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Here is a rainbow of the many ways in which Creator's Child Masters have helped those with relationship problems... in the last 2 decades...

Enriching Relationships by Looking Ahead Aura Wise & Intuitively: Healing Masters Tarun & Celia were at a wedding, when with advanced seeker and healer, Shweta they realised that one in the Creator's Child group would get married in two months. The person was described and the first letter of the name! 15 days later the lady met just such a knight in shining armour.

Aura & Intuition helps outlast a bitter period: "You told me that things would turn sour for many years, I could leave and thrive, or if I held on it would improve. God knows how I held on, physical violence gave way to emotional battering gave way to grudging respect, to life with flashes of love." A homemaker who weathered a difficult time.

Life Saving Advice: "You told me run for my life, I did. Later, I realised how dangerous it had been. A few months later the cops arrested him for violence in a business case..." Says a lover in a difficult relationship.

Cleaning up my Act: "I was in 6 relationships with my husband's in laws, an uncle, a Guru... you stepped in... showed me the whole scene from my child's eyes... I saw what a fool I had been. I cleaned up my act. I am no nun. But I am no headless chicken either." A wife and mother, going through a phase that was confusing.

Bringing back the Peace: "I had been violent, by helping me get over it, you've helped me, my job, my wife, my children, my family... one day a cousin told me earlier you were like a rakshas. Now you are a teddybear, whatever you did worked." It had taken 8 months of healing working on relationships, the past...

Returning my child back: "Overnight my sweet son had turned berserk... Once when he had run away, and we were terrified, you guys said, you'd trip him... we found him with ankle twisted near the bust stop... in the vicinity as you had said." Spirit Guides had been called, they said as an exception they would intervene physically...

You helped me find my Joy Again: "I had lost it. My heart. My sanity. My Joy. After the past life session, I had tears in my eyes, and so did my husband... I smile... I laugh... It's the best thing in the world." -- A couple facing post partum depression.

My Twin Soul was Half Evil: "I was happlily married when I met my twin soul, in a meditation workshop it was brilliant, we could taste things off each other's lips... then it turned ugly, my twin soul began flooding me with an insistence that we have a sordid relationship. When I came to them I was afraid. One healing session, and some strange aura protection symbols, and the walls between me and my twin soul grew, there is an empathic link... but no getting into my pants in the middle of the night.." -- A woman facing the struggles of going through a twin soul experience...

For understanding the Devadhara method go to Devadhara Healing Page. For Relationship aura costs and healing costs follow the links.

For yantras to enrich your relationship: Try The Rose Pyramid Relationship Tuner.



  Art By Tarun Cherian: The Cosmic Lovers from The Moment of Creation Exhibition