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Presenting The Rose Pyramid Relationship Tuner. The Universal Key for All Relationships.

Ever wished for a key that unknots all relationship tangles? Devadhara Healing Founders Tarun & Celia Cherian present The Rose Pyramid, a beautiful yantra for all relationships. It marries The Magic of The Rose and The Eternalness of The Pyramid.

The beauty of Rose Pyramid Book will catch your attention. The Exquisite Yantras. The Romantic Design Feel. The Striking almost 8 inch Large Format. All place it up there along side chocolates, orchids, teddy bears and champagne… but it is the substance, the deep blessings it gives that will make you treasure it. Unlike a bottle champagne The Rose Pyramid's bubbles of Joy will enrich a lifetime.

Powered by Decades of Healing Experience: "For 2 and a half decades we have helped heal thousands of seekers and sufferers... one critical step is mending relationships with partners, parents, in-laws, children, siblings, bosses, colleagues, and God... Through the intense decades of healing experience we have developed thousands of techniques; mantras, symbols, breath, action, ritual... One technique stood out for its sheer versatility, simplicity and the gentleness of its healing..." -- Tarun & Celia Cherian, Devadhara Healing Founders


The Rose Pyramid: Relationship Focussed. Not Me Focussed.


Not Me-Focussed. But Relationship Focused. One critical difference between The Rose Pyramid and most relationship techniques is that standard techniques focus on ‘me’. Changing my reactions. The Rose Pyramid is born of the realization that in the space between us may lie ancient histories and future shadows. So that two beautiful people may make each other’s lives miserable, not because they are miserable people, but because the energetic bridge between them is distorted by psychic debris or the rules of the game.

What do we mean by this? Consider two Gladiators who meet in a fight to death. They will fight to the death. But consider a father and son meeting in a gladiatorial battlefield, the father or son may sacrifice themselves cheating the viewers of a spectacle, the father and son may refuse to fight, stopping the game, or the father and son may find ways to stop the games. That's precisely why The Rose Pyramid focusses on changing the vitalities between us, not just in us.


Marries The Magic of The Rose. The Eternalness of The Pyramid.


Rose + Pyramid =Love Eternal. The Rose Pyramid combines two age-old symbols. The Magic of The Rose and the Eternalness of The Pyramid. Merely visualising the rose softens the heart. The Rose nudges us towards deeper unities, the cosmic oneness that lies between us. Consider somebody who acts thinking only of himself and compare this with somebody who acts thinking of himself and the partner, who do you think you would like to partner with?

Similarly the very presence of The Pyramid uplifts us, urging us to discover higher values. The Pyramid reminds us that we are eternal beings and urges to rise above the petty. To allow the power of these two psychic symbols to unfurl their gifts, one has to visualize the yantra and chant a universal mantra. It's that simple.

Visualisation+ Activating Mantras. When we visualise The Rose Pyramid, place it at the astral plane, a spring of healing trickles through the fields of life on which we are droplets, helping us find other ways to work, reminding both partners that one can act selfishly and self-morely. It reminds us at the mind and cellular levels that when true passion, caring, faith and understanding arrive we can both be enriched. This inner force is furthur enhanced through special universal activating mantras.


The Rose Pyramid:
The Universal Key for
All Relationships.

Attract Partners

Strengthen Relationships

End ties with grace

Deepen Family ties.

Positivize Business.

Attract Your True Guru.

Connect Deeply with God.



Healing 360 degrees of Relationships. With 7 beautiful Rose Pyramid Yantras. As you flip through the beautifully illustrated pages of the Rose Pyramid book you discover there is one principal Rose Pyramid image, the go-to for all relationships. As you experience the difference it makes you will be tempted to explore the other gifts; the Red Rose Pyramid to attract new friends and partners, The Purple helps end relationships. Another Rose Pyramid helps postivize working ties. another focusses on family ties. Then we enter the spiritual realm with yantras that attract true gurus and welcome God. With each you receive special mantras that help stimulate the healing power even furthur.

"The Rose Pyramid was originally created for a serious seeker who faced a complete bandwidth of psychic challenge, from tumultous familial drama to vicious black magic. Since she is a busy housewife who has touched the heavens it had to be deep, but easy to use, it had to be versatile, gentle enough for a child's tears, yet strong enough to thwart an ugly tantric. And so it can be used on a gussa boss or zany lover". -- Tarun & Celia Cherian, Devadhara Healing Founders


Like all great techniques The Rose Pyramid: is wonderfully simple.


It’s So Easy to Use. As children we were taught to deal with anger by counting backward from 10 to 1. Perhaps in the future children will be taught to rapidly relieve relationship issues by visualizing the Rose Pyramid Yantra.

The Truth is that most relationship turmoil is a result of one silly word, one sentence misunderstood, one encounter resented, a prickly reaction to someone’s innocent action. If one can pause the energetic flow, nudge the relationship with just a tiny soothing touch of spiritual energy, many a marriage or business relationship could be saved… many a war, metaphoric or world-shaking could have been avoided.



The Rose Pyramid: From Guides & Gurus who Rejoice in Life.


From Joyous Gurus: The Rose Pyramid has been inspired by a Cosmic Spirit Guide, Lord Zan, it has been developed by Founders of Creator's Child & Devadhara Healing, Tarun & Celia Cherian.

"To create The Rose Pyramid, with its challenging specs help with a cranky child and raving tantric, we needed inspiration. In response to our request for help Cosmic Spirit Guide Lord Zan, asked us to go to a room... there a flower vase framed by a pyramidical light bulb offered us the inspired answer..." -- Tarun & Celia Cherian, Devadhara Healing Founders

Apart from being a spiritualist, Tarun is a highly influential spiritual artist. While his 'Gallery' Art can be extreme in its intensity. The Rose Pyramid Mandalas are deep, but joyous works of Art.

Celia Cherian, apart from being an angelic channel, animal whisperer, aura master, Depth Healer, Past Life Guide, is an inspired cook, someone whose very presence adds deep joy to joy.




Gift The Rose Pyramid Relationship Tuner. Adds joy to every relationship.

Gift yourself, and partner, gift and family, colleagues and friends The Rose Pyramid. Now!

Pay only Rs 200/- Get The Rose Pyramid Relationship Tuner. And the Shakti Meditation Art Set worth Rs 200/- absolutely Free.

The Rose Pyramid will make a Wonderful Gift. It is a beautiful, 24 page, luxurious, 4-colour Book. The format is a generous and striking square 20 cm x 20 cm {almost 8 inch square}. In it are 7 magnificently illustrated yantras. A main one. And 6 others that cover all relationship challenges.

For a New Love. You can gift it to someone you have just been attracted to. Since it's beautiful & meaningful it is appropriate. The easiest way to chase away a lover is by being too eager. The Rose Pyramid Book looks expensive but is not overtly so, it sends the right message.

For a Mature Relationship. You can gift it to someone you have been with for decades. For by now she is tired of chocolates, flowers, wine, curios... a mature lover is looking for substance, to be told that she matters, and he counts.

For a Work Colleague, Business Partner, Or Client. It's beautiful for a work relationship, for it says you are interested without crossing the line.

For a Yoga Buddy or Co-Seeker. The Rose Pyramid essentially plants God into the spaces between us, so if you have a special friend in the gym, yoga hall or meditation group it is wonderfully appropriate.


Buy it Here. Or... pick it up from Natsy by Design-Bangalore Santhe, Ostara Shop-Cambridge Layout. And at and







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