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New Soul Rescue... A strange case of someone by haunted by desires, regrets, past life selves... by Tarun & Celia Cherian, July 2017.

New God borrows my hands to heal! by Tarun & Celia Cherian, Sep 2017.

New The Divine Mother & Devadhara Healing Nirupa's experienced commented on by Tarun & Celia Cherian

New Dancing Lord Ganesha And The Cloud of Bitterness A magnificent healing in which The Lord appears. By Tarun & Celia Cherian. 2nd Quarter 2017

New Angels of Light and Devadhara Healing. by Amita P, June 2017.

Demanding Miracles: Understanding Healing Energy
Co-founders of Devadhara Healing Tarun & Celia Cherian, explain the logic of psychic energy healing, the issues, guiding principles and opportunities. (Life Positive, May 2010)

The Amazing Science of Aura Healing Bengaluru on Friday, March 2-8, 2012

New Science, Spirituality & Devadhara Healing

The Power of Mantras Bengaluru on Friday, April 6-12, 2012.

What is the Healing Force?

Psychic Surgery. Published in Deccan Herald as It's all in the mind.


A broken leg mends with healing alone. An Amazing Healing with a message to reconnect with our bodies!


New Hands on Fire An flaming healing leads us to miraculous gifts.


The Ghostly Knock by Tarun & Celia Cherian, Published 2016.







The Week: Devadhara Healing

Why is your dog sad? Ask her. Hire a Healer. Pratima S in Indian Express, 2016.

Curing the Incurable. Akber Ayub recounts his Devadhara experience in Life Positive magazine

Healing Body, Mind, Spirit The Week, Smartlife; May 2014

It's a miracle. Here's an article written by a Creator's Child seeker, Veena with a colleague Chetana, in Deccan Herald.

Healing the Holistic Way.Venkatesh on Devadhara Healing with a slant on Past Life Regression, in MyBangalore. 8 March, 2010

The Healing Touch. Sreemati Samanta Basu on Devadhara Healing, in India Today.

Healing comes from Within. Anjana Pradhan on Devadhara Healing, in the Times of India.

Spooky Talk Indian Express covers Tarun & Celia Cherian's talk on ghosts... on December 13th 2005.









New Seeing through closed eyes An amazing experience by celia gets our brains buzzing by Celia & Tarun. Nov 2017

New Here's Proof God is Real! A mind-blowing intuition by Celia & Tarun reveals the Reality of The Greater Reality. 17 Oct 2017

New Proof The Dead Can Talk! A spine tingling intuition by Celia Cherian reveals the immortal truth. Case: 2015

New Proof Ancestors Care! A mind blowing intuition reveals ancestors can care beyond death. Case: July 2017

Classic: What religion does God have?

New The Aura Shenanigans of The Unborn Child a delightful article that reveals just how the unborn can connect, call and travel.

New Learning to Breathe. Lady Sofeeya thru Tarun & Celia Cherian, July 2017.

New Believe and it Will Become. by Tarun & Celia Cherian, May 2017.

New God Arrives, Goodness Follows. by Tarun & Celia Cherian, June 2017.

The Joy and Pain of Intuition. by Amita P, March 2017.

Discover your Spiritual Sense. by Tarun & Celia Cherian, pub 2017.

Storm, intuition & Healing. 17 May 2017.

Useless Intuition Priceless Revelations by Tarun & Celia Cherian, 2016

World is Singing by Tarun & Celia Cherian, 2016

The Train of Chakras by Tarun & Celia Cherian, 2014-16

Crowned by Light A brief discussion on the advanced aspects of the crown and crown ++++ chakras.With some mind boggling illustrations.

The Mystic World. A crystal clear exposition of the mystic perspective. (Sunday Herald, 2002)

Auras. The Flame Of The Spirit. An introduction to auras (Sunday Herald, 2002)

Creator's Child Revelations: The Cosmic Heart Revelation And The Embracing Light Vision

Solar Eclipse July 22

Article Mahashivrathri

Life before death (Sunday Herald)

Rising from the Dead by Tarun Cherian. Resurrection, Immortality, Ascension, Rebirth. This Easter discover that the message of Resurrection is universal.

Death (Published in Sunday Herald, Deccan Herald){Page being reloaded}

Article 2012: Will the world end in 2012?

Unleash the Giant Published in Bengaluru.

Spotting Fairies! Can it be true? Divya & Shalu photograph strange lights...

New To Change The World Don't Back Down An example by Elias Jacob teaches us a vital lesson. Pub: Sep 2017.

