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"Many find it difficult to believe in spiritual illness... but the simple truth is that we are beings that come from impossible zones... Places of amazing light, utter joy, wondrous life, and unbelievable freedom... But with great freedoms come both glorious gifts and excruciating terrors. Past Lives, Ancestral Influence, Ghosts, Alien Trans-dimensional Beings, Dark Influences, Kundalini Turmoil and Angelic Retribution."


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Unleashing Strengths. When we looked at Alisha's aura we saw a stained glass of joy. But as we questioned her, we realised she was frustrated and blocked. The Devadhara Answer lay in clearing emotional blocks and unleashing spiritual gifts. Alisha decided to follow her childhood dream of designing clothes. She still has a corporate job, but with her past life strengths tapped into... she glows. We have used Past Life Sight and Regression to unlock the strengths of people in a host of cases.

Childhood Throat Condition & Past Healing: Check case in Fighting Incurable Physical Conditions. Click Here.

Racing Heart. Past Life Connections. Jeet* had a strange problem: For no apparent medical reason his heart would race. He'd already had one heart attack. The underlying problem we saw was a psychic attack. In an attempt to help him a past life personality who was a Tantric kept sending him bursts of energy. This resulted in his heart racing. Once we tackled the root cause he has felt much more secure, his heart condition has stabilised.

Murdered Child, Centuries of Pain. Trying to discover why Sadhana* had terrible abdomen pains we did an aura scan, a past life recall session. We saw that it was a chain of terrifying events beginning with one where she had, in another life murdered a pregnant woman, and for lifetimes thereafter been troubled by that event. Armed with this knowledge Devadhara Healing healed the situation through depth past life tools. In just months the abdomen pains vanished. Devadhara Healing uses a vaster bandwidth of Past Life Healing Tools. While most people are just aware of PLR or Regression, we use a full complement of direct intervention techniques from Total Past Life Pattern Change, Soul Reengineering, Cutting the Cord, Replacing Timeline techniques.

Inexplicable Womb Pain Uncovered and Healed.Check case in Fighting Incurable Physical Conditions. Click Here.

Difficult Relationship. It's not easy when you have a bro-in-law sniffing around. A Devadhara Aura Scan revealed that beyond the usual joint family dynamics were a difficult past life connect. A past life regression revealed, that the patient and bro-in-law were killer and victim. The insight lead to enormous implications. For simply by unconsciously triggering old no-no signals like a particular uniform's colour, the situation became hugely more manageable.




Dark Influences


Note: 17 Nov 201: In its wisdom, the Karnataka Legislative Assembly has banned exorcism & black magic and so those in Karnataka may not approach us for removing ghosts or clearing black magic. But this ban does not really apply to Devadhara Healing or Creator's Child.

Our primary approach has been to focus on strengthening the psyche, to connect souls with their divinity. We strengthen the auras & chakras: the minds, spirits, bodies of people who feel vulnerable faced with life's ugliness and uncertainty.

Since our inception we have never at any human's behest sought to harm a human with our spiritual gifts, or used our extraordinary powers, to terrorise or take away any soul's informed choices. We believe that the underlying foundations of the universe is divine oneness. And so love, caring, must be implicit in our actions.


The Yantra Attack that Wasn't: Vimal & his wife found a yantra beneath their bed, they brought it to us fearing an attack. We discovered it was actually from a wellwisher who wanted to be anonymous.

The Witch Object that was: Aman* and his wife came to us. A strange object had been left at their door. We discovered it was a ugly psychic device. We blocked the attack. We took the device and now use it to teach our healers how to deal with and diffuse black magic. One day, when trying to defuse the dark magic a student lowered her guard and was touched by the magic. She fell ill for a week.

Trembling Doors: Shona faced a terrifying set of psychic phenomena where doors trembled on their own. She called in a panic. We discovered it was a psychic attack, and blocked it. The phenomenon stopped immediately.

Family Assaulted: We believe healing power should be used to heal, enrich, grow, educate... And will help sufferers overcome psychic attack, no matter how dark, heavy or powerful. In a particular case, an entire family was the target of these attacks. Even the maid was not spared. In just 3 days after Devadhara Healing began to protect the family they felt a marked sense of relief.

Breaking Hand: Standing between a Dark Practitioner and his or her victim sometimes makes us the target of these attacks. In one case Tarun was the focus of this ill will. So potent was it that they attempted to break his wrist through etheric forces, at night. He blocked the attack and transformed the negative forces. Turning darkness into joy.

Devi Attack: When Saurabh came to us for healing he was feeling uncomfortable, under terrible mental strain and attack. Behind him we saw a whirling energy of a Devi. But why was she tormenting the poor man, what had he done wrong? Nothing, she was enticed by a dark magician to participate in the assault, but the real reason she did it was to galvanise him, as it was felt he had gone to sleep in life.



