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Creator's Child & Devadhara Healing Masters are redefining our very understanding of Death's Passage, Rebirth, and Liberation, with amazing concepts like Transcendent Reincarnation... The force and depth of their Past Life Healings , And the clarity of their Past Life Regressions can be deeply transformatory.


Articles that cover Creator's Child breakthrough work on Past lives.

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MyBangalore: Healing the Holistic Way.Venkatesh on Devadhara Healing with a slant on Past Life Regression.

DNA: Bangalore: Past Perfectby PK Surendra.

India Today: Can your past life change your existence?by Nirmala Ravindran.

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Dramatic Past Life Regressions, Healings & Death Escort.

Past life regression & Knowledge: We are souls, lights, cosmic consciousness, who have come here to learn, to test our spiritual muscles. Sometimes we forget this and so need to remember our immortality, our dimensions in other lives, our soul soaring above all dimensions.

Dramatic emotional knowledge: "I can feel stones hitting me, O God. There's a crowd, they're just smashing me with stones, the worst is when my husband spits on me and smashes rocks on my head." When Arathi* came to us in 2003, she feared men and relationships. as we probed we realised the problem had come from a past-life. The regression, was both traumatic yet strangely liberating... months after her regression she began dating... much to the delight of her parents.

Devadhara Past-Life Depth Healing: Sometimes we get tangled up in the dynamics of other lives, resulting in physical, emotional or spiritual pain,and so require Devadhara's Deep Healing Interventions.

Cases where healing is instantaneous: A patient came to us in 2004 with headaches from childhood. As we looked we saw a curious sight. A ghostly arrowhead that was still cutting through her face and skull. Using advanced Devadhara Healing Techniques we removed the arrowhead. The pain vanished instantaneously.

Negative Past Life Relationship. A patient came to us in 2004 with a racing heart, as we looked closer we realised that beneath the heart problem was a connection to a past life. After we cut the negative relationship, the heart condition became more manageable.

Psychic Assault from Other Lives. In a spine-tingling healing, a patient came to us in 2004 feeling extremely uneasy. As we studied the problem we realised that the patient was being targetted psychically, the source terrifyingly was from a past-life. We blocked the attack. Changing lines across time. The patient felt a deep relief.

Death Escort: Sometimes at the moment of Death, or during the Death Passage we may stumble, get stuck, lost.

Death Agony. A client who had passed away appeared to her loved ones in agony. As we checked we heard her screaming out in pain and despair. We went in deep and released her from the place she had got stuck in. At that time her loved ones received a physical sign that she was at peace. {Case 2007}

Death Release. A daughter of a businessman kept having nightmares of her dad who had passed away, when we checked we realised he was trapped in a hellish dilemma. The moment we released him, a great blaze of energy spread across the room. {Case 2009.Quoted from: The Chronicle of death & Rebirth}

Connecting with those who've Passed away. Loved ones standing on the banks of grief may require

Comfort From beyond The Grave. In a gut-wrenching yet heart-warming case, a spouse of a patient passed on. Devastated, the wife kept asking us for something to help her cope. Celia contacted the spirit of the departed soul and received a message that in the corner of the study the wife would find a keepsake hidden. Exactly, where the departed person mentioned, the wife found a treasured memento. {Case 2016.}

Past Life Healing and Regression is often the basis of deep change. We have used it to heal or alleviate a number of conditions including..

  • Severe and chronic illness.
  • Mental and behavioural problems.
  • Self abusive patterns.
  • Negative relationship patterns.


Depth Past Life Exploration.

It is nearly 3 decades since Tarun Cherian had his liberating Past Life Experiences. And 2 Decades+, since Celia had her celebrated Past Life Experience in Se Cathedral Goa. In the decades since, they have explored the farscapes of the field developing unique Past-Life and Soul exploratory tools. In particular The Devadhara Depth Past Life Sound Triggers and Power Symbols.

These coupled with their astonishing Transcendental Reincarnation Concept... makes depth spiritual exploration with them a wondrous process.

In particular in a Devadhara Past Life Session, the masters dip into your consciusness, to crosscheck what you sense. This drives home the reality of what you see. For example, in a patient's case, we independently described the uniform of someone the patient encountered in a past life!

In most cases, both Devadhara Healing Founders participate in the session giving double the advantage and security.

Click here to discover about this revelatory book.



Do you need Past Life Regression or Healing, at all?

Awhile ago, a patient called asking if a single past life regression, would heal him of all his health problems? Sadly, many believe that past-lives and their influence lie behind all life's problems. An idea that many past-life therapists have unscruplously tried to suggest.

