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“I accelerated up... Planets, stars, galaxies spun within me… as if I'd swallowed the universe.” -- Ruddi, Software professional


“I was facing a difficult time, the teachers escorted me to an inner temple, in it a dark pillar pulsing with the power of the cosmos blesssed me. My Life turned around.M. K., CEO, of a Security Corporation


“A day, after a workshop with them, I saw a great wheel of fire with naked eyes. With their help I had invited The Cosmic into my Life." -- Asha





"We stand here, lost, wandering, mortal. But know this, we are not here", says The Cosmic Heart Revelation. "We are there. Blazing at the very heart of hearts. Open your eyes. Know that you are flame, surrounded by flame.

"Realise the keys to creation lie in your hands. Discover, your thoughts and actions create ripples at the heart of existence. Go from puppet to the one who holds the strings. Stop this charade of cringing before gravity & time, death & reincarnation. Claim that you are Citizen of The Cosmic Heart. And your exile on earth ends.

"And no God does not require you or I to castrate our passions, despise the body, or crush the ego... Remember The Cosmic Heart and light from the first light shines through your life."

"Yes, in the common place of our lives, are the keys to infinity. Keys that open great gifts, and wondrous skies... Come claim it, come walk The Cosmic Heart Spiritual Awakening Pathway.

"I become a goddess, dark, heavy, powerful. For one moment, one day, one week I understand. Then it becomes a memory, a star, an ideal, a reality I will one day not just glimpse but be... " Tarina, Artist

The Cosmic Heart Pathway initiates the seeker with The First Step Workshop.
Where other spiritual approaches simplistically focus on meditation, The Cosmic Heart merges great spiritual depth with life-embracing practicality. It unites the life here, with the life beyond.

  1. The Cosmic Heart Blessing turbo-charges spiritual progress. Stimulates the fuller Aura, opens sacred pathways. "I felt so drunk with the joy after the session, I could not stand" says seeker Divya S.
  2. The Cosmic Heart Meditation helps you remember that you are a Soul… The Joy, Calm, Strength and Depth it brings is wondrous. "A week after, beginning the meditation, I felt my being open up to great cosmic waves" says seeker Ravi T.
  3. The Cosmic Heart ‘Live in The Now' practise ensures that The Spiritual & The Pragmatic are deeply intertwined. "I now I feel so with-it, so connected. " says seeker Arun S.
  4. The Cosmic Heart Aura Sensing Practises helps you sense auras, spot threat & opportunity, x-ray illness, take better decisions… see the miraculous within! "My clairvoyance opened up, I could tell the strangest things, a flight delayed, a betrayal, even a tumour about to appear... spooky ." says seeker Shweta
  5. The Full Power of The Cosmic Tools enhance health, work, relationships, life… This includes ways to protect oneself and nudge reality to a more joyous result.
  6. The Creator's Child Stands Tall Practises keeps you strong, rooted and TRUE during Life's ups & downs… "It's given me courage... to stand up... find a new profession... I'm getting there ." says seeker Amita.
  7. The Creator's Child Shares The Joy Practises help unfurl your generosity, grow, befriend the world… "Me, and a friend stopped, gave healing to a butterfly. We thought it was going to die, but.. It stirred. And flew. It was miraculous." says seeker Sonia.
  8. The Creator's Child Spiritual Compass, gives you breathtaking spiritual perspectives, essential guidelines that help one move past life's murkiness… and claim the infinite light.

For even more examples that others who walk this pathway have experienced... Look to the right... These and even more miraculous horizons can be yours. As you invite the divine into your life. Can God say no? Practised with dedication, followed with passion, lived with joy, The Cosmic Heart Pathway rewards seekers. Small gifts, eventually lead us to the great ones.

i see tomorrow. The shadow of Cancer in a friend , or Shah Rukh being attacked.”Zahid, Chief Editor.


“Wish empowerment has changed my life. From no friends i became Mr Popular." -- V Nair


"I had a fiery temper. Now, I am calmer, more confident ." Arun C, a seeker


I wanted to be a Dancer. But my dad thought differently. After a sessions with them I found the courage to really talk to Dad. I became a dancer, and willingly took Dad's business furthur." -- Sunil K

The Journey Beyond: The Steps to The Infinite.

