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Bat Eviction & Virus Weapons…

  Bats and Bioweapons, and Love

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It began with an act of kindness.

We kept hearing things getting knocked down in the kitchen.  Intuition said ‘no rat’. Plus there was no rat smell. Or shit. Puzzle till almost a week later we found a tiny bundle of fur huddled. Armed with broom & Scoop we gently chivvied the bat from storeroom to kitchen to dining room to drawing room. It was clearly very tired. Exhausted. And could barely crawl. Tried to put it on the scoop, but it refused and staggered on.

Finally as we opened the front door, and chivvied it forward. It found the strength to fly, and did crazy circles in the corridor. Then came a long process of opening a door, then in the fire escape stairway opening a window. And voila. We heard a ‘huooaiee’, which later we were told in bat tongue is thank you. 

Weeks after bats would swoop closer on our walks as the bat world was told we were goodies. Or rather ‘Buffy Animal Spirit Guide’s’ Dada-Mama are goodies.

Finally one Bat found the balcony to our apartment was a mini jungle and there were tons of tasty insects specially kept for batties, by ‘Buffy Animal Spirit Guide’s’ Dada-Mama. From visiting it decided to settle down or rather up-down on our balcony (Incident in 2018/19). Now we love animals, allowing pigeons, dogs, miaows in, but (unreasonably draw the line at Rats, Bats, Monkeys). While not destructive… there is a filth, stench, an eeriness to bats.

So began the Bat eviction battle. At first we talked to the bat through animal whispering. And asked it to leave. It replied “I like it here. I have been told good-people stay here.”

Like most creatures bats hate smoke. So Tarun tied cloth to a stick set it on fire. Careful not to burn it, we let the smoke ascend up… The bat flew off and returned seconds later.  Smoke returned… This went on for a good half an hour… With the bat holding its ground for longer. And Tarun getting more exasperated and spewing dire imprecations in batteese. Meanwhile The Bat’s Aura from a green had turned a murky brown, then became a maroon orange.  There came a time when the bat seemed to shriek inwardly and send out some emanations. Tarun told Celia 'I think it has sent a bio/psychic attack/defence'. Had it sprayed, pheromones, bacteria, or virus? Or just launched an energetic action? The same night Tarun got a severe skin allergy for about 3-4 days.

Over the next month, an intense bat war erupted. We talked to our animal spirit helpers, they were sympathetic to both. Us and (Horrors), THE BAT.

We used an extremely bright light. Aluminum strips, citronella oil, smoke… persistence. 4 times a night we would get up and chase the bat away.

It sent a message, “I like it here. They say they are animal lovers. if they don’t want me in the balcony I can move into the house.” Through animal spirit intermediaries we sent a warning that till now we had worn Kid gloves in our eviction proceedings, but in the house, was another matter.

“Why don’t you just take a catapult or air-gun and kill it”, the sensible asked us. A) It was defending its home. As were we.  B) There are rules to combat. C) We only wanted it to find a tree.  Anyway through sheer dint of persistence we chased it off.

About a year later Corona struck, and a broad general consensus is appearing among epidemiologists that Corona has probably come to man because with disappearing forests and trees and greater man-animal interaction the Corona virus present in bats has spread to humans. And that bats probably have had the virus for 60-70 years.

Now some prime idiots hearing the bat-man-corona connect went and cut down trees which housed bats, which means they are going to nest in neighbouring homes. Exacerbating the problem. The Govt soon stopped such idiocy.

The truth is that all of us, bats and humans, under threat and fear can spray out pheromones, bacteria and viruses. Unconsciously.

Now there are many learnings here.

1. First we need to take care of forests they are our greatest defense against viruses, bacteria and pandemics.

2. The fact is knee-jerk answers may cause worse problems. ‘Cutting-trees-to-remove-bats’ thinking is the worst possible thinking. And we all often fall into this trap.  The obvious solution is not necessarily the best one. {Now what currently passes off as rationality is rife with such over-simplifications.}

Nature is circular in nature. And we humans think linearly. In Kerala, in our hometown near Tiruvella, every few months, a few ‘tribals’ were called to catch bats, they’d catch a few with tall staffs with nets. What would they do with it? Roast and eat them, they assured us they were 100 times better than chicken. This would help those without a taste for bat. For slowly immunity to bat-carried bacteria and viruses would spread to humans. Instead of a pandemic we would have a few sore throats and upset stomachs.

