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Incurable Physical Illnesses
Skeleto-Muscular Problems


Muscular-Nerve Degeneration: When Pramod* first came to us in 2002 with the diagnosis of a nerve-muscular degenerative condition, a variant of multiple sclerosis. With the rate of progress of the disease he was given between 2-3years to live. After an intensive 6 months of healing the rate of progress was halted. The disease hasn't worsened. One of the key elements in his healing has been Devadhara Healing. It has created deep spearhead differences to the very root of the illness, which is rooted in an ugly mass of ancestral forces, past life tangles, childhood scars, emotional betrayal. Other Healing practices that have also contributed to his greater wellbeing are allopathy, acupressure, ayurveda.

Bone Marrow Degeneration: When Anita* first came to us in 2002, knowing nothing about her condition we did an aura scan. It revealed that there were bands of blackness at the legs. This tied in with the allopathic diagnosis of a bone-marrow degenerative condition. Left untreated it would cripple, even kill. Our aura diagnosis showed that there was a past life condition triggered off by fear at her workplace which dealt with facing dangerous criminals. After a Dramatic Breakthrough Devadhara Healing session that saw an angelic force enter the room, her condition began improving. Many years later, she is alive, vital, living her life... none of her facebook friends would suspect that this bubbly young woman had faced a death sentence.

Arthritis: A patient, aged 60+ was referred to us, with severe arthritis. He could not climb the stairs,or walk for as much as 100 feet. We prescribed intense healings, meditations, diet changes. After 3 months of intense healing, the patient continued to grumble. Was the healing ineffective? A relative laughed and clarified. In the three months he could climb two flights of stairs. From being able to struggle to walk 100 feet, he could now stride 3 kilometres. The pain still returned, but he had improved a hundredfold.

From Slipped Disc to Dancer Again. Sukhjit* came to us with a slipped disc in the lower back. 2 months of healing and 15 days of total rest brought her back on her feet. About a decade later, the improvements have stayed with her.

Sciatica: In Sciatica, nerves from the lower spine are compressed due to pressure from the spinal cord. Devadhara Healing has made a difference tio a number of such conditions. In one patients case, healing accompanied by the simple suggestion of changing the car seat has made the condition go from crippling to a mild annoyance.

"I have found though that in the case of a severe back problem, their healing coupled with ayurveda and yoga did more than allopathic treatment did." -- T Sachdev

Aura Forewarning: Slipped Disc. Case in Aura Scans Section.

Dream Forewarning: Slipped Disc. Case in Aura Scans Section.


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Digestive System Problems


Irritable Bowel Syndrome: One patient had a terrible Irritable Bowel Syndrome, so severe he went to the loo 17 times a day. He had been on tetracycline and severe anti-biotics for an incredible 10 years. We prescribed intense healing, empowering meditations, and a few dietary changes. 3 months after healing with us the condition had reduced to just 5 visits to the loo!

Hepatitis B: Is a liver disease induced by a virus related to the HIV virus. In fact, it is a condition that affects 10 times more patients than AIDS patients. The number of deaths from this illness is considerable. A patient we've had for close to five years has this condition, the symptoms have remained in check. We prescribed long-run healing, empowering meditations, and a few dietary restrictions.

Debilitating Gas Conditions: A patient came to us with such debilitating gas, his job was at risk. Two months later his condition improved dramatically. From taking 5 days off at work a month, to just one day off a month.

Severe Constipation: A patient came to us with such severe constipation, he could go to work only at 11.00 clock, 2 full hours after work reporting time. Through the day too he was often in severe pain. Four months later his condition improved the pain, and ease of motion improving greatly! .

Acid Reflux: A patient came to us with acid reflux. In this acid from the stomach goes back up the digestive tract. The Depth Aura & Intuitive Scan revealed that it was being caused by worry and fear, and a difficult navel {manipura Chakra}. A few healings, calming meditations, empowering yogic practicces, dietary shifts. And the problem is no longer an issue.

Gastritis: A patient came to us with severe gastritis. A condition in which the intestines and stomach lining become inflamed. Our diagnosis revealed that the patient was burning up with anger about a financial injustice. Devadhara Healing, Mental Suggestions, Meditations, Herbal intervention resulted in healing of the condition in a six month phase.

Ulcers: A patient came to us with painful stomach ulcers. Our diagnosis revealed that intense interpersonal stress, legal worries, was triggering the acidity that underlies the condition, also, the bacterial culture needed adjustment.

