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The Unbelievableness of a Healer’s Day.
And The Primal Goddess.

  The Goddess and I by Tarun & Celia Cherian

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Somethings that we do are unbelievable. Utterly, impossibly, crazily, unbelievable. Like the other day, a seeker felt nauseous, disoriented,  she could barely move, focus or concentrate. All that came out of her mouth were animal cries.  So not unnaturally her partner to call us. As we connected and slowly released blocks in the aura, the grunts became garbled words.  The garbled words became painfully spelt-out words.

As we talked, she kept crying out to The Primal Mother.  Hmmm… as we explored we realised that The Seeker had identified with The Goddess so strongly she had swallowed… hold your breath… she told us had a galaxy in her belly. We checked and after we removed a kind of octopus like energy covering her, we realised it was indeed true. There was something whirling in the stomach/ womb area.

Clearly we couldn’t let this, whatever it was, stay there. At first The Seeker had no intention of giving up the morsel, the galaxy she had swallowed. After some persuasion and the nudge of severe stomach cramps, The Seeker agreed. {Would you let go of a galaxy easily?} We pulled ‘the galaxy’ out. The moment we did that The Seeker felt a deep sense of relief. We soothed the seeker’s aura. Placed her safely on The Primal Mother’s lap. After half an hour the seeker has recovered.

Later as we pottered around home, we pondered over what had just happened. The unbelievableness of what we had done sunk home. Questions leapt up demanding answers.

Q: Had Z* actually swallowed a galaxy? Or was it just a temp nervous breakdown?
A: In her search for answers, Z had stretched her being, her vastness straddled existence moving across universes, one foot on the matrix of this universe, one on the silence that births another. As her presence expanded, a fragment of being, a tissue of cosmic code, entangled in the folds of her outstretched existence. So, yYes, Z had incorporated a fragment of the living matrix of an alien realm. As a result her aura had distorted exrtremely. When her identification with the cosmic presence she had ridden on became impossible for her mind to bear, she had walked free. And so yes the severe psychic indigestion, had symptoms of a temp nervous breakdown.

Q: Had we taken out the alien intrusion?
A: Mostly.

Q: Why had she taken a bite of an alien reality?  
A: She had shaken free of our universe as she was tormented by recent emotional turmoil, guilt, fear of abandonement, haunted by ghosts from early childhood.. Her attempt to take a bite of the alien reality was prompted by altruism, the noble desire to help the world no less.Riding on the massiveness of the goddess consciousness she believed that the galactic code was her size, as she returned to her dimensions her aura was pregnantwith a cosmicfragment.

Q: Had we really dealt with The Primal Goddess?
A: Wham! Instead of an answer. I got a shove that sent me flying.
In no uncertain terms a voice and a vision came: “ How dare you doubt?
A towering dark swirling force thundered. “When you placed the child on my lap?”
To reinforce the message our windows suddenly started chattering.
After I apologised for my foolishness. The Primal Humphed. Then smiled at my foolishness. So my answer is 100% Yes.

Q: What will your rationalist uncle say? Those still caught up in Newtonian reference frames will be aghast. But should realise that it can work. Yes, working with a Patient’s Experiential Reference Matrix can be potent. And so a new branch of psychology is born. PERM. Basically in this methodology one humours The Overstretched Psyche, while gradually returning them to Equilibrium.

Q: Which is more accurate?  The Gods are real. And we are in their minds. Or:- We are part of vast Quantum gestalts. Caught in Quantum Mazes?
A: All reference frames tend to have their limits.

Anyway on this particular day we had an avalanche of unbelievableness. The first to knock on our doors is a seeker on the way to achieving mukti. Unlike most who recall multiple lives and so rise above this, she hasd approached it differently. Deep personal crisis married with lifetimes of experience. So in the well of her being the well of silence yawns. The next had a ghastly relationship which we spotted before she told us. The third you’ve met. The fourth was so in distress, with crazy sugar and BP she couldn’t stand. An hour’s healing later, we removed twenty pieces of past life ‘curses – hates, hurts, karmas.’ She recovered unbelievably and went on to party late into the night.

Each healing invited a different Divine form. Here brilliant white. There dark as night. Here a being from aboriginal south, there from The Middle East. This spotted in Greek Myth, this from closer home.

In each healing the seekers, patients are hugely remarkable. Imagine interacting so deeply with the divine you visit an alien world and bite a galaxy. Imagine going so deep normal human emotions are just grass beneath one's feet. Imagine having all the cares in the world. Parents. Finance. Health and still being a pillar of life. Even the least challenged in the quartet, going though a divorce and the prospect of a being a single parent has a vibrance that warmed us.

We are master healers for 2 decades. And yet, as we confront The Unbelievable… many times a week or day… When we deal with events from a morass of 45 lives, when asking for the help of a Primal Goddess to whom a universe is a footstool, it is humbling, puzzling, thrilling… awe-inspiring.

And what is even more unbelievable than encountering The The Unbelievable is that The Infinite has assured us that we are all Infinite. We are of the same substance made. Think about it too long and your head may get cramps. Not unlike Z* who swallowed a galaxy.



Many of you reading this are Healers. Seekers. And you have probably wrestled with similar convictions and doubts. Here is a reassurance. All of you who have learnt with us or consulted us, know for yourself there is more to you. You are using that moreness. Trusting that moreness. Realising that which straddles the universe cannot but care for every ant – in its own way.

You are not afraid to doubt. Because you are not afraid to believe – for you have seen it for yourself. And so your doubts refine your truth and don’t undermine it. That 60% of those who see angels are seeing figments of their imagination does not invalidate angels. But make them sharper.


Love & God, Celia &Tarun Cherian



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