully averted.

Sexual Victim, Damaged Family: In a patient's case, an influential uncle kept making sexual advances towards her. The husband however, could not stop the uncle's entrance into the joint family home. The critical part of the solution that included other behavioural shifts, was teaching psychic protection to the Patient. In weeks the patient who felt her home traumatically invaded put the Uncle in his place.

Sexual Slavery: A case from a foreign continent, revealed a chilling story of sexual slavery. Could we help? A deep, long-distance energy intervention, gave the patient the courage to fight and attracted helpful social interventionists to her. In a month, her life had changed.

Repressed Family, Fear of Sexual Abuse: The awareness that the issue of sexual abuse is however, creating another side-effect, many anxious children are reacting to the fear of rape and sexual assault, and becoming fearful. In one patient's case, she fantasised about kissing a cousin... and triggered deep anxieties, imagining that the imaginary kiss could make pregnant.




Claiming The Glorious Life.



Beyond Wellness is Miraculousness. Devadhara Healing starts with the central fact that we are souls on earth. And so healing to us is not returning people to a normalcy. But, the energy of healing gives a glimpse of how miraculous we truly are. And some in healing have floated free out of body. Others have been blessed by light. Still others have become one with the universe. Others have been brushed by God.

" You have brought the colour back into my life." says Anandhi, a patient, and Devadhara Healing level one student. And indeed Devadhara has brought the colour back into innumerable lives. And for that opportunity we are deeply grateful.









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