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Befriend Alien Intelligences...
An Electrifying Experience.


At the first Befriend Alien Psycontact Protocol Workshop on 17 the Feb, A select set of brave and dedicated spiritual travellers encountered existences from other worlds. Some were grim fire breathers, some beautiful & vampirish, some delightfully puppyish electric beings, some wise beings loaded on to advanced tech...

Befriend Alien Workshop

Why should I join? What can I learn? The first reason is the one Seeker Sheeba suggests... To see Life in all its Strange Glory, to expand Horizons.

The second reason is revealed by Seeker Srijith: In a Past Life Session he discovered he had been an alien, in another universe, one with completely different dimensions and citizens... . "I always felt a distance between me and this world. The workshop helps me see myself clearer." And so the workshop helps you understand yourself better.

Yet another compelling reason is what Ms Joshi discovered, "I have always felt something strange working within me, the workshop revealed with detail what I have always suspected... another alien intelligence lies within me. A Cosmic Shaper that we in India call Shaktis..."

Would you like to expand your horizons? Get an invaluable lesson in living? Read on, pre-register today...

Befriend Aliens: PsyContact Protocol Workshop

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Is there life beyond human perspective? Is there life beyond earth life? Is there a world beyond this world? Do I need a spaceship to connect to others?

The Befriend Aliens: Psycontact Protocol Workshop allows you to use the most sophisticated techonology in the universe -- your brain -- and the greatest antennae in the cosmos -- your greater aura to connect up with intelligences from other planets, planes, universes and realms.

You are taught 5 Psycontact Sound Codes, 2 potent PsyContact Symbols, 5 Alien Contact Protocols, to initiate and maintain psychic contact with alien intelligences that are within psychic reach of your consciousness...

Begin an adventure where your mind becomes a spaceship...

Requirement: Adult 18+: Psychic Ability. Intuitive Capability. Mental Toughness. <For eg:- Reiki Level 2 Healers. Pranic Level 2 Healers. Devadhara Level 1 Healers. Cosmic Heart Level 1 Seekers. Creator's Child Aura Clients.>

Absolute Imperative: If you have not met us before, a prelimnary meet before the workshop is imperative to gauge compatibility.>

Cost: Rs 2,500/- Workshop conducted by Creator's Child Masters; Tarun//Celia Cherian. > Tea/ Coffee, Light snacks, will be provided>

Interested? Contact: -- Register for future workshops:



But is The Befriend Alien Workshop only for Lovers of Scifi, or manga comics, why should a spiritualist be interested?? Or below the differences is there an incredible spiritual commonality?

Aliens and God