Sadhvi Kukreja Asian Rock Climbing Champion on
The Wind Beneath My Wings.






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I Am Sadhvi.
I am the National Junior Rock Climbing Champion.
And The Asian Rock Climbing Winner.
Yes, you heard me right.

When I go for it.
I really go for it.
At the peak I worked 6 hours a day.
If there are any who tell you there's an easy way to succeed,
they are idiots.

You need fire, dedication, hard work,
Coaches who have your back,
But to really make it you need mom.

99% perspiration can take you only so far.
But you need that last 1% if you really want big time.
Call it self belief, resilience, lucků

In my case, that extra little God-help comes from mom.
She keeps giving me these spiritual tips.
Clear your mind. Beat yourself not the competition. See yourself at the top.

At the morning of The Asian Youth Rock Climbing Championships,
the sight of the competition, especially three brilliant climbers just hit me.
I felt my confidence ooze out.

Then my mom's words flowed into my head.
That day I didn't climb up,
I sprinted up.
I wasn't good I was brilliant.
3 gruelling climbs, and I lifted the bronze.
Against the best of Asia.





As I lifted my medal, I felt India roar behind,
I felt I had done my coaches proud.
And most importantly I had done mom & God proud.

Spirituality helps me. That day, when it counted it helped me keep it together.

Spirituality also helps my mom keep faith. She is an English Teacher, and trying to keep my champion athletic training going on a teacher's salary is hard.

One of the many sources of strength she draws on is Creator's Child, on Tarun & Celia. She says they've been there for her when things are really bleak. I meet them off & on, aura scans for focus & direction, healings to clear the rare time my spirit falters.

I am a winner. But behind my mountaintops are others. Friends, coaches, teachers, mentors, healers & Mom.

This is a little thank you. For the good things that have happened. And will happen.





We salute all those in any walk of life, who stand tall. Who remember they are more. And make their lives count. Yes, The Creator's Child Stands Taller.