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The Healing Chant by Tarun & Celia Cherian



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Dear T and Celu,

My voice isn't ok coz I have a throat viral . I was really ill yesterday as it was day 3 of the viral. My body was burning up and I was dropping into sleep and for some reason my mind started talking like Tarun and asked me to go into the river and deeper into the water... and then I saw this road ... like a highway... and felt myself going along that road ..

It was dark and really vast and alone..

Suddenly I saw a face... it was horrifying to me ... even though now I don’t feel that way any more... in that moment, i was horrified... it didn’t have a nose... the eyes were wide and full of pain and anger and anxiety and this crazy energy... they were popping out and had red vessels around the pupils... the face was not human like but it was relatable still... I was horrified... but inside I was asked to say my core chant to it...

As soon as I started chanting the eyes began to soften... my energy and the feeling in my heart also began to soften and I started feeling love.

I started telling the person that I love this person even though I might have felt horrified at it... I accept and love... I kept chanting and then it grew wings like a butterfly.... and then it grew feather wings behind those wings like an angel... and then it grew a third pair of webbed wings... like a bat... black and webbed... and then really lovely down feathers like a baby bird on its back and chest.

This being turned out to be most wondrful...and Everytime i'd look at her/him, i'd feel such awe and appreciation... and I have met him/her in my mind many times today... and expressed love... 

I dont know if this is part of me.. perhaps it is...

More than anything I'm amazed at how chanting changed and really beautified something that I was feeling scared of. And i am looking forward to what we will exchange at the next session.

Love you and thank you for everything and for giving me these amazing experiences.

Vee {Experience in 2016}



The Healing Lessons

What was V facing? Old childhood terrors. The fear of a forthcoming shift. And 'a ghost'. Was it a fragment of herself? Sent in anger against her? Or had it just attached itself to her?

See emotion beneath the Illness. Virtually all illness has a behavioural, thought or emoption that acts like lightning conductor, that triggers greater patterns, be it reincarnation, or worldly conflict...

Question do ghosts exist? We live in a world where Newtonian blinkers prevent us from seeing the truth. In some benighted parts of the world one is not allowed to deal with ghosts. So how do you confront sceptics? A} Don't. B} Present the Scientific Proof... 1.We are ghosts in human bodies. 2. In a quantuum world where all is energy having beings that emerge out of the matrix unlinked with things is a reality -- matter is an illusion. 3. Quantuum vacuums are not empty. 4. Virtual creatures and intelligences exist. 5. We have seen and confirmed it for ourselves at Creator's Child and Devadhara Healing the world is energy from which the physical crystallises.

V did three things beautifully when confronting the darkness. 1) Trust herself and go deeper into her psyche where hidden pain lay in wait. 2) When facing ugliness have the presence of mind to start chanting. 3) She sent love to the figure that was 'attacking her'. Effectively transforming it.

Why are these steps so significant? Your chant links you up to core pools of knowledge. Takes you to a protected space. By sending love she was essentially neutralising hate. That targetted at her. And that emotion which had attracted the force.

What else could she have done? 1) Protected herself. 2) Used a Bach flower remedy or herbal remedy. 3) Followed up with a stomach cleansing. {Ps: All 3 were recommended.}

Healing Us All. Over the many centuries that we have reincarnated on earth; The millennial years of ancestral experience that lies in our DNA; The billions of years of cosmic shaping within each atom and cell; is a wealth of joy, wisdom, rage and terror. Sometimes like V we confront them... and transform them... the whole web of life is being lightened.

Jan 2021 Update: Now this experience occured was long before The Covid Outbereak. Where a sore throat was a sore throat not a time when one could be a superspreader. Where any illness, virus or otherwise was seen as controllable by good sense not panicky overreach. Over the last 25 years as healers we have seen Viruses truly terrifying, have at times let loose their claws from patients, through caring, healing, chants, herbs, medicine, self belief -- Distemper {90% fatality}, Hepatitis, Bird Flu {30% fatality}, Swine Flu {30% fatality}, Dengue {20% fatality}...

As The WHO points out, there are more terrible viruses, bacteria, funghiui, and bio-hazards awaiting us... far more ghastly than Covid. And when they strike, as strike they will, we will stand up as we have always done from the dawn of time... Tall, knowing we are not bodioes but vibrations of wisdomm, encircled by vibrations of matter.



-- Celia & Tarun Cherian:

Healing Experience was in 2016. Article Published Sep 2018.



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