Sonia Chauhan winner of the national social empowerment naming contest, speaks her mind in...
Jan Dhan & Creator's Child Ki Haath.



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Yes, the Jan Dhan Yojana that is reaching out to India's lowest, seeking to empower them welcome them into India's banking industry, and hopefully make them better protected, easier to help… cutting out the leakages that have plagued many govt do-gooder schemes, has a Creator's Child touch… advanced Devadhara Healer Sonia's inspiration.

After her marriage to Anand, Sonia moved to web consulting… But as always, she has wanted to contribute… “To do something substantial.” An inner voice urged her to enter that competition. It sounded real.

While inspiration does strike from heaven, it does favour those who put in hard work. God rarely favours the lazy. Reams of pages of names were whittled down. Long nights of slaving over logos and finally, one stood out. Jan Dhan Yojana had deep simplicity yet had the voice of Gold in it.

For many nights after she mailed her entry “I kept flying high in my dreams, lights sparkling around… Something special my intuition said was coming my way. I knew it. But kept telling myself… feet on the ground Sonia. feet on the ground Sonia”

Life went on as usual, till one day with horror she saw the newspaper talk about Jan Dhan Yojana. Wasn't that her name? Anand asked. Fearing a Govt rip off, she went off in a black mood, till two hours later a call from the Capital put her right. “Madam, your contributions have been selected, and you are invited to come to Delhi to receive your award from the Prime Minister himself.”

The ceremony was in Vigyan Bhavan. “The feelings I felt was overwhelming. Running a country like India is complex… I realised how huge the challenge each Prime Minister of India has faced. The enormity of it struck home.”

“There's a huge aura power that Narendra Modi emnates. Everybody shuts up in his presence. Amazingly as he spoke he maintained eye contact with everyone… he was talking to each of us. I got the impression that he was Supra confident and carries great conviction in his thoughts. My aura senses felt, from that encounter, that he brushes off criticism, and possibly rubs bureaucrats the wrong way. As a weakness in his aura, his physical heart area could do with strengthening.”

Interestingly, this marries with the aura scan of The Prime Minister that we, Tarun & Celia did. A brief aura dekko revealed: Strong solar plexus, heart area grey, feet slightly off the ground… and a severe challenge three years into his Prime Ministership.

“My head was in a spin. Now as a communications pro, working with global companies like Bosch, I have done launches, entire international web campaigns… But somehow this little name was incredibly meaningful. I felt I wasn't just working.. I had made a difference.”

According to many financial analysts, Jan Dhan Yojana is a game changer. A tiny push, in the great social enrichment that it may bring about has been contributed by one of us. Our very own Sonia Chauhan.




Disclaimer: This article must not be taken to mean that we as Creator's Child support or affirm in totality, the policies of Mr Modi, his Govt or the politics behind it. Just as we did not place ourselves behind The Congress. Or the once darling of intellectuals The Aap. Or The Communists.

We are, to reiterate, a spiritual initiative that welcomes all faiths, and all nationalities. But our embrace includes animals too. Dogs, cats, pigs, cows, monkeys, rats, cockroaches are all Children of the Creator. We are crusaders who believe that each of us is a Citizen of the Light. That today we are born Indians, tomorrow maybe Pakistani, yesterday British.

We believe that in fact, true spirituality and its spread has become ever more critical. That we stand at a time when… but then let's reserve that for a later article.

We salute all those in any walk of life, who stand tall. Who remember they are more. And make their lives count. Yes, The Creator's Child Stands Taller.