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Learn to Be a Ray of Hope. With Devadhara Healing. The God-Deep Aura Healing System... Powered by Cosmic Core Vibrations.

Demanding Miracles: A beautifully explanatory article published in Life Positive, on the intricacies of healing


Beginner's One Day Workshop

Date: 28 Feb 2020.
Venue : Creator's Child, Banaswadi, Bangalore
Time : 10.30 am to 5.00pm.
Cost : Rs 4,000/-
Vegetarian lunch and tea will be served.

Personalised attention. Directly taught by The Founders.
Comprehensive notes. Beautifully Designed Certificate.
Priceless Illuminatii power yantra.

To realise how magnificent it is click on a journalist's first person account: Curing the Incurable. Akber Ayub recounts his Devadhara experience in Life Positive magazine.

What will I learn?

Be The Ray of Hope: The Devadhara Healing Level 1: Workshop for beginners, takes someone who knows nothing about Healing and makes them strong and sure Devadhara Healers and Spiritual Energy sensors. Able to make a real difference to themselves and others.

"My aunt has a very painful wisdom tooth. Just one concentrated healing, and she got well. The delight and surprise when she called me the next day was something I treasure." -- Arun S

Cases, Testimonials:

Physical Conditions.

Emotional, Relationshhip & Mental Diseases

Past Life & Other Spiritual Issues:

The Devadhara Spiritual Blessing changes your life's gears. Uplifting & Transformatory.

The Devadhara Spiritual Blessing Awakens Your Healing Powers:The first major step in the workshop is the Devadhara Blessing, a powerful and beautiful spiritual process. It literally plugs you in to sources of cosmic power, transforming the way healing energy flows through your body. To spiritual eyes, The Devadhara Healer is magnificent resembling a great glowing sun drawing force from all corners of the universe. For the participant, the experience varies from visions of the divine, to deep renewal: "I burst into tears, the blessing swept deep into me, renewing me" -- Indroneil.


Cases, Testimonials: Aura Scans.


Sensing Auras

Sensing auras demand a masters guidance with most Devadhara Workshops you have 2 masters overseeing!


'Aura Sensing.Opened up my world': The Devadhara Healing Level 1: Workshop for beginners, is logical, it opens up your ability to sense auras, our greater dimensions. That can really be useful.

"I spotted my friend's pregnancy, before even she knew it. My aura sensing abilities are really zapping folks all round the world." -- Savitha B


Depth Understanding: Many Healers who come to a Devadhara Healing Level 1: Workshop for beginners, have already been to other healing systems. One of the things that impress them is that at the end of the course they understand the science of spiritual healing. You are being taught by people who have been to the heart of the universe. Who for 2-3 decades have had deep past life, and cosmic experiences.

"With a few strokes of a pen, in half an hour, you {Tarun & Celia} explained it all . Questions I had been struggling with for a decade were answered with an incredible clarity." -- Palli M .

The depth of knowledge the founders have to offer is amazing.


Prepared for Life's Harder Realities: The Devadhara Healing Level 1 Workshop is beautifully planned. Though just a day long it equips you for the spiritual life, even scary parts like toxic bosses and unearthly phenomenon....

"In a room in my house I sensed a negative atmosphere. Using what I was taught in level one I cleared the negativity. " -- Akber


Life Changing: "You taught me so well... It's two years since I've done a course with you. My health's better. I have healed people with incurable conditions. I know. Whether it's cancer or an allergy, I know I can bring relief. Yes, I can heal the world." -- Divya S



Take Centrestage in Life: The Devadhara Healing Level 1 Workshop is transformatory.... As you invest in it, Devadhara empowers you. There are constant opportunities for healers to meet, challenging cases are opened up to you, and a mind-opening newsletter. As you grow you discover something delightful, you begin to take centrestage in life...

Growing in the Light: Devadhara Healing is a Soul-deep, no, a God-deep aura healing pathway, and so many participants, even masters in other healing forms have turned to it. And as they do so, Devadhara has an immensity to offer.... It has 5 learning grades and three teaching grades.

"How long before I can do the next level?" Many students ask. "When you have practised, and mastered all at this level." Is our reply. Those who go deeper have earned the right to do so.


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'The power, depth and coherence of Devadhara, is wonderful, I have learnt from many healing systems, but this has real power. I'd like to keep growing with it.' -- Reji


Devadhara Healing Levels
1. Empowered Healer:
2. Chakra Healer
3. Emotional Healer
4. Spirit GuideCommunicator.
5. Depth Healer
5 a. Past Life Guide
6. Soul Healer
7. Teacher
8. Teacher Level 2
9. Master

Yes, I would like to learn Devadhara Healing what do I do?

The first step is that we need to meet. We need to look at your aura, see if you are ready, and understand why you wish to be a healer. And you would need to see who will be taking you deeper. So call us on +919880541264, or email us at creatorschild@gmail.com

Yes, I would like to learn Devadhara Healing but do not live in Bangalore, what do I do?

If you live in India, send us your picture for us to sense compatibility. Then if it is fine on both our sides, wait till you come to Bangalore, while we do teach long-distance, we prefer to teach you healing face-to-face.

Yes, I would like to learn Devadhara Healing but don't think I can come to India, can I do it long-distance?

Email us your picture, so we can sense if you are ready to be a Devadhara Healer. Then if it is fine on both our sides, we will fix time for skype learning sessions.