Haunted Minds

Unquiet Spirits

Note: 17 Nov 2017: In its wisdom, the Karnataka Legislative Assembly has passed the Karnataka Prevention and Eradication of Inhuman Evil Practices and Black Magic Act, 2017. We have never pressured anyone to clear ghosts out of fear, or create a panic over black magic.

Our primary approach has been to focus on strengthening the psyche, to connect souls with their divinity. We strengthen the auras & chakras: the minds, spirits, bodies of people who feel vulnerable faced with life's ugliness and uncertainty.


Haunted by Ourselves: Most ghosts are not ghosts. We are haunted by unwanted thoughts and fears. In a case, a patient kept sensing presences around herself. An aura scan revealed that a difficult event caused her to have two bodies of thought one where she is powerful. One where she is powerless. The resultant divide caused a body of thoughts began to behave like ghosts.

Ugly presences: Sameer* had just rented an office when he kept encountering ghostly phenomenon. We discovered someone had committed suicide in that office. The Devadhara Solution simply located the wandering spirit and escorted it out.

House of Strangeness: Sunil* a student called us to his building complex which had terrifying phenomenon visible to many in the building. The apartment was a most incredible phenomenon psychically. First the current neighbourhood, there was a temple with animal sacrifice in the vicinity, an area packed with underworld characters. Economically, this area had seen fluctuations, and so the air was charged with resentment. Then the area had an ancient temple and forest below it, all deeply stained with anguish and strange ritual. The Devadhara Solution used a range of binding energy devices, protected the patient and family. And asked them to leave that home.

Strangling Presences: Samith*s house was infested with presences, one in particular tried to strangle his sister. We diagnosed this to be a particularly nasty set of non-physical entities. We cleared the home and family, in a single night and they have not reappeared.




Note: 17 Nov 201: In its wisdom, the Karnataka Legislative Assembly has banned exorcism & black magic and so those in Karnataka may not approach us for removing ghosts or clearing black magic.

But this ban does not really apply to Devadhara Healing or Creator's Child. Our primary approach has been to focus on strengthening the psyche, to connect souls with their divinity. We strengthen the auras & chakras: the minds, spirits, bodies of people who feel vulnerable faced with life's ugliness and uncertainty.



Possession.I have been fortunate to have been associated with Tarun and Celia Cherian. They extricated me from a quagmire of a mess, where my consciousness was encroached by a being. Their insights and counsel were invaluable in getting myself out of the situation on an even keel. The healing they gave me was immediately effective and brought me peace. They listened patiently to my story and it absolved me of my past. The aura scan they did was insightful and struck right at the heart of the problems I was facing. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for unconventional, alternative solutions. Moreover their ideas coincide with my own experiences and beliefs. I am truly grateful to them for the change they wrought in my life. Sukhya V*

Depression, Personal Tragedy, Alien Possession: Can a depression that lasted 15 years, impervious to any medication vanish in months? Our aura scan revealed deep darkness around a patient's head, stomach, also our intuition there was great personal tragedy in his teens... but was it just choked grief or was there something more? Our aura sight revealed a terrible presence peering out of his being.As we related this to the patient, he revealed he had been diagnosed with depression for one and a half decades. He had tried a range of medication and every flavour of alternative medicine. Could we help? Our answer was yes, from our perspective there were 3 levels to his depression. The physical aspects of it, the mental aspects connected to the death of a sibling, and terrifying, psychic aspects: he was invaded by a range of presences beyond the universe. After 6 months of intense healing, he was healed, the clouds had lifted. The strange psychic events like being flung out of the bed ceased.

Suicide Averted. Father's Presence removed. When Kumari* first came to us, her aura was terrible, blackness coiled around the head and waist. Fragments of ghostly energies emerged from behind her. As we probed we discovered she was suicidal, mourning her father's death and deeply in debt. Devadhara Healing and friend's support groups completely transformed the situation, all suicide attempts stopped, the patient resumed her PHd and went in for a stable relationship. Also mentioned in Emotional Healing.



Ancestral Curse


A Tradition of Violence: In a patient's case we discovered that beneath his illness lay a difficult ancestral inheritance that was embedded genetically, in family traditions and behaviour and a carryover of spiritual energy. Identifying it and battling it gives the sufferer a fighting chance against a degenerative illness of terrifying difficulty.

Business Curse: A patient was experiencing difficult business situations. We realised that the business man's family money was 'stained', transforming this resulted in a completely different entrepreneurial experience.

Obsessiveness: A patient's rigidity we discovered emerged from an ancestral issue. Healing it has resulted in a more flexible and joyous approach to life.



