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SHINE WITH CONFIDENCE SESSIONS has helped many. It has enriched them. It will enrich you.

Turn Failure into Triumph. "I was without a job, 3 kids, in the middle of a bitter divorce, they gave me the courage to overcome... I pushed... They supported... In one interview they specified how to walk in, what to wear, what mantra to use in preparation... in the middle of a business downturn I GOT A JOB THAT PAID 40% MORE..."

Turn from Fear to Love. "I was afraid of men, wary, standoffish, 3 sessions with them and I found that I WAS ATTRACTING MEN, I had a crowd following me..."

Go from Stammering to Heard."They didn't just make my stammering problem so much less... They helped me craft strategies, tactics and mantras to turn my life around... I still stammer at times, but I am HEARD."

Go from Isolated to Supported. "I was Brilliant... But the trouble was I was alienating people. They helped me finetune my confidence. It made a real difference."

Shine with Confidence Workshop:Change your life story, The 11 Point Confidence Program. Spread over 2 half day sessions. This is an incredibly comprehensive workshop. Inspiring. Thorough. Life Transforming.

  1. How to Charge Yourself with Greater Force.
  2. How To Control The Inner Force; To Calm, TuneOut The Arrogance.
  3. How to Stay Strong in Face of Difficulty.
  4. How to Rise Above Decades of Conditioning & Fear.
  5. How to Connect with Teams, Relate Truer.

The Full Spectrum of Energy Tools: You are equipped with a variety Aura Energy Tools: The Soaring Eagle Mudra-Kriya. 6 Mantras that Unleash Your Force and help you stay confident in a variety of situations.

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Exclusive Sessions: Exclusive, One to One Sessions: Rs 8,200/- Only. These You-focussed sessions go into the nuances of your horizons, with no distractions.

Group Sessions: Rs 5,000/- Only. Learning in a group some who maybe strangers is its own reward, you make fresh friends, find new perspectives.

Contact: Tarun & Celia Cherian: No: 9880541264, or email:

"When you back yourself the world is yours." -- Celia & Tarun