Not all our problems stem from other lives. Many are rooted in this life. Some from ancestors. Childhood. Environment. Some come from areas well beyond Past lives, from Racial issues, Soul challenges, Kundalini issues...

So the first thing we do with any client is a soul-deep aura scan. Using this we determine where the roots of the problem lies. Or the best pathway for spiritual growth. If the problems or soul opportunity lies in the realm of past lives only then will we suggest it.

The sad truth is that many PLR practitioners and spiritual seekers forget that Past Lives lie on the other side of death, the other side of birth, two extremely challenging, even terrifying transformations. It must be administered with great sobriety. And even so the revelations can be gut-heaving.


An incredible range of Past-Life Healing Tools:

To many hypno-therapists and the ordinary lay-person, there is only one solution to a past life issue. Past Life Regression. We hold a completely contrary view. We believe Past Life Regression is principally a tool for spiritual growth. For the seeker seeking to grow, prepared for new horizons it can be intensely liberating.

But for Healing, a number of direct intervention tools are surer, stronger, safer. Past Life Regression while a vital tool is not the first choice. For example, in the case, where a patient was being attacked from a past life, regression would disastrously open the patient to even greater assault. What was needed was the ability to create powerful psychic defence, travel astrally. Create deep spiritual directives at the highest rays of existence. In another person's case, while the issue did come from before this life, it lay not in past life dynamics but issues during the delivery. Again, here the answer was not in Regression, but in modifying memories of intense panic.

Uniquely, Devadhara Healing, deploys a range of Proprietary Depth Healing tools to deal with the incredible variety of issues that can come from beyond the grave. .

  1. Depth Past Life Healings. At Creator's Child, we heal past life issues with incredible depth and understanding While others just talk about healing past life issues, we differentiate between innumerable sub-issues.- Past Life Object Carryovers. -Event carry overs - Trend Carryovers. -Future Life Impulses - Personality Carryovers. - Relationship Carryovers - Past Life Psychic Attack Healing. We have unique healing modalities for a greater range of condition.
  2. Negative Past Life Links & Current Life Relationships. Relationships are multi-layered, while they have a past-life component The Devadhara Healing Master is always aware of the weightage of numerous factors, and multi-dimensionality.
  3. Death Door Closure. When links with departed spirits are too close, overwehelming or threatening.
  4. Past Life Body Structure Healing. {Chakras, layers, links}. We interact with our greater reincarnational dimension through a specialised energy body, if this body is damaged, our ability to retain integrity physically or mentally is compromised. Most reincarnational therapists regard past lives to be just a bundle of memories. They do not realise it is a body of existence demanding a differential approach. For the problem may not lie in an experience but how it is processed.
  5. Conception & Birth Passage Healing. Sometimes the problem may not be in another life, but the experiences at conception, pregnancy or birth passage.
  6. Past Life Regression. Self Discovery. While many regard regression to be the way to address a past life issue. We see it as a way to gain greater knowledge and enriched consciousness.
  7. Total Multi-Life Pattern Healing. In this extreme healing modality,pioneered by Creator's Child & Devadhara Healing, we at times retune the entire circle of lives.
  8. Soul-Purpose Healing. What if the problem or life opportunity lies not in ay life, but in the very directive that has been adopted. What if the soul itself is sick? Devadhara's unique depth is often the only choice.

" We've discovered that deep Direct Healing is most useful in 80% of cases generated through Past Life Conflict". -- Celia Cherian quoted in DNA



Creator's Child & Devadhara Past Life Services & Costs:

We conduct many kinds of Death & Past Life Work:-

Devadhara Depth Past Life Regression This programme involves typically, 1-3 sessions. Before beginning any pastlife session, we do a depth aurascan session. The aurascan determines the best option for you. Whether you are ready for a PLR or no. {Costs vary from Rs 900-1500/-} If a PLR is recommended for you, we go ahead. If neccessary, we prepare you with psychic protections, strengthening of aura processes, and communicating issues involved . Cost for the first recall session varies from Rs 4,000/- to Rs 7,500/- .

Devadhara Past Life Scans This Past Life Intuitive Scan performed for you by The Masters, offers deep insight, describing key lives, overall life patterns, and memory triggers. Cost: Rs 3,500/-

Devadhara Deep Past Life Healings These sessions are like soul surgery. And help clear past life issues directly. In these sessions you will not necessarily recall your past life. Cost varies from Rs 4,000/- to Rs 7,500/- .

Devadhara Connecting with The Departed This sessions help connect the breaved with the departed. It is offered only to the serious. Only to those with a real need to communicate. And only if it is safe for the departed and the bereaved. Cost: Rs 8,000/- . {Will not be offered in states and nations where this is explicitly forbidden}.



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