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  Healing The Brazilian Rain forests: Healing Brazilian Rain Forests It's threatening The Lungs of The Earth

Healing for Bandipur:

Help Bandipur

We had called Animal Lovers, Tree Lovers, And Oxygen Breathers. to help with a fire raging in Bandipur in late Feb... by calling on rain.

And God Answered: Days later... Nature listened. "All those who chanted for Bandipur... Tarun's mother stays in Nilgiris and she said the Storm was Strange, suddenly coming out of a blue sky, triggering ripped revetments, collapsing roofs, mini landslides.... Nature Listens... Nature Speaks... We need to begin the hard process of realigning ourselves to Life...


Healing for Uttarakhand



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Healing for Japan:


Healing for Mumbai: A beautiful healing session for the victims of terrorism. And their misguided attackers.


Healing Blesses You And The World. Everytime we heal, the very fabric of life becomes clearer and more joyous.

Bless your Workplace and The Butterfly: As healers, we are blessed, for there are times when we can gift that most precious thing... Life. Awhile ago, Shalu & Sonia were at the office canteen when they saw a Butterfly, in a thorn thicket and dying... it gave up. They gave it Devasdhara Healing. It revived, struggled free. And flew away.


Manisha: Leading Corporate Responsibility: The Corporate World has enormous power, lead it. A magnificent example is Manisha who decided to do something for battered underprivileged women, and got Accenture to join in. The result a very real force was unleashed.


The Hawk Says Thank You: A large kite came to our garden, flopping, struggling, dying. Had it broken its wing? We took a little water to it. And some meat. It revived and flew away. Then amazingly it returned it flew around our heads thrice. Saying a heaven-opening 'thank you'.

Caring is Everyday: One of the easiest and most beautiful ways we can help is by placing a bowl of water for animals or birds in your garden. If it's on the road, remember to cement the pot.


We are Lights: Everytime we help someone cross a road, help a friend at work, feed the hungry, spend time with a grandfather, smile at life... we are revealing what we truly are.