Find your Star. Discover your Purpose.


"When you find it, things fall into place. When you make it the compass of your life your way is surer. When you hold on to it, you can never be lost even when lost, never be alone even when alone." -- Tarun & Celia Cherian

"Discovering your Life Purpose, your Soul Direction is possibly the most significant step towards self empowerment and Liberation. The Creator's Child Find Your Star Discover Your Purpose Workshop and sessions have helped many discover such infinitely precious knowledge."


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Find your Star: Discover your Purpose Workshop. This wonderful workshop is spread over 2 half day sessions, separated by a week.

The Total Program: Go from Clueless to Soul-Guided in one workshop... You learn how to

  1. How to Clear The Mind so You Go from Conditioned Thinking to Soul Fulfilling Visions.
  2. How To Sense your Soul Purpose Clearly.
  3. How to Examine The Most Powerful Route To Unleash Your Soul's Dictates.
  4. How to Create A Plan that will Help You Walk Your Soul Truth Path.
  5. How to Find The Courage To Do What Has To Be Done.

Empowering Mantras and Meditations: You receive 4 powerful mantras. 6 powerful meditation and psychic clarity techniques. The unique Wisdom Pours from Heaven Mudra-Kriya. You learn...

The Details: Change your life story, with just 2 half day sessions. It is a total workshop. Inspiring. Thorough. Life Transforming. Covering it all. You receive The 11 Point Confidence Program: 6 Mantras that Unleash Yourself. The unique Soaring Eagle Mudra-Kriya. You learn...


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Exclusive Sessions: Exclusive, One to One Sessions: Rs 8,200/- Only. These You-focussed sessions go into the nuances of your horizons, with no distractions.

Group Sessions:Group Dynamics: Rs 5,000/- Only. Learning in a group, some who maybe strangers is its own reward, you make fresh friends, find new perspectives.


Contact: Tarun & Celia Cherian: No: 9880541264, or email:


"Like a mariner who has found his polestar is the one who has found his purpose..." -- Tarun & Celia Cherian