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It is said prevention is better than a Cure. This article shares select Aura Preventives in a world where Covid variants target the young, where vaccinations may take months or years to arrive. And mutants can bypass vaccines.

{Of the many we offer you the most useful now and discuss it later in depth}.   

Covid Aura Preventor

The other day as we lay, exhausted and tired, battling for the lives, and soul safety of many afflicted by Covid, I saw a bright yellow-green globe attempt to settle into my nostrils. And Celia’s. I pulled it out. Was it my psyche picturising Covid attempting to enter?


After a long, terrible month and a half struggle a patient succumbed to the damages inflicted by Covid. Lungs completely white in the x-ray he fought. ‘Coming awake every time a Ganesha mantra’ was said, then returning to a drugged sleep. He leaves behind, 2 children and a wife. Parents devastated by a son dying before 40.

Now it will take a year or two or seven to vaccinate everyone in India and the world. And the virus now has 7 major deadly variants out of 100’s. Many that will slice through the defence provided by even the world’s strongest vaccines available. Vaccine’s 80-90% efficacy against illness, declines to 50% or less in the case of many of these variants. Worse, many of these variants are now targeting children and babies. Then in their wake come black funguses.

If the virus is cunning, scientists, humans, nutritionists & healers are insightful. Apart from newer vaccines some that maybe nasal sprays, are drugs that seek to quickly prevent the viral load, the growth of the virus in the body. But the sheer spread of the illness, the numbers involved, the continuous viral inventiveness means that the take a jab approach is insufficient.  

We are not asking you to stop using your mask, we are not asking you to stop taking Vitamins, or to not take your jab, the chakra protections are not replacements, but adjuncts. For we regard masks, vitamins, gargles, medicines mantras, as ways to strengthen the energy totality of which the body is a part.



Prevention is better than a cure.
We have earlier offered you chakra insights. On healing the disease.
{See: Covid Specific Chakra Healing! {20 April 2021}}
We will now look at a range of healing possibilities to prevent it from entering.
And expanding influence.

Where does the Covid Virus enter into the body and aura?

Lesson #1: Strengthen The Nose Chakra. Largely through the nose and mouth. So that means if we can energise chakras associated with the nose we can help the body and mind effectively create methodologies that prevent the virus from settling in.

Lesson #2: Strengthen The Abdomen Chakra. Sufficient mucus and antibodies is connected to the ab chakra. Also once the virus enters who can prevent it from growing, and limit the damage? Who can make sure the virus is prevented from spreading, and restricted? Once again the abdomen chakra. And later which chakras can ensure the virus does not unleash an extreme allergic reaction, causing the lungs to get clogged with blood clots?

{In a later article we will analyse the aura action of a range of vaccines… But to anticipate ourselves which chakra does most target? You got it. The Ab! }

Lesson #3: Strengthen The Aura Area to the Left of The Body. And Heart Chakra. When we looked at the patterns of how the virus is given entry to the body aura-wise. At first a space 2 feet away from the left of the heart-waist area comes into focus. Then the area near the nostrils, then right side of chest, left side of chest, then in severe cases abdomen-root.
What does the area to the left side of the body indicate? Emotions, family, society. Then sense of Social Justice & Structure. So unresolved family-emotions are entry points, reducing immunity, lowering health guards and prompting behavior that seeks group comfort.



How can we strengthen the Nose & Throat Chakras?
And so the mucus membranes. Preventing entry of pathogens.

The very act of wearing a mask, gives one a sense of protection, and a sense of caution. But can the psychic enhance the pragmatic. It can and has.

Nose-Sinus Aura Preventor: 
This technique is simple. Focus on an area 2-3 inches in front of your nose. Imagine a bright yellow ball rotating. Which direction? Anticlockwise. Now let your thumb touch your middle finger a little to the side of the nail, move it up to around the nail and back. Do this roughly 12 times. Do not press too hard as you may damage the skin.

Covid Aura Preventor

What effect does it have?  Aura wise the Nose-sinus aura preventor creates a shield or second face in front of the face. So what does this do? It will help one be more sensitive and aware of areas and situations with high infection. As the effect of the preventive psychic force becomes stronger it will help secrete more mucus, in fact even after 5 minutes of doing it, you will discover more liquid in your throat. After a few weeks of practice it will create a small shield around the chest.
If you are in constant contact with people like a nurse or bank exec you will need to do it every 20 minutes.

Covid Aura Preventor effect

For Children: Enhancing Masks by Creating Mask Rituals:
As of today there are no vaccines for children. And the virus is gradually eyeing them. So what do you do? Obviously masking and vitamin and herbal supplements will help. But can the spiritual help the child? Try this.

Covid Aura Protection for Children

Tell children that a bird or Garuda called Hathruna will be useful. Ask them to visualize an electric blue bird that hovers in front of their face. You can link the name Hathruna with a divine principle you believe in. For example:-
Hindu: Hathruna Shiva Sahodra
: Hathruna Krishna-ho
Islam: Hathruna Allah o
Christian: Hathruna-Yeshua-Zalta
Sikh: Hathruna-Aape Guru Chela
Universal: Hathruna be my friend.
What is Hathruna? you may ask. It is a living circuit of energy consciousness in the body that has the task, ‘breathe strong. Stay safe’.

The Shankha Mudra. One of the most useful Mudras to strengthen the throat when an illness is creeping in is The Shankh. {Also See: @ Corona Time Open your eyes to Mudras -- Empowering & Life-Saving! {2 April 2020}

Shankha Mudra
Herbal Supplements: Palli when talking about the virus essentially asserted, there are 3 herbal guards for any in India. We all know them. Haldi, Amla, Ginger.  

Vitamins. Esp Vit C with Zinc. Vit A&D.


How can we strengthen the Abdomen Chakras?
And the immune system?

You know Exercise is good, but have you slackened? You know stress is bad for immunity, but how stay calm when the news is unrelentingly ugly?

Herbs: In Pallis trio mentioned earlier, look at Haldi and Ginger which have both antiviral properties. We also ask you to consider: Ashwagandha which has strong anti-inflammatory properties. {Also look at: Corona Virus: Looking Ahead without Terror with Devadhara Healing {Updated Article: Mar 2020}}

Yantras: we have shared this with you, again and again but how many of us have used it consistently for more than a week?

Yantra to help with Covid



How can we strengthen the Left side of the Aura?
And remove the core emotive issues that lead to weaknesses that undermine virus entry.

The greatest weakness in the psyche comes from a sense that the social fabric is tearing apart. Or turning oppressive. There is no place, no platform where we can all live together. Liberals and Republicans see each as mortal enemies in USA. Orange & rainbow in India. Uzghurs and China. Israel-Palestine.  So the number of group healings online certainly help.

Please do reread a technique:  Lock Difficult Emotions Up Temporarily. In Corona Virus: Looking Ahead without Terror with Devadhara Healing{Updated Article: Mar 2020}


Many who are reading this have not fallen ill with Covid and never will. Some who are reading this have had it and sailed through. Some barely made it alive. Some have lost loved ones and are in deep mourning.

But as I write this there is one who hovers at my screen and looks. She has passed away a few days ago. She can't read any longer. She was looking to see the faces of her children. She asks "What are we writing?" I explain. "Hmmm". She says "It is beautiful here. I feel like a queen. Here... But when I think of my grandchildren, I felt like an empress on earth. I saw them the other day. But they looked like blobs of light. I long for their hugs. But... we are like clouds. That is my one regret. Otherwise it is so beautiful. I think and it becomes..."

Love & God
Celia & Tarun



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