Gall bladder Healing: Gall Bladder Stones can be among the most intensely painful conditions. A patient from Delhi with just 3 weeks of healing found her stones and the pain dissolve. However, this is obviously not so in every case. In some cases we keep the condition in check even reducing the size of stone.

Diabetes: When Shweta* came to us, she had blood sugar of 500+, a form of throidism and poor liver functioning. 4 years, her blood sugar is much more in control in the 180 range. Her triglyceride count has halved. Her thyroid condition from uncontrolled is better managed. Other contributors to her health is allopathy, herbalism and ayurveda regime.

Cutting Down Diabetic Insulin: When Roshini* came to us, she had been on insulin to control diabetes for 4 years, we taught her Devadhara Healing, 6 months later, her insulinn dosage halved!



Urinary System Problems


Kidney Stones: In 1998, Jai* had repeat kidney stones, they kept reappearing. A chinese healing meditation was given to him to do... even 6 years later, the kidney stones had not stopped reappeared.

Urinary infections: Diksha*, had a series of debilitating urinary infections. The aura scans revealed that it emerged from a terrible past life issue. Depth Aura Healing and support herbal remedies have eliminated the problem.

Forewarned: Kidney degeneration. Case in Aura Scans Section.

Forewarned: Uterine Cancer. Case in Aura Scans Section.


Respiratory System Problems


Hay Fever, Allergies: This is a self-healing story. I, Tarun used to have severe hay fever, after a point, even 2-3 anti-histamines couldn't control it. What proved effective was a traditional mudra. 3 monthslater, the condition has disappeared. In fact, it was the first time I used a mudra as a serious healing tool. This experience taught us the need to empower patients, we also learnt a great respect for traditional pressure point healing systems. We have incorporated these in Devadhara. And also in characteristic fashion have taken it further inventing a complete set of modern modras, new universal energy healing mudra and a new healing tool of Body Circuits Stimulators.

Childhood Throat Condition & Past Healing: Surya* had a throat condition since childhood, a feeling of being choked. A single past healing session where we used a dirct intervention technique {not regression}had an immediate effect. The condition vanished in half a n hour!

Sinusitis: "It was a lovely bright morning on a vacation where my friend started complaining of a sinusitis headache and a fear to lose out on whole of the day with disinterest to do anything and shooting pain of sinus and there I sprung up to try with Devadhara to help him and in not more than 10 mins of healing my friend was back with a happy smile and a declared his sinus headache was gone :-) My heartfelt thanks to both of you for introducing Devadhara to me which is a treasure I will build upon." -- Devadhara Healer, Smitha Udappa

Asthma Relief: Rachel* has had asthma for 40 years now. As we diagnosed her aura we realised that one of the reasons it is so strongly rooted is that it comes from a poor digestion. By making this the focus, she has achieved great relief. Reduction in the number and severity of the attacks.


Circulatory System Problems


Low Blood Pressure: Sunil* an executive began to experience bouts of life-threatening low BP. An aura scan revealed a threatened navel chakra and a toxic work environment. Devadhara Healing Sessions, mudras, and chakra healing programs have completely eliminated the low BP. In addition he had homeopathy.

High Blood Pressure: Mahesh* a manager had persistent high BP. An aura scan revealed a pressured solar plexus chakra, a dead-end job, and a shaky marriage. Devadhara Healing Sessions, and a multi-level healing and life-enrichment porogram have brought the BP more in control.

Low RBC Levels: A patient came to us who had to do an operation, but her RBC levels were too low to conduct the surgery. Could we help? Two weeks later, with healing and herbal remedies, her RBC reached acceptable levels. The surgery was successful.

Congenital Blood Vessel Issue: John* has a difficult congenital circulatory system condition: In it his blood vessels are poorly formed. And as a result blood clots keep forming, threatening his life. A mediational program, accompanied by Devadhara Healing has given him a new lease for life. A decade later he is very much alive!

Racing Heart. Past Life Connections. Jeet* had a strange problem: For no apparent medical reason his heart would race. He'd already had one heart attack. The underlying problem we saw was a psychic attack. In an attempt to help him a past life personality who was a Tantric kept sending him bursts of energy. This resulted in his heart racing. Once we tackled the root cause he has felt much more secure, his heart condition has stabilised.

Heart Un-Attack. Mr Mahant had a series of heart attacks. He consulted us. The solution: a mudra ensured that his heart has stabilised.

Forewarned: Heart Attack warning. Case in Aura Scans Section.

