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Homage To The MahaBindu

It is brilliant beyond belief, glorious beyond existence. Will you dare to look on it? Knowing that it burnt St Paul's Eyes? Knowing you may run through the streets naked? Knowing you may give up a successful job? Knowing you may for decades wonder if what you saw is real?


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It is everywhere. Curving above the highest sky. In the filthiest drain. The MahaBindu makes the whole world yours. Who wouldn't want it? And yet as you claim this, you will sometimes be thrown into the filthiest drain till you see the gold beneath the muck. And as you reach and touch it, with what hands will you touch it? And as you wrestle with these you will one day claim it...


Who wouldn't want it? Love? The great arms around you. the absolute security of love. And yet, you will be asked to show you understand by Loving. Loving those that spit on you, revile you. For you are not just meeting The All Embracing One, you are becoming The All Embracing One...


Most of us live our lives in FEAR. Chained to a million fears we bleed out into dry, lifeless husks... And so the promise of having an all powerful titanic force is so seductive. But as you claim it, the force hides behind your worst nightmare. You run. You hide then one day you go past your fear... One day...


Alone, broken isolated. We are lost... and so when The MahaBindu offers the privilege of becoming whole who can say No? But then you hear the price. It will all go. You will not see child as child, mother as mother. Your mind, thoughts, personaloity will all be wiped out. The very ground beneath your feet, they will all burn... And this price may seem too terrible, too high... Till one day it won't.


Who has not wondered if we could walk on clouds? If we could touch the stars? Go beyond it all? And we can, we can live above it all... Leave all this behind. but then you realise that you have to go above it all... And so the movies you love will seem like sawdust. The most glorious kiss turn into meeting rubber. The hug of a child... disgusting... The great hymns... boring... The highest philosophies utter foolishness... Every joy, everything will be marked with tedium... And then when you have lived a hundred lives, or more, when you scream at it all... You will be shown a glimpse, a promise and you will claim it. And you will weep with every creature that ever lived, rejoice with every joy, That joy and pain is exquisite and terrifying... But one day where there are no days, you will say Yes.



Called The Point by The Greeks, Kether by Middle Eastern Rabbis, The MahaBindu by Ancient Indians... and The Cosmic Heart by Creator's Child... You stand before the whisper of The MahaBindu... Tiny Yet All Encompassing... Assured yet Ferocious... Loving, yet that which sees your hundred deaths... Magnificent yet the same that drags you through The Mud... You stand before it... We begin to appreciate it and use its power...

It has been our great privilige to take some of you to her home, to get some to touch her skirt... Amita P witnessed it. And Bela feeling a point blazing beyond the skies, was overwhelmed. Kanak felt its resonance. Divya soared in its skies... All belong in it. A few have glimpsed it. Rare are those who will shine so bright eternity will be lit...

Beyond time, around space, trembling in matter... Come it invites Know The Truth... Live The Truth... Be The Truth... Claim your impossible freedoms, your immense Joys...

Love & God

Tarun & Celia