The Aura Shenanigans of
The Unborn Child


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To most people, unborn babies are little more than vestigial organs. Ok, they kick after 6 months but that’s it. They laze for 9 months. Feel woozy on womb juices. Oh, they can hear music but that’s it right? In fact scientists regarded babies in such low esteem they used to perform open-heart surgery on new-born children without anaesthesia, about a century of such surgeries, science cottoned on to the fact, what any child handler does... pinch a baby and it cries. Ok so we are no longer in an era where we cut into baby's chests without anaesthetics... but unborn babies must clearly be regarded as not-yet-persons right?

If you read The Chronicles of Death and Rebirth you’d realise that they can do more, choose their mom and dad. Zip around and all that. Here we are going to meet a baby who does that and more.   

‘It is like you are the Nana and Nani’ Diya said. {Read Grandpa, Grandma}. She is if you have met her one of our finest healers, spiritualists and seekers. A dramatic, feisty little thing. The conception of her child, was fraught with drama and danger. 2000 years ago, assassin-monks had attempted to kill her child, as it would be a spiritual threat. And even though we had neutralised that threat {Another article, another day} things are rarely calm and peaceful around Diya, even though to the casual acquaintance the petite, giggly, friendly thing is the last person you’d associate with strange entities, vampire hunting or bloody past life battles.

Anyhow Diya had come home. And we were given the honour of feeling the baby dancing in her womb, everyone agreed he or she would certainly replace Cristiano Ronaldo. And as we sat back, that’s when Diya said “See, can’t you see him reaching out to Tarun with psychic cords. Now he’s touching Celia’s nose.”

It is an absolute joy looking at a pregnant woman’s aura. The colours are like a rose garden that decided to join up with the sunflowers. There’s often a whirling at a womb. Sometimes we can see the heart bashing along. Here there were all these and also crackling long energy lines flaring out and curiously touching the world. {This we are told happens in 10% of babies}.

But it's one thing looking at a pregnant mother's aura and another to have the baby reach out from the womb with an energy tentacle and feel your face. That's more in the sci-fi movie category...

We did know Diya and Ashok’s baby could do the wildest things. For example there was a time when Diya was visited in a dream by 3 sages or tantrics. One scarier than the other. Why had they arrived?  Well, because her baby had called out to old friends. Then there were the odd ghosts he/she had pulled in, which Diya called us to clear.

A few days after the visit we were looking around our home. There were many familiar animal spirits. When in bounced a very rambunctious light. Who was it? Oh. But of course the baby! It had come avisiting. We escorted it back and put stern limits on its movements.

The expectant mother reading this may worry 'Does this happen to all babies? Are tantrics, ghosts, weird astral stuff happening to my baby?'

Months ago Diya had asked if her baby was that special child? The one she had 2000 years ago? {A spiritual saviour connected tangentially to The Christ Drama, an Essene master}And we had assured her that all children were special. Besides, as we laughed any child of Diya and Ashok would be subject to a most rich range of experience.

All mothers have a thousand fears. Every pregnancy has its jolts. Fevers avoided, viruses, infections, potholes avoided, mutations, smog, pollution, water quality…

To those we add a thousand joys. Your unborn child is beautiful. It is light folding its rays into flesh. It may be psychically hopping around like  Diya’s, connecting, discovering, exploring. Or it may be the centre of a giant network asking the world to arrive with a thousand gifts.    



Love and God

Tarun & Celia Cherian




Names changed to protect identity