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"I love bathing in the River of Creator's Child." - Boby Mathew, kalariyogi

Creator's Child Circle: May 2016: This circle happening after awhile was beautifully rewarding. The circle of energies was profound... the sharing wondrous... Divya revealed how once during a healing she and shalu felt a fierce force that they saw as Lord Vishnu, one the primal Triumverate, so powerful was it that the whole room turned into a sauna, a furnace. Alarmed they called Tarun who turned down the power being unleashed. Puja spoke of an eerie dream. Indroneil of how Devadhara Healing helped in his corporate transformation processes. Jaya talked about sensing deep spiritual presences. Ruth spoke about healing and cats.



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The Rose Pyramid Relationship Tuner Launch. -

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Interleaved through the talk was Pramod Shankar's poetry. Deep & lyrical. Humorous & pithy.

With Creator's Child a book launch is not a book launch. It is a deeply engaging meaningful event. March 2016, on Catholic Club's picturesque rooftop, a wonderful crowd of spiritualists collect.

Founder Celia with great humour introduced the chief guests and set the ball rolling. Aslam Gafoor, wine club president and entrepreneur and Michelle Gafoor, woman behind Happy Threadz launched the event. With much fanfare. A giant heart was dramatically opened to reveal the book.

Founder Tarun took the audiences through some of the brightest & darkest nooks of Love. Revealing healings that span continents even released sex slaves.

Janet Mascarenhas and friends with their heart-wrenching love songs add great flavour to the evening. {Image above}

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"At the circle I felt the magnificent presence of Lord Maheshwara... Tears poured down my face."- Pruthvi

Creator's Child Circle: Mid 2015.




Understanding & Combatting Black Magic.

A Talk by Founders Tarun & Celia Cherian, at Loyola Hall, Ashirvaad, St Marks Road Cross, sent shivers down spines, opened your horizons, and yet oddly reaffirmed faith in life & God. Saturday, 28th March, 2015, 6.15 pm.

A wonderful fire dance by Kalari Yogi Boby kicked off the event.

The talk itself revealed that we live in a connected universe. Where quantuum fields, magnetic lines, pheremone clouds and etheric threads, causal patterns bind us. This can be used to help or warn, or harm. But our openeness should not lead to fear. For we are indeed protected innately. And every religeous system has effective ways to handle darker forces. The real gift of dark magic is that it reveals we are vaster than we think we are.



Buffy's Doggy Revelations Book Launch Event. Absolutely Woofy!!!

Sep 2014. A launch filled with Tamasha. The whole hall was covered with posters. A giant bone is opened to reveal the book. Ruth & Kamaan played with incredible virtuosity 3 specially composed 'animal' songs.

The talk was an eyeopener. Animals can talk. Reason. Write Poetry. Intuit. See Auras. Travel Astrally. And talk to God.

For your copy of Buffy's Doggy Revelations, click here.



A Piece of Heaven...

A Piece of Heaven Art Exhibition was a rich symphony of activity that was kicked off by Anita's heaven touching singing and Arun's meditative guitar.

Many marvellously heartwarming events happened at the exhibition. In one we met an octagenarian, an 80 year old yoga master who at that age demonstrated a handstand!






From the first shimmer of the aura to the aura of one blessed by angels. The Aura Revelations Talk at Aashirvad was packed with insight. 20 years of Creator's Child Aura Knowledge was freely shared to a packed hall.

  Death's Secrets Revealed. Chronicle of Death & Rebirth Launch Event


November 2012, Death tugs his hair out of his skull for his secrets are being revealed. The venue: Aashirvad. Singer & pianist Angel Papali sang a specially composed song by Tarun "O Death Be Gentle with My Love." Ruth Chandy & Kamaan Singh render such classics like "Amazing Grace" with pure grace.


  Launching Cosmic Heart Spiritual Awakening Pathway.


On 18 Sept, 2011, we launched O! Now called The Cosmic Heart Spiritual Awakening Pathway is one that guides the serious seeker to the infinite to God.

While we have been taking spiritualists deep since the early 1990's, with greater vigour from 1995, we codified the steps and practices in the early 2000's and after years of practice offered it to the world.

This group is specially blessed as it contains some of our deepest spiritual explorers. People whose visions, psychic strength, faith, caring and horizons are been remarkable.

Graciously at the workshop, Mehdi of Thaiyyam and SmakMahadev fame played the flute.


Launching The 11 Proclamations.

The spiritual foundations of Creator's Child, a set of luminous principles that point to a new way of life. That answer some of the hardest spiritual questions like why do we exist? Is passion good? It helps people wondering if Creator's Child is right for them... It acts as a compass... a framework...


Devadhara Formally Launched:

December 2007, after close to a decade and a half as master healers we launch Devadhara Healing.

Death tugs his hair out of his skull for his secrets are being revealed. The venue: Aashirvad. Singer & pianist Angel Papali sang a specially composed song by Tarun "O Death Be Gentle with My Love." Ruth Chandy & Kamaan Singh render such classics like "Amazing Grace" with pure grace.



Spooky Talk:

December 13, 2005, Oxford Bookstore: Tarun & Celia Cherian take the audience into the strange world of Ghosts. Beginning with ghosts that are not ghosts. Ghosts that are astral travellers. Ghosts that are emotional residue. Ghosts that are lost. Ghosts that are ugly. Ghosts from other dimensions... right up to angels. For the archived article click here.


Join The Circle of Light. We have been having Creator's Child Circles since the early 1990's. But it is after 2000 that they have become a more regular deep spiritual and joy filled sharing place.


The Creator's Child Circle in Nov 05. One of the dramatic circles. Where animal spirits were explored.

Divya with a ghostly lantern. A Creator's Child Circle that explored numerous presences.