Reproductive System Problems


Vaginissmus. Case in Emotive & Mental Healing Section; sexuality.

Inexplicable Womb Pain Uncovered and Healed. Sheeba experienced severe, inexplicable cramping in the womb area. As we did an aura scan we saw a fetus sitting at the abdomen. Had she had an abortion? Yes! She was haunted by the spirit of that baby. We removed that spirit in a cathartic session that resulted in immediate and permanent relief.

Endometriosis, Polycystic Ovaries, Fibroids: Vinita had endometriosis, polycystic ovaries, inflamed fallopian tube, irregular periods and fibriods. One month after healing she stopped all hormonal supplements. After 6 months of healing the fallopian tube swelling reduced. After two years the endometrisis reduced greatly. 6 years after she still has fibroids, but the endometriosis and cysts in the ovary are well in control.

Past Life: Sexual Abuse: Mohini had a number of conditions, the most debilitating was her unreasonable fear of men. An aura scan revealed past life and child abuse. During her healing we discovered that a difficult childhood and sexual abuse in another life had contributed to her feeling threatened. Using deep Chakra Deva techniques we cleared the root issues. The featr is goe and she is in a healthy relationship.

Childlessness To God's Gifts. Amulya had an unending list of problems. After 2 months of healing she conceived, and has had a beautiful child. Her financial troubles still remain, but what she received in addition to a beautiful child was remarkable. God! During her healing she received a spectacular set of spiritual visions.



Nervous System Problems


Trigymnal Nerves: Anand had a number of issues, including the unbearable pain of Trigymnal nerves. In a week he got immense relief from a condition described as the worst pain a human has to bear. {Trigymnal nerves is supposed to be one of the most painful diseases, in one patient's case just one healing gave him deep relief.}

Psoriasis is an illness affecting the nerves, a painful, even debilitating condition. The patient's aura scan revealed, difficult navel chakra, adolescent aggression, severe interpersonal issues, concentrated healing spread over 2 months lead to a remarkable recovery.

Epilepsy Control. Milind* a teenager had constant epileptic fits. He was taught to be a Devadhara Healer, after 9 months of intense energy healing in addition to allopathic medication his epileptic fits have greatly reduced. A fit a month has turned into a fit in 3 months.

Migraine: "I'd like to share about a wonderful experience. My migraine/cluster headaches simply vanished after 2 sessions of Devadhara meditations!!!!" Radha Narayan.

Temporary Paralysis: Look in Spiritual Illnesses, unwise spiritual exploration Section.

Brain Damage : We have helped patients with childhood brain damage. In one case, a child recovering from moderate brain damage, was brought to us to improve his performance. After 6 months of healing and psychic exercises the child's marks and social behaviour improved dramatically.

Stroke recovery: Sudha had 3 strokes in succession, and wasn't expected to live. Healing at a level we call the death door, gave her a chance. A deep spiritual figure appeared and gave her a choice to dedicate her life to a cause and live or let go off this life. She chose Life.

Tumours: When Amit* came to us for an aura scan, three healers saw a darkness at his head and asked him to be careful. So severe was it, we foresaw that his lifeline was under threat. Two months later, the prediction came sickeningly true. Amit was diagnosed with a tumour. Healing and allopathic treatment resulted in the tumour shrinking and vanishing in just 4 months.

Autism: We have helped patients with childhood brain damage, in one case, the child's marks and social behaviour improved dramatically, in just 6 months.

Psychosis, Depression, OCD: Look in Emotional & Mental Illnesses Section.

Forewarned: Stroke warning: Look in Aura Scan Section.

Forewarned: Parkinson's warning: Look in Aura Scan Section.




Endocrine System Problems


Adrenals: A patient diagnosed with hyperactivity and disturbance of the adrenal gland came to us. Our aura scan showed red at the navel chakra area. Calming meditations, work restructuring and intense healing brought a potentially difficult situation under control. The threat of corporate burnout was avoided.

Thyroidism: When Shena* came to us, she had a disturbed thyroid and a deep depression. After a month of healing the depression vanished. The thyroidism showed great improvement.

Ovarian Hormones: Darkness at the abdomen in an ugly pattern indicative of rape, and distortion of the bindu chakra, helped understand the patients symptoms of disturbances in menstrual periods, and cramping. The aura insight directed the treatment. Emotional healings were accompanied by creative visualisations. The hormonal profile, and physical symptoms showed welcome shifts in just months.


