Angels of The First Light
and Devadhara Healing.


By Amita Palat; Depth Devadhara Healer, Singer, Estate Owner, Nutritionist...




“Light blazed about them. Phosphorescent bands of brilliant purple banded their wings. Their wings radiated immense strength. Their eyes were like jewels yet gentle. There were two, and then as I watched, amazed, my heart racing, my mind shaking itself from shreds of dream, to their glorious presence, they took flight. That soaring, defying gravity, threading space with golden promise. Just as mind wondered could it really be angels, deliberately fastening their eyes on me, they once again took flight.”  

"My dear 80 year old friend told me that she had been feeling very tired for some months. On investigation in CMC Vellore, it was found that one of her minor heart arteries was blocked. The doctor initially wanted to put in a stent but when they found that there were Calcium deposits, which would have made the stent impossible to put in, the plan was dropped.

"I visited her a month later and found her much changed...very listless and a shadow of herself. My other dear friend and I loved her very much and said to one another that we were not ready to let her go. She had been such a loving person to us. I recall Bible readings with immense depth.

"I had to help. I told her I would give her healing. But did I really believe?

"The first day the healing was unremarkable. Was I making a difference? Where were the clouds of negativity I expected? I pushed with every fibre of my being but… nothing seemed to be moving was I beating a slack drum?

"That night, in my dreams the 2 Angels visited me. I woke trembling with their awe and power. And yet the sceptice, the scientist in me wondered. Was it? Could it be? Something told me it was real. No, it was hyperreal. The colours brighter than daylight. The details etched with a craftsman’s precision. Every feather stood for something beyond my ken.

"My friend seemed better in the morning. The second day, I renewed the healing process. Pouring into the hour greater faith.

"The morning after there was a visible improvement. She was full of energy. She had lost 10 years. Was the person I remembered from a decade ago. Active energetic. Precisely the words she used: I feel very energetic. Over the days and months, as I monitored her progress she continues to be much better. It is not just a pick me up, but a keep me high.

"Behind me some vast presences have decided to add power to my power. Life to my life force. Joy to my joy.

"Angels exist. They visit. From dreams come blessedness.



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Commentary by Tarun & Celia:

1. The first thing that hits us in this sharing by Amita is that healing works. With just 2 healings a Devadhara Healer gave an 80 year old, who was giving up on life a gift of 10 years of youth!

2. Why the cynical may wonder, is it significant if an 80 year old at the end of her life is given a little boost? The truth, some of our greatest healings have been for those at the end of their lives. One a man with vast potential who has written thousands of articles, loved life lived it full, felt himself worth nothing, and was on his way to the grave in his mid 70’s. He has inspired thousands more, has taken a renewed interest in life with such a blaze that he like a great sunset fills the world in the autumn of his life with more colour than his summer days.  Another passed more gently than she would have but since she is without an ancient curse she is just life times away from mukti. A third after death has started a school for talented mortals, inspiring with very practical suggestions. We matter. Each of us matters. Sometimes more so at the fag end of our lives, in the rain shadow of our triumphs.

3. The next question that won't go away is that of The Angels. Were they real? Or were they just Amita's own inner resolve given a dream reality? The truth is that 3-6 deep spirits did help Amita, and her 80 year old friend.

4. Why? Why did the Angels help her? Because Amita's inner call was strong. Because the Devadhara Blessing, among other things, amplifies our ability to call inwardly. "We saw" they said "She {Amita} had left herself open, plus, she claimed the light with a desperate intensity that caught our attention."

5. But it was not all Amita’s power and intensity. The angels also hovered because the 80 year old sufferer believed. While the 80 year old’s early decades was dedicated to correctness, thankfully in her last 10 she sought goodness. Some spiritualists believe saying no to life is goodness. No sex, no booze, no rage, no fire… No… The simple truth is the Creator is a bundle of Yeses. And so his minions are particularly interested in the Yeses! The Creator is interested in what we create. Not what we avoid.

6. Who were the Angels? One of the Angels was from the vastness men call Christ. It called itself Jesus's brother in light. Another was a seraphim. Two others were cherubs. Another two ancestral spirits. In Indian terms you would say Devas and healing gandharvas made their presence felt. In middle eastern terms, one was a true Prophet's accompanying light, another an Angel, another two were Djins.

7. What are Angels? Angels, true Angels are beings that can live close to the brilliance that is The Creator. They are gestalts of consciousness so enlightened one can call them Guiding Lights, Gods, Saviours...

8. What is the significant about The Bands on The Angel’s Wings? The fact that The Angels had purple bands meant they had a strong ability to restructure soul and reincarnational realities. Besides truly the feathers of an angel’s wings are not feathers, they are codes of consciousness, immense knowledge and power coiled into symbols.

9. Are there Angels and Demons? The earliest references to Angels and Demons dates back to the ancient Greeks. Where both Angels and Demons were named Daimons. Yes, all Angels and Demons are Daimons. They were considered to be beings between the mortal and divine.

The Angels as we name them today, in the West, Raphael, Gabriel, Metatron, etc., were The Gods of alternate religions till the Judaic tradition swallowed them. The so called evil ones like Baal, and Lucifer were presences that the Judaic tradition rejected, and so became the repository of hate. To many of the blinkered who come from the three great extant middle eastern religions, the Hindu, Greek, Voodoo Gods with their strange faces, many arms, may seem beings of damnation. But largely this appears to be mere crosscultural misunderstanding. Not to say there aren't beings so caught up in whirlpools of hate the word demon seems apt.

