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An Ancient Shakti Emerges.
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  A great Mahashakti seen by creatorschild masters

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4.45 am, on our balcony. Startling white clouds sail westward on inky purples, stealthily give way to dusty pinks, hushed yellows… Below the dark city glows with brilliant yellow pools… You listen to the roosters, the pigeons cooing, or rather gurgling, tiny birds twittering, crows, and hey, is that a parrot?  As you sit there, reveling in the quiet dance of dawn… your eyes begin to sense the inner dance…   

You see a Gigantic Shakti:
But this time there is more than the odd flicker of light, the sweep of prana, or cloud of force around a great tree… It is like a great white river turning, twisting, pausing… smiling at a clump of trees, a park…  dipping disapprovingly over a garbage dump… going hmm over a temple… and then it seemed to wrap me around my waist… You realize it is a gigantic shakti… Probably 500 kilometres long… To put it into perspective it is about 10 times larger than the largest Shaktis that are associated with the earth and seasonal shift.

Reawakened to Renew The Earth:
As Celia & I begin to learn more about what we are seeing… we realize the shakti was ancient and had been reawakened… It had last been awoken briefly in the 1960’s, and in world war 1. As we trace back we see it was associated with the middle ages and it actually helped end the ice age.

Buffy {Now Dragon Sa} and her gang of earth healing spirits object; “Why is he allowed so much sleepy and holidays and why we must do worky all of the time?”

It is explained to Buffy and us that Zahanya {a contraction of the mega shaktis true name} will help deepen efforts to care for the earth. 

The MahaShakti that dealt with the ice ages

What Gifts does this Great Force Bring to Us?

1. The Gift of Hope: Many today feel that we are fighting a losing battle. That the only likely outcome is an utterly destabilized environment and an earth burnt to a crisp. And so many have given up… there’s too little too late… We are headed slap bang into a world straight from a Mad Max movie. The first great gift we receive is hope. Something vast and powerful is adding to the earth’s healing response.

2. Earth Enrichment: Here is a being that played a principal role in getting the earth out of the ice ages… it can make a real difference… it’s difficult to communicate how multilayered this shakti’s approach is, how complex, subtle, powerful, and even contradictory… But here are a few indicators of where the MahaShakti is acting...

a. Intensifying Insect Movements: Of the innumerable ways Zahanya will act on the environment, one of the most significant is shifting patterns of insect populations. This will have both a renewing and destabilizing impact on agriculture. In the long run, Zahanya will inspire significant evolution of insect species (50 years +). 

b. Soil Enrichment: Helping soil become richer, more nutritious is a key task of Zahanya.  

c. Fungal Development: Zahanya looks at numerous sub-species one which is numerous funghii.  

d. Weather pattern Shifts: Zahanya is looking at rechanging weather patterns. At first even destabilizing patterns.  

e. Oceanic Current Shifts: Essentially there will be more vortexes. Currents stable for millennia will shift in decades.  

f. Gravitational & Magnetic shifts: Zahanya will fine-tune and strengthen various lands & fields, constantly modulating them.  

3. Strengthening Those Who care for The Earth: As we observed the Shakti interacting with us humans we realize it seems to wrap us around at the waist. Zahanya will add confidence and power to those who are alive, active, positive and earth nurturing.

4. Helping Build Caring Communities: Another key way Zahanya will assist humans is by helping build groups around nature-nurturing actions… 

To illustrate:- For those that see themselves as earth-guardians it reveals trends and moves. For biologists it will reveal a deeper understanding of eco-system balance. For farmers it will present new farming methods. The navel chakra is key. And so strengthening it, gives you access to its emotional positivity.

Pray for The Dead by Creators Child Masters Tarun & Celia Cherian

What can I do to welcome these Great Gifts?
Principally there are 3 steps:-

A. Spend time with Nature. 15 minutes a day.
B. Know The Navel Chakra is The Key: Strengthen it.
C. Pray for The Dead. Once a month.

We have created an earth-healing program for those who would wish to directly connect with The Zahanya Shakti. If interested do write in for details.

Love & God,
Celia & Tarun
July 2020


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