Infections & Immune System


AIDS: Is not AIDS: A patient came to us in utter despair. He had been tested for AIDs, and diagnosed with AIDS. He felt he had been infected in the far east by a addict waving an infected syringe. Our aura scan and intuitive inner look disagreed. We believed he had not really been infected with AIDS, but was in such turmoil his body had mimicked the symptoms. We gave him 3 depth healings, and asked him to retest himself with a full comprehensive range of tests. They all came out innocent. Disbelieving he repeated the tests, 3 months later. Again, it came out normal. So what happened really? Did he not have AIDS but the test erred? Or did he have AIDS and was cured of it?

Distemper Viral Attack. Buffy cheats Death. And gives us our formula for Life: Distemper is one of the most terrible viral attacks, that makes AIDs look like a pygmy. Its fatality rate is 90% in pups. And that's in the West. After 2 months of intensive healing, Buffy recovered. She 9 years later is agile, very much alive. Few vets can believe it!

Dengue Fever: Improving The Platelet Levels: A patient's life was threatened when a Dengue fever caused his platelets to plummet. From the ICU he called. Intense long-distance Devadhara Healing, mudras and herbal recommmendations were given... the patient recovered in just days.



Multi-System Illnesses

Cancer. Auto Immune Illnesses.


Shadow of Cancer? " I had this shadow in my kidney..actually 2 of them..which the doctor said needed further investigation. So panicked..called on Tarun and Celu for help..which they agreed to. I am a person who needs to understand and know and cannot accept without questions!!!! Both Celu and Tarun very patiently answered my many how and why and what questions..and I was ready for my healing.

I had a specialized scan done a few weeks later at Columbia Asia hospital..and the doctor's comment 'it seems to have become smaller than the earlier scan'. However she wanted another scan done 3 month later to confirm that all was well..which was done a week ago. The results this time..'no change in size'..which seems to say that it was not dangerous. She wanted to have an MRI done to study the inside of the shadows!!!! Thank fully it was only fat cells..and now i can forget about this she said.

Did the shadow actually become smaller?? did Was it due to Tarun and celu's healing..I believe it was due to them... Did the  cells change to harmless fat cells from a dangerous one?..I do not know..maybe it did. But Thank you Celu and made me feel good and this probably had a big part to do with the healing." -- Usha A*

Cancer Vanishes: About a decade ago, Shalini* a patient had a darkness in her aura, check it out we told her. The doctors first diagnosed it as tuberculosis. When she came a second time we again told her that the darkness was ugly and something else lay hidden. 3 months after the first diagnosis doctors discovered she had both tuberculosis and cancer. Medically speaking it turned out to be two illnesses, tuberculosis and cancer. As it was 3rd stage of cancer and unresponsive to intense radiation, medically speaking all hope seemed to recede. But the patient had great depths of courage. Our aura scan showed a difficult childhood, personal pressure, and past life issues. Intense healings, meditations, were prescribed. In addition the patient underwent acupressure, and was supported by 6 different spiritual groups. Weeks after the healings, the cancer just vanished. Medically it will be classified as spontaneous remission. The layman will simply say a Miracle.

Multi-system Illnesses: The truth is that while the medical profession classifies the body into 10 broad sub-systems, and illness into physical or mental, the fact is illness doesn't respect these classifications. It begins at places physicalism cannot see, it crosses specialisations, disrespects our boundaries and classifications.

For example, a huge amount of respiratory distress has its roots in enhanced pollution. And urban environment and stress. And yet, economics blinkeredly regards destruction of green land as progress. So everything the caring profession has to offer is mere bandaid. The real problem lies in mental frameworks we have accepted as true. But which are hideously self-destructive.




Claiming The Glorious Life.



Beyond Wellness is Miraculousness. Devadhara Healing starts with the central fact that we are souls on earth. And so healing to us is not returning people to a normalcy. But, the energy of healing gives a glimpse of how miraculous we truly are. And some in healing have floated free out of body. Others have been blessed by light. Still others have become one with the universe. Others have been brushed by God.

Staying Well. "On a personal note. After learning healing, decades ago, the number of times I've personally fallen ill has reduced by 90% compared to earlier levels. I've fallen ill perhaps thrice in the last 12 years. If we do fall ill, we recover in a third of the time, and our recovery is in most cases without antibiotics." -- Tarun Cherian, Co-founder Devadhara Healing.

Peak Performance. A client who is on a National Sports team came to us, after 3 sessions of healing her score improved by an incredible 25%.




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