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Death's Secrets Revealed! Rebirth Understood, Like Never Before!

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Heart-warming & Mind- blowing. Listen to Buffy The Mystic Dog. Translated by Animal Whisperers. Celia & Tarun Cherian. Packed with never before revelations. Understand your pet's world. Discover Miraculous Healing Possibilities. See The Dog's Aura Detailed. Envy Buffy's Astral Travel Exploits. Be stunned by Animal Divinity! Receive Priceless Creator's Child Animal Whisperer Secrets! To discover more about the book click here...

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What is life after death really like? What makes us eligible for mukti? A real story of a departed soul escorted step by step, through Death & Rebirth. Filled with hundreds of other incredible true stories gathered over 20 years by Cosmic Visionaries & Past Life Guides Tarun & Celia Cherian. Packed with never before insights. The Transcendent Reincarnation Revelation, The Man 2 God Possibility, and Multi-contact Reincarnation.To discover more about the book click here...

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Inspiring Thoughts + Life-transforming Meditations.

The book takes you on a Journey. The 100 mini chapters each dedicated to a pun, begin with life's grim realities like the MunDrain or the mundane that drains. One climbs to iGOtism, and how to make the Ego – GO!  One then encounters Love. Twogetherness... We keep ascending till we begin AwaACHEning to our greater self, our deeper being. Culminating in SMILEnces.

To read more go to smilences page...

Pay Only Rs 229/- For a lifetime of Smiles!

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Self Help

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rose pyramid cover

Bring Joy to All Relationships!

Presenting The Rose Pyramid, a beautiful yantra booklet By Masters Tarun & Celia Cherian. It marries The Magic of The Rose and The Eternalness of The Pyramid. It brings Joy to All Relationships. Helps attract love. Enrich love. Deepen family ties. Strengthen corporate teams.To discover more click here...

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360° Empowerment! With The Shakti Meditation Art Set.

5 striking yantras and 52 meditations empower every aspect of your Life.
- Accelerate Spirituality.
- DeStress.
- Manage Anger.
- Strengthen Relationships.
- Enhance healing.
- Stimulate Intuition.
- Awaken the Kundalini.

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Butterfly Pearl Vision

A breathtaking encounter with a Butterfly who is a Sage. Animal Whisperers. Celia & Tarun Cherian give you a little book packed with a sky of wisdom. And magnificent meditations. Read More! The Butterfly Pearl A Spiritual Classic. Packed with Stunning Images

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The Greater i.

India's first spiritual Graphic book . Will be reprinted soon.

Purely graphic pages with literally no text forces the reader to stop reading. Received rave reviews from Times of India.

Free Web Book! Big Treasures in Small Pockets by Tarun Cherian {Read Here}. Little poems but with big hearts. Read or share on the net! Click here to savour...

Bubbles of Joy Image


Soon To Be Launched...

If... A beautifully illustrated, image-rich, sardonic modern fable that reminds us of Kafka at his best. By Tarun Cherian. Any more and we'll let the cat out of the bag.


Free PDF Book! The Hour Before Dawn by Tarun Cherian. A deeply moving account of the hours before a patient's recovery. Told through deep-moving words and images that breathe acceptance, hope, miracles. For your free PDF book, write in to, in the subject line write: 'Rush me my FREE copy of The Hour before Dawn'


Discover Our Emotions Underlie The World, A Must Read!

Are emotions just things that sit in our hearts? And skulls? Do emotions touch others? Do atoms listen to our emotions?

The Bubbles of Joy Vision is an extraordinary opportunity to revision our world. To seize emotion as a lever of change and transformation.

To discover more... click here

Now can pick up The Bubbles of Joy Vision in Kindle Format


Soon: Free Web Book! The Aura Walk, by Tarun & Celia Cherian

Soon: Free Web Book! Tell The World to Stop Howling, by Tarun Cherian