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The Power of Your Healing.

Thank You ‘Healing for Uttarakhand' Group. There were 30 of us humans and a pantheon of Spirit Guides, and Angels who participated. As Reiji & Roshni who've written in testify and most of you would have experienced, the energy felt hot, dense & heavy. A very different grade of energy than what we use in either our lives or even healing normally. After the 15 minutes of chanting there were blazing wheels of energy around each of us. What were they? They are the deep interconnections between man & raindrop, leopard & mountain.

The energy was directed at 3 levels: It comforted the lost, injured & devastated: a child shivering, a crow wet & miserable, a rabbit with broken back, a leopard with crushed paw, a tree with weakened roots, a blocked stream.

Second, the healing pattern went to one mountain, precariously undermined by tunnels and the heavy rain. If this mountain crumbles, this monsoon or in the next few, the devastation will be unthinkable certainly the death toll will not stay in just thousands. It is here that your healing has made a tiny but real difference. A little river of energy flow wraps around the mountain.

Third the energy talked to mountain spirits and the consciousness of the earth. It whispered that some humans listen, some humans care.

The dark-gold force we generated looks like a 6 foot healing capsule. However, while it is significant in human terms {normal human healings generate force fields that are psychically 6 inches across}, it may seem modest on the Himalayan tragedy scale, it may seem too little, too late. Yes it would be little if it were a capsule. But it is more truly a seed. And seeds unlike capsules can grow. Planted 50 feet deep into the earth's consciousness in a place of mountain power, it will spread, root, bind and bless. A little today, more a 100 years from now.

Love & God

Tarun & Celia Cherian




Thank You Amita, Ashwin, Bela, Brian, Chaitra, Georgina, Mousafer, Manish, Madhu, Madhubala, Nandini, Nishi, Puja, Rachna, Radha, Reiji, Rohini, Roshini, Sagarika & Daughter, Savitha, Shankar, Sonia, Sushil, Tina, Veena, Yogita and many more. {If we have left any out please forgive us, and do tell us}. And the many Guides, Earth Spirits, & Angels.

Reiji: "I felt so much warmth, heat and care which flowed into the much needed places and people with their skin so cold and shriveled by water. Didnt feel like stopping!!!" Luv & rgds, Reji.

Roshni: "I felt myself growing warmer and warmer with the chanting, then vibrated with the chant (gentle rocking of the body). I felt myself float up a bit and felt weightless. I then saw lots and lots of flowing, furious water waves, gushing endlessly, fiercely. I could almost smell the water, touch the froth generated by the waves, looking ominous and angry. I also felt a sense of heaviness and grief, hopelessness & helplessness. I continued chanting.... The scene then shifted to a jagged cliff edge, which looked like it had been ripped apart, just hanging on, ready to cave in again. My spirit seemed to be stuck at this particular scene of the jagged, broken cliff. I sent healing to this wounded cliff, watching as the aura around it changed from a muddy brown color to dark grey to cream and then eventually, it turned white and light golden, radiating a warmth. I remained with this cliff for almost the entire 15 minutes, giving it healing and watching the change in the aura.


A Message: The Living Land Listens to Our Hands & Hearts. To our Bulldozers & Love. According to some we stand at the last century of man, no, some insist, it's the last few decades. And with the environment destabilising, the seasons going off kilter, the ice caps melting, the ground water reaching toxic levels, its not hard to know that we are in trouble. That in fact we need to care.

And perhaps the first thing we need to do is stop talking about the environment and go back to an earlier word -- Nature. Better still, Ma Prithvi or Gaia. For indeed we live on a living being.

A Devadhara Healing student of ours who went to the mouth of The Ganges one night was visited by a brilliant blue-white being that swept into her room leaving a deep cooling presence... Many of us seekers and healers have talked to rivers, hills and animals.

We live in a living universe. And it is time to acknowledge that. Yes, we should and will be green. Write on both sides of a sheet. Turn the tap off. Switch unwanted lights off. Plant every patch with green. We will.

...But we will do more. We will learn the language of trees and hills and rivers. And as we do so we will speak that language... and the earth will listen. It may forgive. It may not...

...But listen it will.

The last time when we gave healing en masse for Japan it was so intense in some cases the water in front of you rotated with the power of chants. This time a thread appears to help the lost and bind a mountain. Thank you...









 After the healing, I questioned the why of this disaster. I got the answers as follows: "intolerance for nature", "taking and not respecting", "my wrath", "upheaval". I got these answers from the crashing, fierce waves I saw initially during the healing. I could hear the roar in my ears so clearly! I could also sense that there will be many more such disasters, nature finally saying enough is enough. I felt a sensation of the ground moving beneath me, which to me felt as if there could be earthquakes on a massive scale, that too in least expected parts of the world.

I could feel a sense of peace towards the end of the healing session. The heaviness I felt in the beginning of the session had lightened considerably.

Take care. Lots of love, Rosh

Nandini: I didn't want to stop chanting. I did feel at peace and warm and in between it became really intense… I also wish to do something for mother nature. Hope I am able to do it. We have done rainwater harvesting, solar heater and we are also planting trees as some little steps. But I(we) hope to do more in some ways. Thank you once again and also for sharing the tips of how we can contribute to continued healing.  I hope and pray that there are no earthquakes. -- Lots of luv, Nandini

Amita: Tears came to my eyes reading about the healing... truly, I feel for the earth, trees and wind; when I had gone to a lovely beach in Mahabs I let the waves roar thru me and thanked God for creating the earth--- mud, wind, seas sky... Amita

Celia: "At the very end felt that a rock of force formed and promised to protect the land as far as possible."

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