The Trapped Pigeon and The 12 Lessons



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There are few things as rewarding as helping someone even if it is just a pigeon.

Come out of our home to find a petrified pigeon, face and eyes covered with terrible pigeon pox smashing its wings against a glass pane. Approaching it sends into a frenzy. Just when I was about to abandon it to its fate I think of the neighbour's dog and the wandering cat. Armed with a cardboard I slowly chivvy it from the window. Then from an unsafe overhang. Then it crouches dangerously at the lift door. Then it is lead out to the landing. Then to an open window. Then finally out.

As I relate the incident to Celia, she sees the madcap had earlier tapped on our door. Why? One of Buffy's many spirit helpers had told it to seek out mama. Incidentally Buffy was our dog and is now an animal spirit guide.

As I sit back at home, I realise that in this tiny incident that lasted 5 minutes is a huge gathering of learnings.
Lesson 1. Not everything that terrifies us is necessarily evil.
Lesson 2. Those who truly save us may not come with sweet words in a divine book.
Lesson 3. The way to the light is not a straight line.
Lesson 4. Meditation is fine. But nothing adds muscle to the heart as much as helping someone else.
Lesson 5. There is an inner network of conversation, between the ghostly, the angelic, the half-seen, that forms our world.
Lesson 6. Life. The pigeon with its eyesight destroying infection will last probably a fortnight. But in its brief months it has truly lived. Its rage to live, its small heart beating out a fierce tattoo of freedom, its refusal to die without a fight... outshadow the length of its days.
Lesson 7. Perspective: Just as the pigeon cannot see the window that blocks it we humans are blind to many blocks. And this an important point so let’s elaborate:-

From one angle, I am man doing a good deed. And the pigeon a foolish creature that cannot see the window pane stands in its way. That is one way of looking at it. From another perspective we are like pigeons, we are trapped seeing the skies but unable to understand why our wings can’t move past? ‘How am I a pigeon?’ you may think to yourself? We are proud of our great cities, our intellect. Looked at in a certain light they are great monuments to man’s power. But looked at by men and women of an earlier era, they will seem like chicken coops... And we with our political correctness barely alive, no more than chicken in those coops. We are clucking away, eating grain, and thinking this is life. So from another perspective I am a blinded bird being reminded to never forget the skies, by a half-blind pigeon. And this leads us to more lessons…
Lesson 8. Learn from everyone even blind pigeons.
Lesson 9. To help a blind pigeon, the ego needs to push itself and raise itself high. To overcome in my case a natural distate of a pigeon’s flapping fear. But to learn from a pigeon,the ego needs to do the reverse. It needs to get off the high horse.
Lesson 10. It’s one thing to read a lesson, but another when you are a blind pigeon lost in the strange building called earthly life. Lessons can be read. Lessons must be lived.
Lesson 11. We understand the difference between Earthly life and Divine Life, by comparing Divine Life to the wild skies outside and Earthly Life with strange corridors here.
Lesson 12. Passing Out: Then one day, we will all have learnt the lessons of life and the bell will ring and we can go home. But is this sweet new age description real or just a child’s fable, is the real truth coarser? And we will be lead out the old fashioned way. One day a terrifying monster with a cardboard may shoo us from safety to safety and finally to the skies.

And there we have it. 12 enriching lessons all for the price of 10 minutes of flapping confusion. For those who like addendums there is an addendum: The pigeon's spirit came to say 'thank you'. Did some wild energy gymnastics and left. It had died, injured in a storm, eaten by a cat. In life it had been terrified by me. In the life after it saw a difference between the tree's branches whipped by wind. The cat's stalking, and my windmill arms leading it to the open skies. It gives me an energy gift and I in turn offer it to you. With the question to all healers what does the symbol do? And for advanced healers at what level of the aura does it work?





-- Tarun & Celia Cherian, Sep 2017





Ps: Now a pigeon lover would obviously look pityingly at our amateurish efforts and say you should pickup the pigeon gently and put xyz antibiotic in its eyes. Very true.





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