The Create Aura Energy Essences Workshop!
Add to your treasure of life healing tools.


Aura Energy Essences Useful & Versatile! As a healer, or committed meditator you would like to strengthen your healing & enrich life. A beautifully convenient way you may have heard of, but not actively considered is transferring Spiritual Energy into food & drink! You will agree this is useful! For it is very easy to give to children, to people who are older and the very busy unable to come regularly for healings. It is beautiful in addressing family issues, offering harmony, calm, peace, love, hope... When you are dealing with a serious illness, where things are critical or chronic Aura Energy Essences are invaluable for they make your healing penetrate deeper.

- For Healing Children and The Old.
- Invaluable for the Busy.
- Perfect healing addition for Chronic Illness.
- Adds to Relationship Issues.
- Peace of Mind and Spiritual Growth.

Here's How Creator's Child Aura Energy Essences Has Empowered Healers and Spiritualists:

"I was angry and upset, thankfully I had made a calming energy essence. One drink of it, and my head was cooler." --

"My son was nervous, jumpy... when I gave him the energy essence he found his focus again."

"My dad doesn't believe in meditation, so I made him an energy essence. It's helped. Tremendously. He says 'I don't believe in any of this", but he has the essence religeously."

To normal eyes and uninformed tongue this water is just water but to the aura seer it is infused with spiritual energy that nudges the soul and awakens the body's hidden possibilities!


Workshop Details: Packed with Benefits.
A wonderful 2.5 hour session. Typically at The Creator's Child, HRBR Layout Centre.

The Program Covers The Full Spectrum:

  1. How to Use Nature's power to Create Energy Essences
  2. How To Channel Divine Spiritual Energy to Create Energy Essences Energy .
  3. How to Examine The Most Powerful Route To Unleash Your Soul's Dictates.
  4. How to Create A Plan that will Help You Walk Your Soul Truth Path.
  5. How to Find The Courage To Do What Has To Be Done.

Receive Unique Empowering Mantras, Symbols and Meditations:

-You learn 2 wondrous ways to create energy essences;
A} By channeling Nature.
B} By planting a powerful essence with the assistance of your Higher Spirit/ Angel/ Gods help.

- You receive a Powerful Energy Essence Mantra, and a brilliant Energy Symbol.


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Exclusive Sessions: Exclusive, One to One Sessions: Rs 5,000/- Only. These You-focussed sessions go into the nuances of your horizons, with no distractions.

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