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Befriend Alien Intelligences...
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Befriend Aliens: PsyContact Protocol Workshop

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Is there life beyond human perspective? Is there life beyond earth life? Is there a world beyond this world? Do I need a spaceship to connect to others?

The Befriend Aliens: Psycontact Protocol Workshop allows you to use the most sophisticated techonology in the universe -- your brain -- and the greatest antennae in the cosmos -- your greater aura to connect up with intelligences from other planets, planes, universes and realms.

You are taught 5 Psycontact Sound Codes, 2 potent PsyContact Symbols, 2 Alien Contact Protocols, to initiate and maintain psychic contact with alien intelligences that are within psychic reach of your consciousness...

Begin an adventure where your mind becomes a spaceship...

Requirement: Adult 18+: Psychic Ability. Intuitive Capability. Mental Toughness. <For eg:- Reiki Level 2 Healers. Pranic Level 2 Healers. Devadhara Level 1 Healers. Cosmic Heart Level 1 Seekers. Creator's Child Aura Clients.>

Absolute Imperative: If you have not met us before, a prelimnary meet before the workshop is imperative to gauge compatibility.>

Cost: Rs 2,500/- Workshop conducted by Creator's Child Masters; Tarun//Celia Cherian. > Tea/ Coffee, Light snacks, will be provided>

Interested? Contact:

Last date to register: 15th Feb, 2019.