"But what", you may ask, "happens after the Stage 1 Workshop? The Cosmic Heart Spiritual Pathway breaks the journey into challenging, yet achievable stages and steps. We describe the inner transformation through Six stages. 1. The Sleeping Bear Wakes. 2. The Lion Cub Grows. 3. The Eagle Soars. 4. The Dragon Blazes. 5. The Phoenix is Reborn. 6. The Polestar guides the way. To help you achieve each of these major transformations, numerous sub-workshops are conducted. The next workshop spanning many months deals with intense chakra work, then astounding astral journeys

Behind The Cosmic Heart Spiritual Pathway lies towering spiritual presences... Behind every foostep you take on The Cosmic Heart Pathway is the infinite wisdom of great presences, focussed through the founder's 35 years of intense spiritual discovery, 20 years of guiding deep seekers and 18 years of fighting the incurable.

The path to The Ultimate is exciting and challenging. While God is Joyous, he is no joke. "Celia & I have been touched by that which stands at the heart of the cosmos. And it is brilliant. And we would love to take you there. But know that while we are incredibly easy going in some ways, we are impossible in others. We demand passion, authenticity, the willingness to be surprised, we demand you trust yourself, we demand that you be demanding: ask life for everything it will give you its heart. Ask for anything less and you will get the skin. You are a being that stands at the heart of the cosmos. Let Your Brilliance Show!"

“After my father's death, the teachers took me to see him, his words of advice are a lantern shining for me." -- Kanak

“I was in a very difficult place, pulled by many forces, when Past Life Interventions shifted the very thrust of my many reincarnations, the effect was immediate and empowering ." -- Leena* , entrepreneur


I would like to walk on The Cosmic Heart Spiritual Pathway what do I do?

The first step is that we need to meet. We need to look at your aura, see if you are ready, and understand the implications of enhanced spiritual progress. And you would need to meet who will be taking you deeper. You need to understand how The Cosmic Heart is different, its Visions, Principles, Implications, Guides. So call us on +919880541264, or email us at

Yes, I would like to walk on The Cosmic Heart Spiritual Pathway but do not live in Bangalore, what do I do? If you live in India, send us your picture for us to sense compatibility. Then if it is fine on both our sides, wait till you come to Bangalore, while we do teach long-distance, we prefer to teach you face-to-face.

Yes, I would like to walk on The Cosmic Heart Spiritual Pathway but don't think I can come to India, can I do it long-distance? email us us your picture, We need to look at your aura, see if you are ready, and understand the implications of enhanced spiritual progress. Then if it is fine on both our sides, we will fix time for skype learning sessions.



Doubts Answered! Some question seekers have before they sign up.

- I am a beginner, I know nothing about Spirituality can I join?
Yes. The first step workshop helps you shift levels rapidly. It is exhilarating and comprehensive.

- I have done many courses, can I join?
Yes. The first step workshop benefits all who come with an open mind. It however does not benefit workshop junkies. This not just another meditation workshop, but a pathway for those who yearn for the ultimate.

- Does The Cosmic Heart Pathway belong to any religion?
No, The Cosmic Heart Spiritual Pathway is a Now Pathway. A Universal Pathway. It is different. Liberating. To understand the difference read the section below. The Now Path to The Now God.

"We have brushed God, seen some of the soul's greatest joys, powers and freedoms. We your teachers, are catalysts, we will quicken your path... Our job is to remind you that you are a light, and to use that as your compass..."Celia Cheriuan, co-founder Creator's Child, Devadhara Healing, The Cosmic Heart Pathway.

The Now Path to The Now God.

The God of The Cosmic Heart is Alive. Dynamic, revealing that we are in fact him, the creator himself exploring curiousities of his existence.

The God of The Cosmic Heart does not talk in terms of man's decades, but his NOWfinities.

The God of The Cosmic Heart does not talk of castrating desires, but trusting passions, chanelling joys, of discovering in our lusts tapestries of cosmic joy.

The God of The Cosmic Heart does not talk of crushing the ego, but of lifting his children to his estate.

The God of The Cosmic Heart does not despise the body or the world, but asks us to fan the joy in every flower, to use the wings in every sunset.

The God of The Cosmic Heart Path is Universal welcoming all his creatures, humans of every culture, and orientation, and also seekers human, ghost, animal, plant, mineral...


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