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Artistic License and The Way to God


An Artistic Image leads us to The Bull-Headed God: NAAAAHRRGhYAhEEEN. And we better understand The dynamics between God's Form & Reality…

  The BullHeaded God

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I was looking at a digi-painting I had done of a bull-headed man, a minotaurish figure. Influenced probably by Picasso’s Minotaur period. As I touched up the painting, I realized the figure was anything but a Minotaur trapped in a maze. The image resonated with a greater force. As I traced its force my mind described it as…

“He that vitalises,
He that protects,
He that cannot be stopped,
He whose blood renews...”

As the enormity of power behind the being presented by the image of a bull god emerged I pursued it, where was it connected to?

Clearly the hind brain, and root chakra or waist chakra.

But was this us talking to the primal sides of ourselves?
Yes. And No.

Yes it was tapping portions of our being that could like a bull smash through walls, that gave a berserker courage. That made one bull, one man potent… And in this lesser sense one can think of it being a representation of The Freudian Id. And yes someone at home with his vitality, desires and an understanding of that of others is a force. But it was more…

There are some Bulls that don’t just command a herd. They rule an area. But they don’t just command the area. It is more they know the area. And so use the land’s strength. But it is not just that they are smart and know the land. Look closer and you see some Lions, some Bulls are The Land’s favoured ones. They are The Land’s Representatives, almost conferred power by The Land and not just a tribe, a herd. 

So a man with Bull Head is not just man with the force of Bull. But a man with force of The Land that backs The Bull-Man.

From this view The Bull-Headed One can seem like The Egyptian Ka. Or English God Cerunnos. That Human-Drive that connects to The Earth.

But is it just Spirit of Land/Earth behind Man?

Meet The Cosmic beneath The Bull-Headed One...
As we approached it with reverence it reveals itself as an enormous bull made of space itself…

But as we pursued it deeper still we realized it is not just that which fills out space… It is primal...It is cosmic...  

It introduced us to its true thunderous name
It was said as if a galaxy spoke its name.
But when it introduced itself it revealed Its true majesty.

“I am that which is.
I am that which lifted Existence
out of a sea of promises.
I am the rage that is gleeful.
I am the ferocity that is calm,
I am the triumph whose carcass you stand on.” 

The Bull Headed God and The Cosmic God

Praying to The Bull-Headed One VERSUS Cosmic Swirl...

Now the fact that is we begin to see the continuity of Gods. Yet each rung in the ladder is significant. While conceptually The Bull-Man God may seem lesser than the Abstract Force, each offers us differing freedoms, powers and worships. 

Now I did a Bull-Man God Painting but does that mean I have better access to The Bull-Man God?  I have not taken care of Bulls. Not lived off the land. Not stood naked at the elements. Not fought wild boar armed with stick.

So while ‘I’, Tarun, and others like me, curious, creative, intelligent spiritualists, by virtue of unveiling it, by virtue of seeing can understand its freedoms better. But those who actually deal with nature more hands on, will obviously be able to actually tap the greater force, with more dum. 

Now if we compare two images of a Bull-Man God, and The Luminous-Force God, which both point to the same triumphant inner presence, we realize each allows the psyche and worshipper to tap different powers and freedoms. The first gives greater connect with the physical, the second greater links with the mind.

But all, doers, lovers or thinkers who have an affinity to a 'ferocity that is calm' can use that power with greater force.

Today The Bull God, Cerunnos, is rarely worshipped. Naigamesh, The Bull Headed South Indian God has but a few temples. {Of course as Nandi, Lord Shiva’s disciple such a potency is far better known}. But a Lord Ganesh, the elephant headed God is far more popular.

Praying to The Bull-Headed One VERSUS Elephant Headed One... Are all Animal Headed Gods the same?

Now we need to consider an issue, are all animal-headed God beings the same? While all divinity finally arises from a Cosmic Oneness or Oceanicity, many do have their individuality within such totality.

So if you were to pray to NAAAAHRRGhYAhEEEN or Lord Ganesh what difference would there be?

The Differences: 1) In energy terms they connect to related but differing human aura zones.

2) The Worship: Bull Headed Gods are more associated with sacrifice.

3) In psychic terms too they are associated with differing spiritual approaches. While one represents a pattern of the King who falls and rises. The Other is Child who opens cosmic doors.

4) They emerge from differing rays of the Cosmic Oneness. While one is broadly The Force that Uplifts, the other is described by Playfulness, Courage, Life and Renunciation.

Art... Worship... God... Reality...

The simple truth is artists and poets across history have given shape and legend to the divine. Naturally one has to ask is it creative license which is then charged with human emotion? And no not every superhero does link to a more potent force. But that said, sleeping within our psyche are access doors to powers and potencies, these are represented by images and approaches that can enrich and uplift… These drift across the mass mind… and are most often accessed by artists, poets, dreamers, warriors, politicians, philosophers… by the spirit of our world and time…   

The Gods are real, their forms reveal {and conceal} ways in which our lives can grip their impossibility… and our eternality…

-- Celia & Tarun Cherian