A casual reading of the old testament the shared mythic base of the three great middle eastern religions, leads us to Angels who are very different from 20th century ideas. Today many see Angels as sweet androgynous beings with wings. That's just bowlderization of inner realities. Old Testament prophets groveled, humbly in the dust when in the presence of Angels. Prophet Elijah's description of his encounter of Angel mentioned it had four blazing wheels. Which has lead some to conclude all angels are UFO's.

10. Are Angels always Good? According to the old Testament, The Angel sent by God to save the Israelites in Egyptian Slavery, killed the first born children of The Egyptians. Consider this: killing babies and murdering children are to us humans among the most abhorrent acts, but God was supposed to have sanctioned it and an angel, not a demon carried out that massacre.

Can a God of Goodness carry out acts of evil? The answer is simple, great spirits have presided over the destruction of cities, nations, civilisations, continents, galaxies, universes. There is a purity of intent, a deep clarity, a dedication to deep joy, a belief in the divinity of every spark of existence that marks a God, Deva, Angel. Angel's are always Godness. But our ideas of goodness and the Angels ideas of goodness are not always in synchrony. The Daimon that guided Socrates did not dissuade him from taking the cup of hemlock.

The simple truth is that today, from divine eyes, humanity is no better than a rabid dog. In just one out of 6 futures that loom before us, will we humans regain the balance between ourselves and nature our force and caring. In most others we end up in realities so terrible, hell is a summer palace in comparison. If we are condemned it will not be a demon that sentences us. But The Gods. It will be The Angels that cause the skies to burn and oceans to boil.

11. The thing is this, Amita in this healing cycle seems to be searching for negativity to clear. As if ill health, pain, life's anguish is caused by negativity. In Devadhara Healing we do not believe in a Manichean divide between Good and Evil. While clearing negativity is one aspect of healing, it is but that. A person may be born blind not because it is a curse, but because it is a challenge, a learning possibility.

We made precisely the same mistake awhile ago. Looking at someone with suicidal tendencies not finding great darkness we pooh poohed it. We forgot that that adolescent did not have a demon around him. Instead he had brilliance, idealism, selfishness and anguish... He would generate intense pain so he could feel alive. He had no demons, but had instead the foolishness to call one unkowingly.

At the heart of Devadhara Healing is the belief in Oneness, a universal goodness. A wondrousness that seeking its vastness may go through darkness, lostness, wandering. We do not encounter pain, anguish, hate and hurt because there is evil. We encounter pain, anguish, hate and hurt because we are vast, because we stumble over our angelic wings, because our cleverness blinds us to our goodness. Both good and evil are but light and shadow cast by the same Sun.

The healing Amita gave which boosted her friend’s health and spirit could as easily have helped end her friend's life with great kindness. Would Amita and us humans have thought that as miraculous? An octogenarian welcoming Death’s sweet oblivion, is truly as miraculous as an octogenarian with spring in her step, but would we see that?

A longer life is not better than a shorter one. Death avoided is not the same as life claimed.

The universe, the cosmic, desires goodness for every speck of its being. But the dynamics of creativity, the immense complexity of goodness may mean we stray from blessedness to damnation. Precisely when vaster presences can and do intervene.

In Devadhara Healing we call on The Cosmic, The Great One, The True One. Call and The Divine will appear. But remember we are not calling cuddly teddy bears. Call The Divine and The Divine will appear. Sometimes it is a quickening of pulse, sometimes a healing dream, sometimes a flaming Angel... or two.




Healing Hierarchies, Devadhara... Channeling God:

Devadhara Healing as it is structured today has 7 levels and 2 teaching grades. Amita in this pathway is an advanced 4th level healer, not just has she mastered chakras, depth emotional healing and relationship healing, but in her healing she dealt with challenges far greater than her healing grade; she has combatted ghosts, unravelled ancestral curses, dealt with extreme demonic negativity and survived. She is one of a handful of such rarefied healers we have trained in 2 decades to have done so.

The fact is, Devadhara Healing is deeper, more detailed, more packed with technique and subtlety than other healing systems currently popular. But that is a trivial difference. The real difference is embodied in the sharing above.

Billions go to Church, Mosque or Temple, and pray. Few actually believe in the cosmic, in the divine. Most place God lower than a nuke, a fast car, laser treatment and their children's whims. Millions have learnt Reiki and Pranic Healing and have some simplistic notion that healing is about chakras or sending ki. True. But sad. Like thinking because the River of Ganges, Cauvery flow through their taps they have sailed The Ganga and use her power. Real healers are lightning conductors, willing to go out in the storms of life and hold their hands aloft.

Devadhara insists that the healer channel God. The God Seen Afresh. The one seeking Joy. The God reminding us of the immensity within each of us, surrounding each of us. But this God seen afresh is not the namby-pamby New Age Duck-billed platypus. It is more old style and the old style Gods. Capable of unleashing storm, tsunami, earthquake and meteor strike.

Devadhara insists that the healer channel The Real God. The one who sits in every atom, and treats our universe as bubble. One willing to walk with us, and rip our world in two.

So sometimes Devadhara Healer when you stand there hands outstretched, wondering how your empty hands can do more than modern medicine's juggernaut, you send more than a tiny flicker of bio-electric force. But actually succeed in catching the attention of a God's brother, in getting an angel of the first light to join in... And your actions begin to write new testaments, new scriptures, new possibilities.