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The Antara Ganga Or Kundalini Rising

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Divya Kundalini Rising

We have known Divya for 16 years and 7 centuries. And so our conversations and explorations span decades. We have a few months ago  resumed her quest of ascendance.

The other day we decided to re-explore one experience she called Antara Ganga,  or inner Ganges. What was it?  Well, in it she was drenched with an inner river of blue,  cool electric force rushing up.  But we were not just revisiting a memory, or reliving it,  she was reanimating it, no she was attempting to go where she had left off, to activate it, dance again with a living cosmic force temporarily put on pause. 

And so we got Divya to  cup the experience, warm it, then when it thawed, stirred alive, we intensified the experience till she felt unbearable electric currents alive in her  spine.

The Force Below: We asked her to look down,  what was below? "A viscous pool of shifting force,  with tendrils intertwining into me and all on earth." Says Divya.

We ask her "Why was it ascending? What was ascending? Who was it ascending to?"


Who was it? 'Askangreeahee.' Right, but who is Askangreaahee?  Something that is connected to all on earth. Something that energises all on earth. Something that tastes the sahsrahnee (flavour) of all on earth. {Now normally the words an aware Indian would use are Shakti, Nagas or Kundalini... By allowing ourselves to approach the spirit without frameworks we get fresh aspects}.

The Cosmic Self: So where was it going?  As we kept increasing the intensity chakras kept blazing,  higher and higher till she was catapulted high above her head.  There in a space, vast and brilliant,  she floated, no not Divya, but an expanded being that encompassed Divya.  

From the vastness Divya looked around "I am stars, I am explosions of life... I am joy..." Who are you? " We pushed.  "Where am I?  Where am I not? Who am I?  Who am I not? I am before time and after time... "

"You are centring in the star-field of yourself..." We tell her,  then ask "Who is Divya to you?" "Cherished me,  finger of I...  Dream,  wisp of longing..."

"From the vastness of you we would like you to focus on Divya.  What do you sense?" We ask Divya. 

The Cosmic Self, The All Connected Me: "Hmmm...  The image of the roots of banyan come to mind. As if i am above me,  within me,  below me,  around me surrounding me..." 

"You can be Divya thinking she is more or Moreness realising it is an orchestration above,  within,  below around,  infinite trajectories and the ground you stand on..."

"Now open your Divya eyes, a trifle... Look at us,  what do you see?" We ask the vastness whose one toe is Divya. 

Looking with Cosmic Eyes: "Light,  your face is dizzying,  I see you and other faces,  scenes overlapping and light riddling it all..." 


tarun mahanaga

Healing with Cosmic Hands: "You have healed before now touch one of us," We tell 'Divya++' to "Heal one of us... No not the usual way...  Do it knowing Divya is a finger of the cosmic you and that you can touch above and below, within and without...  Yes...  Now what do you feel?  

"It is like I am dropping a stone in a deep well..."

"You feel the infinite dimensionality of a touch,  the exquisite completion of the cosmic,  light, penetrating, subtle... 

The Cosmic Self and Reincarnation's Fingers: "We would like you to direct your attention not just to Divya but the other incarnations of yourself."

"I am a man on a pristine world. Not a woman, a man... So many are strange but familiar." Yes,  true,  we answer. 

"Who are we there?" We ask the vastness that is also Divya. "Oh...  Oh...  you are there... Tarun are you a woman, Celia are you a man?" 

"What do you now feel around you?" A long pause... "Not sure... Something at my knee. "

"Yes Tarun borrowed a dog's mind in that life... And brushed your leg..." But as Tarun does that, there is a sharp sensation in his stomach, Tarun's body is getting impulses from the expanded self, the forces beneath 12 past lives, the withinness of 6 of Divya's lives, but the sdded connect of a dog in another environment too is a little too strenuous for his navel chakra here to take. 


When two Cosmically aware beings meet through human bodies: "You are beyond time," we tell her, " sensing two physical beings as your extensions, woman here and a man there, vast and with multiple fingers... you look at us and you can barely keep your eyes open, blazing as it is with multiple insight, Tarun here and there,  Celia in 3 different times and 7 levels..."

"Think of yourself, right now a part of a cosmic consciousness and yet at the same time alive to your Divya body and senses, and also that of a man, and one day you maybe open to the cosmic and 5, or even 15 past lives simultaneously, and not just that, you will be alive to that which is below each too,  part of the rolling force beneath the universe...  

"Think as you meet us, aware of our cosmic selves, and  you with many lives unfurling and aware of all of them, aware too of the forces below... Think of how that spectacular that encounter can be, rife with meaning and resonance... 

Cosmic self, reincarnation and incarnations

"You are high above you, a shimmering gloriousness connected to impossible conceptions, at yet another level many-youed, expressing yourself in innumerable past lives, and at a third level beneath you aware of the very force that shapes life... And then you encounter us, we lift a hand here conscious of its coordinations in 20 lives, looking at you with eyes and eyes nestling in your cells, the ground beneath your feet, speaking to you here, brushing the arm of a part life there, borrowing a bird's voice to lift spirits in a third life, shifting the elemental in a 4th so a breeze is called, lightly fingering the very codes of a universe in a 5th dancing beneath atoms, twisting through thoughts and you beginning to use your multiple bodies and minds, finding new rhythms and symmetries... As vastness and vastness begin to  interact, limited and unlimited, you begin to understand how the aware soul in conversation with the aware soul will find the addition of the many human incarnations is not an imposition but such a source of magnificent richness. 

Today looking with cosmic eyes and multiple reincarnations is dizzying but one day you will be more at home with you...  

Day after day month after month you will drink from the Cosmic Star-field...  And then one day you will be anchored in that which is breathlessly free... Yet so beautifully alive in the amazing little pool of the human life... 




Note 1. A true spiritual experience is planted at the divine body above the vicissitudes of life in this or another life. And so it is literally immortal and only modifiable by a realisation equally divine. 

Note 2. Many will glibly call the experience the Union of the Kundalini and Shiva not realising those are but words and that few understand the Kundalini or Lord Shiva.  Here we understand it better. As we become more familiar with that which underlies existence and introduces itself as Askangreeahee', and the cosmic intelligence we are introduced to as 'Sarvanghani' we realise that our access to the vastness is so much despite when we put away mental spectacles. 

Note 3. Many believe that the journey ends when the cosmic and elemental meet each other,  here we see it is the beginning. 

Note 4. When Cosmically Aware Self and the Cosmically Aware Self meet, their jugalbandi is incredible... Often spiritualists just talk of Shiva meeting Shakti. That is miraculous enough. But when two in whom vastness and cosmic force are connected, dance together, when their many selves connect together