Talking to The Dead, Guiding the Lost, Freeing the Bound.


Death Made Gentle. Premalata's father died in another city, when she was in a healing with us. We took her in to meet her father's spirit and give him a sense of strength. It was a beautiful experience, magical, wondrous.

The Advice of A Business Patriarch. Raj*, the head of a business empire, came to us asking to contact his father. What made the encounter so magnificent was that the father had ascended to a higher level and was placed with a group of guides who guide innovators with psychic advice.

Death Release. Sunaina*s father had passed away years ago, could we help contact him. We rarely do so as most people move on to the next life within a span of months. The daughter however was insistent as she kept getting dreams of her father literally disintegrating. When we checked we realised he had been trapped as a ghost at inner realms... We released him... an extremely difficult and delicate process...

We offer contact with departed spirits rarely, and very judiciously, it has very serious implications, and is performed by us for only select of the existing Creator's Child Circle.


Facing Death Smiling


A Cancer Patient Faces Death. Knowing she is immortal. I have experienced DEATH. I have felt my body leave me. Oh! what a feeling that was! So calm, so serene.

There I was lying down in the BMT room, sad, helpless, unable to talk, eat or swallow. I had high fever, I could feel my body burning. I was disturbed by the nurses... coming in & out of my room. I wanted to shout at them, wanted to tell them to just leave me alone.

Suddenly I felt a strange calmness engulf me. My body which was restless earlier began to relax. I felt lifted. I stared feeling carefree. I was flying! I was going somewhere. I saw myself lying on the bed & the nurses discussing amongst themselves. I never felt so much peace ever before. My body felt stronger, no pain absolutely. I was laughing and I was FLYING! I felt like I had wings and I could go anywhere I wanted. No limits. No boundaries! Saw a whole lot of hands calling me. Saw so many smiling faces. Finally my suffering  was over. I had left everything behind and had entered the world where I felt I truly belonged. The feeling was BLISSFUL! -- Regards, Seema.

The patient passed away months after she wrote this. She died, calm &composed & serene. An hour before she passed away she called her relatives and said goodbye. Then she called us, and asked permission to let go...


Kundalini & Difficult Spiritual Explorations


Temporary Paralysis: Deena woke up with her lower half paralysed. She caled us desperately. An aura scan showed she had wandered too far spiritually. In minutes she was brought back with Devadhara Healing and the paralysis reversed.

Kundalini Power Channelised: Sanjaya*s aura scan revealed a particular stream of golden energy we associate with kundalini awakenings. Had she awakened the force? She revealed that she had this kundalini stirring with strange inexplicable desires from childhood. Also, she came from a religeous sub-group that saw the entire Kundalini manifestation as devilish. The Devadhara Healing solution was to reassure her and teach her a number of techniques to channel the energy positively.



Sick World



Raising Our Voice against Child Abuse and Psychic Attack: Devadhara Healing Founders were in the mid 1990's on a trip to SriLanka. When with journalist T Mathew they happened to witness a paedophilic prostitution ring in action and intervened. Incensed by the incident, the journalist and the founders initiated a media article and created an advertising campaign against the issue. This in tandem with an underlying rage of Srilankan society at this blot against their culture actually prompted stronger laws and policing.

But this isn't where the story ends... for beyond social activism... the story goes into the ugly realm of black magic...

"As we returned to India, I began to experience strange scampering feelings within, as if rats were running in my body. We checked with our spirit guides and were told the paedophilic ring we messed with were so incensed they launched a psychic attack against us. It took a month then to clear the attack. The attack brought the realisations, the lesser one that that black magic has real power... But the greater realisation has to do with the nature of the world...

"Psychologists have named their discipline after the Greek Goddess Psyche. But few psychologists at least professionally believe in Gods or Goddesses. Many assume that thoughts sit in our heads. The greater insight the black magic attack underlines is that thought indeed is far more powerful than we suspect, it isn't just things that sit in our heads, it is a webwork that binds, it is a light matrix we stand on... yes, we stand on thoughts. We do."



Claiming The Glorious Life.

Beyond Wellness is Miraculousness. Devadhara Healing starts with the central fact that we are souls on earth. And so healing to us is not returning people to a normalcy. But, the energy of healing gives a glimpse of how miraculous we truly are. And some in healing have floated free out of body. Others have been blessed by light. Still others have become one with the universe. Others have been brushed by God.

For example, Kavya came to us seeking help in a bad back and interpretation of a dream. But she got much more... As we were going through the healing we discovered that she was connected to a great and glorious Shakti... A Goddess Force. That was using her dreams to catch her attention. She came with a bad dream... and left with God.







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