NewTo Change The World Change Your Clothes A thought provoking article that leads us to consider how the cultural colthes we put on God shapes our lives. Pub: Sep 2017.

New To Change The World Move Your Butt Pub: Sep 2017.

NewTo Change The World Try Humility Sr Journalist & Media Entrepreneur, Zahid Shares a Lesson in Humility. Pub: Sep 2017.

NewTo Change The World Listen to Immortal Sages a revisitation of an encounter with a tree sage: Sep 2017.

Jesus Take The Wheel a gripping account of how God saved a disciple in deep trouble!

In a Mess? Meditate. Heaven will Applaud. A sharing of Elias Jacob prompts an article on meditation, excellence and touching God, through a musical metaphor.

Mystic Joy... And Steps to Ananda, by Tarun & Celia Cherian, Sep, 2016

Welcoming The Flame... Holding The Trishul. by Tarun & Celia Cherian, Oct 2016.

Celebrating Freedom from Gravity by Tarun & Celia Cherian, written 13 Aug 2016.

Mother Teresa: "The Saint I Knew" By Gladys Saldanha

The Spirit of A True Champion by Tarun & Celia Cherian, written 23 August 2016.

Blazing Till The End. Celebrating the Oldies who give us a lesson in Youth by Tarun & Celia Cherian, 2016

Death Arrives. Then the Goddess by Divya Subbanna, 2015

The Teacher of Liberation! by Tarun Cherian, 2013

The Last Life, Bright Lights!by Tarun Cherian, 2013

Classic. When your world comes crashing down (Published in Sunday Herald.)

Life Taxes You... The Spirit Frees... by Purple, written Aug 2016.

Classic.Well Done Mr Cherian. A son maps absences.

New Soul Exile, an inspiring letter from Tarun & Celia Cherian to a brilliant spiritual seeker in her time of lostness. Uploaded Nov 2016.

New Soul Hide & Seek, a poem by Nishigandha N. Uploaded Nov 2017.

The Flood of God. Sep 2017

Living in God. Amita s meets God, May 2017

New Celebrating The Rainbow God channeled by Tarun Cherian, 2017

Celebrating the Power of The Goddess by Tarun Cherian, 2015

Shabari Devi, Diwali Joy, and a box of 10 Mithais... an incredible awakening, related by Tarun & Celia Cherian in 2016.

Shiva is Smiling... by Ravi Tiwari, Feb 2017.

We are not Islands. by Nadia S, counsellor, psychologist, scientist, Oct 2016.

Love knows no separation. by Nadi*, Dec 2016.

My Mind Scratches, His Body Moves. March 2017.

Oneness in Real Life. A socratean session...2016.

Kanak wrestles with The Galaxy of Flame. Nov 2016.

Universe in a Flower Nov 2016.

Exploring The MahaNaga Dec 2016.

The Flock of I Nov 2016.

Astral Adventures: Coming Face to Face with Me. By Sumi as told to Tarun & Celia Cherian, Sep 2016...

The Windchimes change their Song... And The Lights their Dance... Areal life account of a life changing, world-shaking session by Trishla H

2 Remarkable Days... A great big thank you from a deep spiritual seeker by Rachna Gaur, Dec 2009

Past Life Explosion! Kundalini Stirring! By Savitha

A seeker awakens! Vasundhara's explosive awakening by Tarun, Mar 2010

Must Read! The Chappal Revelations! Advanced Seeker Divya's Amazing Learning Experience.

New Breakthroughs in Past Life Therapy

India Today: Can your pastlife change your existence? by Damayanti Datta with Nirmala Ravindran in Bangalore, Prachi Rege in Mumbai and Amarnath K. Menon in Hyderabad. 27 Dec., 2010

Telegraph INDIA: Total Recall. A three-decade-old Indo-American research project suggests reincarnation might actually be a scientific fact. Varuna Verma reports in Telegraph India.

Practical Healing

  Spiritual Values Life, Love, Sex, Joy


New! Healing Homes. Darning Worlds. 25th May 2016

Fight Exam Fever
( Deccan Herald, March 8, 2012.)


DNA: Past Perfect. As co-founders of Devadhara Healing , Tarun and Celia Cherian's Devadhara perspective on past lives  is central to an article on Past Lives titled Past Perfect by PK Surendra, in DNA, Sunday, Bangalore, 19 Sep, 2010.

Deccan Herald: Unfinished business or unending saga? Perin Ilavia on reincarnation in the Deccan Herald, Bangalore.3 April., 2005.


