Celebrating Achiever Mohit Tambe.
Triumphing over Fate.








Mohit Tambe when he first came to us was a child, perhaps 7 or 8.

As a child of one, he had brain fever. Meningitis. It can be fatal. And is almost always crippling.

By the time he was brought to us, he had already had a range of allopathic treatment, plus the incredibly supportive upbringing of his Mom & Dad. Brilliant parents.

We had two key tasks. Help him learn better and help him interact better with other children.

And so began 9 months of deeply rewarding energy healing and psychic counselling.





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We had to be gentle, for one he could feel the energy intensely. If we directly attacked the problem with too great a vigour he would leap up.

Or feeling the energy he would suddenly break into laughter, giggling away.

Or if we tapped into past life conflicts he'd wriggle and talk of black forces.

Or worse speak of a horned one-eyed red demon emerging.

We had to invent meditations for him and write comic books with messages and mantras hidden in. {That reminds us we have to get them published.}

We got to know his friends. His family.

And we got to know his spirit.

For he was both joyous, and fiercely competitive. In part, he got this from his dad. Who'd push him.

Here is an incredible story. Feeling tired or lazy after doing 3 rounds he asked his dad, if he could take off. His dad insisted he go his customary 4 rounds. Weeping and staggering he did not just one more. But 3 more! He staggered on. Half weeping with rage. He went one up. His mom pleaded with him to stop. But he wouldn't. He had to not just be an also ran. He had to win.

The story brought tears into our eyes. "Because..." he said, "things are more difficult for me, I Try Harder. So, now trying harder is easier for me..." These words have remained etched in our minds. Whenever we think life's tough and we want to throw in the towel... we remember Mohit.

He has gone on to do well by normal kids standard. And brilliantly by the standard of children to whom life throws a googly.

He is a winner. And we are grateful that we could serve him.

There are many who come to us. Because life has thrown them a googly. and while at first we are gentle, but then we remember Mohit and kick butt.



  "Because things are more difficult for me, I Try Harder. So, now trying harder is easier for me..." Celebrating Achiever Mohit Tambe. Triumphing over Disability.


We salute all those in any walk of life, who stand tall. Who remember they are more. And make their lives count. Yes, The Creator's Child Stands Taller.