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The 10 June 2021 Solar Eclipse through a Wolf’s Eyes.

  Eclipse seen through Wolf's Eyes

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Just the other day two people called, one has a special child who is becoming difficult to control. While the effect was partly due to a vaccine shot, it was also due to change in the father’s job, and the effect of the lunar solar eclipses. The second felt himself burned out, lacking energy. While there are numerous features of anxiety in this person’s case, 10% is contributed by the solar eclipse’s uncertainities. Why is everything I do turning to mush?  

The annular Eclipse happens on 2021, June 10th, its effects are felt in advance. A day, a week, 2 weeks, a month. {We have already talked about it in the article Double Whammy? Or Double Wow? and the observations hold true. But this focuses on the Solar Eclipse as of now.}

For example at 10.30 am on the June 9th, it felt like a rock hits my right calf. As Celia & I go for a walk in the morning of the 10th again, I can feel the effect at the etheric ankle. As I check this is true of 60-70% of people. How I move forward is affected. Now is this from the solar eclipse? No. It comes from earlier where mankind feels there are blocks in our path. No, what the solar eclipse does it is subtly, at times, makes us question certainties. And that which blocks us can be perceived.

And so a simple application is to sprinkle salt at your feet during this solar eclipse time.

The Eclipse Energy is Small but Real.
Now the eclipse does two things, for someone on earth, the sun seems to be obscured. But that is the tip of the iceberg. The alignments of the SUN-Moon-Earth shift gravity, tides move, magnetism is altered, the kind of cosmic waves sweeping over the earth are transformed, the earth’s inner core actually shows changes...

Significant enough, if you merely look with the normal eyes of man, and his measures, as of today. But what if you stretch them?

Listening with a Wolf’s Eyes.
Consider what would happen if you listened with a wolf’s sensitivity tuned in to prey and predator. You would begin to hear a shriek, very dim, as if the air is changing, the mind looks around, is it a meteor streaking down? Or the sound of land drying up? You are not quite sure. You curl up in a grove of trees, wolf nose securely in wolf bum, but the reassurance is less, for you do not hear a reassuring purr of the earth, but distant shifts, you are tense, and yet strangely wobbly. If you are out at the time of the eclipse sometimes the light begins to show strange shadows. Uncertainty sometimes shifts the balance of survival. And so you do the sensible thing, you sit back. But sometimes you can’t, you move out, and you constantly jump at shadows. The memory of the many times you brushed death gnaw at your feet...

But humans are less sensitive... We don’t have a wolf’s ears... No... But our bodies do... Our bodies hear more... Our bodies see more... Our minds act in worlds where the rules are known... But the solar eclipse shifts those rules ever so slightly... Consider someone used to playing chess by Indian rules playing to FIDE rules or vice versa. But it’s more, The Sun rules the sense of father... Where is father? Where the protector? You find him drunk and high... in a patch, you have to stand up to the oncoming threat... You are ready... You are not ready...

Now this is tricky with normal humans, but if you are experiencing financial uncertainties, and have egoic issues then it can hit heavily.

Buffy Comments on The Effect:
"The Sun is my friend he is ok. The moon is my friend. They both do pully, the Earth who is also my friend says when they both do pull, it hurts littles. So shirrs happens. {Read: Magnetism}." -- Says Buffy who is now a Dragon on other planes.


Every eclipse has a different effect, for the entirety of the solar system, including the oort cloud, the inner workings are ever so slightly being shifted.

This Solar Eclipse has an effect on 2 chakras principally. Solar & Abdomen.  

And so a simple application is to heal these two chakras at solar eclipse time.

Since digestion is ruled by these 2 chakras {and elimination}, a lighter meal is advisable.

Opportunity at this Solar Eclipse:
Question plans and ways of functioning.

This eclipse essentially asks “Am I Good Enough? And am I on the right track?” And so the best thing to do is to re-examine one’s dreams, and how one plans to get there. As we noted before in the double whammy article it can cause financial misjudgement, small but significant conflicts...

Opportunity: Use the Sun-moon balancer in Double Whammy? Or Double Wow? article

Now this is an article written in a rush.
And I have to put it out now.
That rush is what all solar eclipses put us through.

As Celia & I were walking in the morning of the 10th June 2021 eclipse, we looked up, as we did so we saw a strange sight, 2 sets of clouds moving in opposite directions. And here is something that reminds us again about a Solar Eclipse, at normal times we all see the same thing, but now, as many have seen, the ideas that many of us have are diametrically opposite...

Love & God,
Celia & Tarun

PS: Image created with wolf photograph of Marc-Olivier Jodoin @


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