3. Animals are not lesser than us humans. Few of us however, us included can appreciate the richness of battiness. So let us spend a moment realizing how ughs-bugs should be respected. We all know bats have incredible senses like echolocation, apart from this, bats have incredible bandwidth of senses. Intuitively we get that Bat hair is very sensitive to weather shifts. Blood-sucking vampires sweeping over a sheep herd classifies it into 3 energy colours. Like bats we have an incredible range of senses, it is time for us to get to know them.

We get psychically, that bats developed from creatures that crawled up heights and trees. Which parallels what scientists believe. We get that bat predecessors were kind of moles and ground-vibrational sensitivity turned into echolocation.

Even emotionally bats are worthy of respect. Intuitively we get that bats sing with their heart rhythms, singing out lullabies especially when asleep. {Musicians please note, if you are looking to expand your repertoire contact Bat Babe. Also relook at your copy of Buffy’s Doggy Revelations.}

4. Green Lovers: Animals are not Teddy Bears. Many animal lovers have no idea of the raw, ferocity of life, of animals, they think they are dealing with teddy bears.  We may have guns they have nature. We need to live and let live, on what terms and how needs thought.

5. From Knowing Comes Acceptance. Personally our ‘yuck’ of bats has greatly declined with this incident. We respect it, for the fight it put up.

6. The Worst Beasts Are Humans: Consider Corona Inspired Weapons: Half of the world’s martial art moves have been inspired from animals. It’s a chilling thought but… as any half-baked scientist and army man would have realized today that there is, as of today, no conclusive way one can differentiate between bio-engineered viruses and natural viruses {An IIT Delhi Science Research Team, Pradhan et al, hypothesised 4 markers in the virus sequence were probably reengineered, but subsequently, withdrew that conclusion}. Which means that bio-advanced nations will be following the bat, and trying to weaponise the Corona. Or will they? {Please read at the foot of this article *3 illuminating articles on bio-warfare, one whether Corona is a good candiate as a bio-weapon {Ok, but too iffy}. And the the other about the recent history of biowarfare {The most established modern attack being in pre & world war 2, where Japanese Imperialists conducted several ugly experiments on the Chinese}. The third speaks of lab escapes of deadly patthogens {includes a pathogen escape in 2003 China}}

We have a spicy tidbit to give conspiracy theorists* {again please reread the articles below}. We had foreseen in 2012 that in 2015/16 there would be a modified/weaponised virus leak in a large continent, presumably USA (No proof this happened). And that there would be virus outbreak in 2018/19 (When 2019 passed we thought we were wrong). We also clearly saw that the Corona Virus spent time in a lab, before the out break. Did it escape? Or was it present and turned virulent outside?

Jan 2021 Update: The US in Jan formally raised a red flag saying that at the Wuhan Institute of China several researchers fell ill with a misterious illness well before it reached the general populace. They also pointed out it has been known that researchers experimented with RaTG13 bat virus with a 97% similarity to the novel corona virus. As we have said earlier, we clearly saw the corona virus spent time in a lab {Note: We did not see it being weaponised there}. Separately we saw a virus outbreak linked with a lab, on a large continent.

7. Spiritually bats are formidable creatures.
Not only could the bat speak mentally, but bats have an incredible bandwidth of Psychic Freedoms:

As spirit guides for humans Bats are very difficult beings and presences, but useful in dealing with hate.   

For tantrics and death escorters, Bats have access to what we humans call hellish worlds and planes. And so can be useful to know to free and liberate very stuck souls.

Reincarnationally, Bats their prey and predators keep switching from life to life.  Now Bat, now Sheep, now Hawk.

8. Love & compassion are complicated things. Embracing allness in a world where some are victims, predators, slaves… will have to be…

For our Creator’s Child students we have further info, batty tidbits. And programs. Contact directly…

Love & God, Celia & Tarun Cherian.

Article: August 2020. Experience 2018.


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