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Apsaras: Above Ghosts...
Below Angels...
-- By Creator's Child Founders, Tarun & Celia Cherian


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We have seen numerous aura sights in the last 3 decades. One of the more joyous ones was when a Yoga master came home.

As we looked at her aura we saw numerous sparkles all around her. What was it?

After due search and intense questioning, we came to the conclusion... Gandharvas or Apsaras.

What are these? Or rather Who are these?

Q1: Who are these Lights?

Q: Who or what are Gandharvas or Apsaras?
A: Unearthly beings.

Q: Are they ghosts?
A: No. They are divine beings that live in the etheric, astral or causal planes. Most have never physically been incarnated.

Q2: If Apsaras have never been human, why are they depicted as such sultry sirens??

Well, Gandharvas and Apsaras are largely beings that add scenery, colour, passion, to lives, family and worlds... They are like colourists, the equivalent of scene painters in life's movie...

Since they are astral beings, they embellish, desires, passions, imagination and dream... Not unnaturally they encircle newly weds, dance around philanderers, sensualists...

For example, a newly wed couple, asked us to send healing for their first night. To our aura eyes we saw a bevy of Apsaras and Gandharvas. What we did was to change the astral melody, which sent the apsaras into raptures... {Er... yes... the spiritual weaves through every weft of life...}

But are they really sexy figures as depicted? No. But they are beautiful. Like shimmering swirls of light...


Q3: How many Gandharvas are there???

Basically there are an incredible variety of beings who do not need physical bodies to manifest. We may classify them in numerous grades from high Gods, to playful spirits.

Across time and history there have been numerous attempts to classify them:- Christianity offers us a classification of -

Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones.
Dominions, Virtues, Powers,
Principalities, Arch Angels, Angels.

In Islam, Qazwini describes a hierarchy of 4 angelic cherubim, seven angels of seven heavens...

Hinduism offers an incredible bandwidth of celestial beings. In these Gandharvas & Apsaras come somewhere at a middling level, but largely dealing with artistic talents... In this sub traditions have a vast sub-classification. For example Jainism speaks of 8 different levels of Gandharvas alone.

How do we classify them or look at the totality? For a glimpse look at American Gods: Is God Fuelled by Faith.

Q4: So why? Why Collect around The Yoga Master?

So why did these beings, call them Gandharvas or Apsaras collect around the yoga master?

Some were her teachers.
Some loved the scent of her being…!!!
Only 2 were ugly… but even their real purpose was to test…

How can they help her?
Interestingly, for those who work with her, she can help them discover the secret beauty of their lives.

Q5: Are there many around each of us?

Let us take a few of our students to illustrate:
There are today
48 around Manish.
44 around Soujanya.
44 around Sumithra E.
40 around Kanak.
18 around Nishi.
16 around Ravi Tiwari.
16 around Amita.
15 around Savitha Mudaliar.
14 around Radhika Warrier.
12 around Shweta.
12 around Vinesh.
12 around Deepa Paul.
8 around Col Sidhu.
5 around Ashwin.
4 around UshaChechi.

While having a greater number of celestial beings does give a great bandwidth of information... It does not mean having more gandharva/apsaras is superior to having less. Both Col Sidhu and Ashwin, who in this incomplete list are lower down have the most powerful celestial spirits.

Q6: Are they all connected to the earth?

Of course not: They are celestial spirits only some are interested in our universe. For a deeper insight look at Welcome to HyperReality & St3ange An9els An experience of an otherworldly being. Pub: May 2020.

Q7: Are these many beings in Harmony?

Not really. The other day in a patient's womb area we discovered two beings locked in battle. One an 'angel', one an ancestral sadness. We had to pull them out and separate them.


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