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Encounters with God: Lord Shiva

Encounters with God: Lord Jesus

Encounters with the amazing ; Merging with a Storm

New! Talking to Lightning: Discover Lightning Can Listen!

Our Eyes May Say Midnight... But The Soul Says Otherwise

God on Love

Devi in real life

The Kundalini Experience

Videos that help us rediscover Joy.

Raining Diamonds: :Rediscover The Joys that surround us

Little things Small Joys: The small steps to Success.

Today The Sun :Rediscover The Joys that surround us

Dance with the Rain

Rain Blessings Rediscover The Joys that surround us

Make time for me. Rediscover The Joys that surround us

New! Celebrating True Love... an 80 year old relates an incident that reveals love at its most glorious. {FB}. Or connect to Youtube

Patients & Students encounter the wondrous :

Editor Zahid Testifies:

HR Manager Milin Testifies:

IT Pro Divya Testifies:

Analyst Shalini Testifies:

The Price Tag of God's Gifts.

Dussera: The Indian Street Celebrates.

Illuminating Books

Tickle: Newsletter


Caring for Mother Nature.

Videos that remind us to connect, care & love:

Earth Friend

Nachon, nachnon pyare

Animal Love

Who will cut the wings of the swan?

Why can't humans learn to wag their tails?

New! Love’s Triumph: Mama Dog Feeds Kitten

New! Moo Talk: The Wayward Calf


Videos that help us Stand Tall:

The Unstoppable Spirit Be undefeated

New! The Child & The balloon -- The Joy & The Pain {FB}Or connect to

Rest in Peace: Message from a Graveyard

The Mist-erious Road Message on death's touch





Videos that illuminate the spiritual path:

God's Fireworkz:: The spiritual path illuminated

Pilgrim's Footsteps