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A Journey to Joy!



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smilences Book

"The very name... Smilences is so beautiful... "-- The First Reader, Divya S Says. {Writer, Spiritualist, Autamation IT specialist}.

"It conjures up the silent moments with loved ones, when you are really not looking for anything... but something happens and it is really so precious... "



A JOURNEY TO JOY. Here is a journey to Joy. 100 mini chapters will take you from the munDrain to your AMmensity. Each chapter is titled with a pun, a neologism that triggers fresh ideas. These are enriched by inspiring thoughts, real-life examples. And then the kicker – transformatory meditations, woven liberally through the book that help you soar.

 The title held a promise that the rest of the book has kept. It turns us inward in the most joyous way. I love the vivid directions given for each meditation. Each one is a feast to the creative mind and the body that's waiting to be seen and loved from within. -- Vasundhara Vee, on Amazon

FILLED WITH INSPIRATION THAT HAS WORKED FOR MANY: Now joy, God, happiness are all very fine as cherries on cakes. But the truth is shit happens. Ugliness so terrible you feel like puking your guts out... As healers and spiritualists over the last 25-30 years we have seen that... On one hand a mountain of shit, and on the other hand a tiny candle of hope, healing, support, reassurance... Sometimes the candle may blow out, but often the candle is wise and hands the problem over to a seed that grows mightily in shit... And what was a pile of shit becomes a towering Oak or Banyan... SMILEnces is filled with real life heroism. Yours. For most of the many startling examples are drawn from you... your life...

Going through the book has been enlightening. It gives you an insight into small ways of meditation that can resolve issues at different levels in life. It’s an interesting read. Go for it. -- Bela Joshi, on Amazon

FEEDS THE MIND! What is especially lovely about SMILEnces is how Celia & Tarun approach questions from so many angles... It’s not just auras... but Viral Science here... High Physics there... Aura Mastery... Extreme Psychic Action... And a Great Scoop of Advertising... While they have a viewpoint, they encourage each to think and rethink... Said a spiritual student...

A great book during these trying times. It is not just full of valuable insights about liife's various aspects, but also very empowering real life stories and anecdotes with helpful solutions that will surely help us in the long run. I really enjoyed reading the book as well as practising some of the tips that were given in the book and a very interesting read as well. I highly recommend this book to all. -- Nandini, on Amazon

But then the Spiritualists who penned SMILEnces, are not just navel-gazers. Tarun & Celia were both in the biggest Global Advertising Networks. Celia's film skills added a smile to Unilever toothpastes. And Tarun's pen & brush added verve to brands like Jockey, Blaupunkt. A line for a coffee brand Cafe Coffee Day "A lot can happen over coffee" is a line that is part of popular Indian culture, close to 2 decades after he penned it. And so the spirituality that leaps off the pages is robust. Works in the real world.

It is heart warming indeed. The perfect book to keep you company in these difficult times when it is so important to not lose sight of the bigger universal plan, to appreciate small everyday miracles, and hold on to your positive energy. A beautiful pick-me-up book. Natasha, on Amazon

FROM THE UGLY TO THE JOYOUS: The Book is indeed a journey. It begins with that which drags one down, one climbs to iGOtism, and how to make the Ego – GO! Then Love. Twogetherness... We deal with social injustice, climate change. You keep ascending till we begin AwaACHEning to our greater self, our deeper being. The climb deepens culminating in SMILEnces. Every mini chapter is accompanied by inspiring thoughts also strewn liberally are magnificent meditations that help you seize the power within.

"It talks about grit and tenacity of people... beautiful captures... " -- Soujanya, Deep Spiritualist & technologist.

REVEALS THE ASTOUNDING: The book is a journey... and by its end you encounter jaw-dropping possibility. And yet all presented, simply, truly... Hey you too can cock a snook at gravity.

THE LIFE COMPANION: What makes this book so relevant is that it is both light and deep. Punny and Illuminating. This is book that will help you fight the corona blues. But it's not just does more it pushes you to find answers to Life's big questions without becoming a dead bore. Muhammad Ali said he danced like a Butterfly and stung like a Bee. Smilences is like that. Very light and hey it's Soul Deep.

"I would consider this book a companion. One that I will keep flipping through when I lose touch with the magic of life. When boredom or bitterness might consume me, this book would be a definite life skill giver for me."  -- Vasundhara Vee, on Amazon



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"A really sweet book that taps into common sense and spirit at the same locations."