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Celebrate with Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha seen through Tarun's Eyes is fascinating... Now heart warming... Now Cosmic...

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Historically Lord Ganesha was one of the earliest Indian Gods to reveal himself... From 6-8000 years ago images of Lord Ganesha appear, his only historic contemporaries being Lord Murugan, Mohenjodaro's Pashupatinath...

The Joyous One: In the last 3 decades as spiritual guides and master healers, we have encountered Lord Ganesha in many ways...

In a delightful healing, he first filled the room with energy, then a figure danced out of the patient's body... As he did so she jerked at the force... He was complete with a trunk, elephant head and many arms bearing gifts, but most vitally he was dancing... and he suggested that the patient should treat life like a dance... And this is how many see him... as colourful, and joy bringing... And the first Art Series Tarun shares Life Celebrates with Lord Ganesha is colourful... and yet filled with depth...

The Luminous One: "Like a cloud... was he... A cloud of miraculous colours... magical & wondrous... pure astrality... now taking on the traditional form... now holdig Bhim's mace in his hand... Now forming a spiral climbing to the heavens... And then he lightly dropped flowers of pure light on our heads..." The person we were healing felt a gentle shower of petals..." These kind of visions become the core of the next series Luminous Lord Ganesha:

The Ancient One: Traditionally, Lord Ganesha has been seen as the ruler of the Root Chakra and in this aspect as Ruler of Survival Drives he has appeared in numerous healings, helping the helpless find courage, helping the broken stand again... The very first time we saw Lord Ganesha was when we were giving healing to a patient when her body began to tremble uncontrollably... The three of us could see flames rage out of her hips... The fears that had wrapped the patient vanished in an hour... What had unleashed that force? "I am the keeper of the sacred blood flame..." Lord Ganesha revealed... The whole tone changes from colour to black & white... In the second Art Series Tarun shares Timeless Lord Ganesha black & white... the lines are strong, expressionistic, the imagery forceful...

But as we see the many images, in Tarun's art and the question rises... What is Lord Ganesha truly like? "I pester him for days till he reveals an image of his true self... A matrix of vivid force... Binding... reassuring and yet, so fierce it was terrifying... I ask my spirit guide for his take on ‘Who is Lord Ganesha?’ his answer... “Lord Ganesha is a being formed at the very beginning, when primal possibility encountered cosmic consciousness...” --Tarun Cherian...

Meditate on it to enrich your life! Tarun's Art is unique, for it is both modern,examining ancient potencies with fresh insight... And ancient... For it takes you to the divine. Diana who has acquired an Iconic piece from Tarun, says "I pray to it... the power is real... it is a doorway to greater joy and deeper life..." Every piece is both beautiful and meditative... Go to the collections and see for yourself.