The Sacrifice by Tarun & Celia Cherian, Sep, 2016

Plastic Values:(Sunday Herald.)

Kingship & Mr. Narayan Murthy. (Published in Sunday Herald, Deccan Herald)

Maslow was wrong by Tarun {Page being uploaded}

The Awesome Gifts of Godawful Nothingness by Tarun & Celia Cherian, Sep, 2016

New Life Before Death By Tarun & Celia Cherian Published by Sunday Herald, Deccan Herald.

New When Kissing Don't Consult The Kama Sutra 2017

New Eat Shit My Son a thought-provoking article on parenting and love May 2017!

Classic Reissue. Sacred Sex. (Sunday Herald, 1998.)

Classic. Be the Dhamaka by Tarun Cherian, 2015

New Why do we still believe in Love? by Tarun & Celia Cherian, 2016


Patients & Students encounter the wondrous:

Editor Zahid Testifies:

HR Manager Milin Testifies:

IT Pro Divya Testifies:

Analyst Shalini Testifies:

The Day I was Healed by Jesus by Sapna Bajaj

Healing with Herbs, Stones, Seasons


Animal Whispering


15 Amazing Health, Mental & Spiritual Gifts of Palm Fruit. May 2017

Healthy Chocolate, Spiritual Chocolate. July 2017

The Incredible Health & Psychic Benefits of Cauliflower.Jan 2018, Masters, Tarun & Celia Cherian talk about The Generous Cauliflower.




New Why Indian Pet Owners are calling on Dr Doolittle.By Charu Sudan Kasturi, An article that covers Creator's Child Animal Communication intensively on

Saving The Snake... and Myself. By Nishigandha Nirgudkar! An amazing real life encounter with a snake and the deep oneness beneath all life.

Generosity of The Cow. If only we could learn from animals. A heart warming little incident by Tarun & Celia Cherian, May 2017

New Talking to The Lost... Intuition, Lost Cats & Girlfriends. Tarun & Celia Cherian, May 2017

True Love Ducky Style.A heartbreaking story of love in 'the wild'... By Nishigandha Nirgudkar!

Buffy's Gift: The Spiral of Resouling. by Tarun & Celia Cherian, written 23 July 2016.

Thoughts on Washing Dishes. And Hearts. by Tarun Cherian, 2016

The Spiritual Scent Published in Bengaluru.

The Calorific Value of Love(18 August, 2012,Living, Deccan Herald)

Hunting For Mr.Frost A miraculous hunt in the Nilgiris that renews our passions, refreshes our sense of romance and leads us to a wonderland...

The Spiritual Traveller

Holy Crap. Tuesday is Potty Day.Some interesting perspectives including the aura of someone crapping..

Wedding blessings are real! by Tarun Feb 2010

The Darkness of Elephants: For Appicha. And a time gone by. By Tarun Cherian. On




Xtreme Healing Global Healing

Socio-politicalAspects of Spirituality


Art & Healing & Spirituality


Aura Healing & Bird Flu. Psychic research on bird flu. What it does to the human aura. And bird aura.

Fighting swine flu with Devadhara Healing

In The Healing For Japan: Meenakshi Relates that the Water Moves with the energy of healing alone: For more of the amazing healing experience


The Pigeon Wars by Tarun Cherian, Oct 2016

MahaBharat Version 2016 by Tarun Cherian, Sept 2016

The Construction Worker & Spirituality by Tarun & Celia Cherian, Dec 2013-2016

The Monsoon doesn't speak English. by Tarun Cherian, written 2014. Published 2016.

New The Orthodoxy of Pluralism: An argumentative piece by Tarun Cherian, 2005-2016.


The Wonderful Gift that is a 'No Gift'

Learning to Smile Again. Doggy Style.

Beyond Bow Wow. Buffy, Celia & Tarun Cherian reveal an experience that is sure to set tongues wagging! (Sunday Herald, 2004)

The Best Wasted Half An Hour of My Life. By Tarun Cherian. On

12 Lessons of The Trapped Pigeon. By Tarun & Celia Cherian. Sep 2017.


The Swan of Song and John Mclaughlin by Vasundhara Vee, 2016

Unart Sunday Herald, Sept. 7, 2003

Painting as Meditation. by CF John, 2015

Advertising Metamorphosis. {Page being uploaded}


Watch this space for an explosion of Spiritual Experiences




Green Imperatives





The Green Imperative. by Tarun & Celia Cherian, June 2017.

The Need For Lifeonomics: By Tarun Cherian, June 2017.




Watch this space for an explosion of Spiritual Experiences