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Link: Homage to The MahaBindu

Here is lyrical homage to The Maha Bindu. Malini Shankaran's soaring voice, Bilva Raman's expressive moves, Kamaan's understated musical touches, Tarun's inspiring lyrics in Hindi make it a treat for spiritualists.

The inspiring hymn also actually strengthens the spiritualist's connect to the heart of existence. For a deeper discussion of the hymn and lyrics click.

Homage To The MahaBindu

  Encounter The Miraculous

New! Even The Forest Fire Listens to Him! Spiritualist Nishi shares an amazing story of how 'HE' stopped a forest fire.

Talking to Lightning: Discover Lightning Can Listen!


Encounters with The Divine


Our Eyes May Say Midnight... But The Soul Says Otherwise

Encounters with the Amazing; Merging with a Storm

Encounters with God: Lord Jesus

Classic Encounters with God: Lord Shiva

Devi in real life

The Kundalini Experience



Heart Ablaze Nothing describes the moment when a chakra opens to full magnificence. Catherine, spiritual seeker, marketer, animal lover talks about how she felt her heart blaze open. How an art piece by Spiritualist and Artist Tarun Cherian triggered a magnificent awakening.

Editor Zahid Testifies:

HR Manager Milin Testifies:

IT Pro Divya Testifies:

Analyst Shalini Testifies:

Sapna Bajaj Testifies: Healed by Jesus

  Death and Beyond

Rest in Peace: Message from a Graveyard

The Mist-erious Road Message on death's touch

New! Alien Past Lives! In a Past Life Session Seeker Srijith discovered he had been an alien, in another universe, one with completely different dimensions and citizens...


God on Love

New! Are Suicides Damned?

New! The Last Supper revisited

  Meditate with Creator's Child

New! Celebrating Maha ShivRathri with Creator’s Child

Laughter Meditation

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Life with Joy.

Life with Spirit.

Videos that welcome Joy:

Classic Raining Diamonds: :Rediscover The Joys that surround us

Songs I shall be as simple as the rain A beautiful song, Angel Papali, Composed Talitha, Lyrics Tarun Cherian

Little things Small Joys: The small steps to Success.

Today The Sun :Rediscover The Joys that surround us

Dance with the Rain

Rain Blessings Rediscover The Joys that surround us

Songs Nachon, nachnon pyare

Make time for me. Rediscover The Joys that surround us

A Monsoon Love Story

Classic Celebrating True Love... an 80 year old relates an incident that reveals love at its most glorious. {FB}. Or connect to Youtube


Videos that illuminate the spiritual path:

God's Fireworkz:: The spiritual path illuminated

Pilgrim's Footsteps

Videos that help us stand tall:

The Unstoppable Spirit Be undefeated

New! The Child & The Balloon -- The Joy & The Pain {FB}Or connect to


Learn from Animals

Care for Mother Earth

Master Celia is Green

New! Hold Your Breath. Learn to Recover Aliveness with a Fisherbird.

New! The Unstoppable Butterfly

New! Love’s Triumph: Mama Dog Feeds Kitten

New! Moo Talk: The Wayward Calf

Earth Friend



Songs Who will cut the wings of the swan?

Songs Why can't humans learn to wag their tails?



On Life, and The World

New! Touch Heaven: The AeroIndia show with its flyers scraping the Sky, parallels the spiritual journey.

New! Who do I Vote For? In India and across the world many of us have choices, political and economic. So who do you vote for?

New! ARTssaulted or reheARTened? @ The Kochi Biennale. political and economic. So who do you vote for?

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The Price Tag of God's Gifts.

Dussera: The Indian Street Celebrates.